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Magicforce 82-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 82-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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Just a quick question, why does it take till October to ship?
Tai-Hao double shots plus GMK switch dampeners installed. I didn't like the normal white keycaps from the Tai-Hao set since it's off white and not bright white like the default Magicforce one.

I like it so far, just need to get the custom ctrl keys that are not standard width.

After much scheming... donezo! keycaps from PMK.

Ok, excited to get this bad boy. Immediately plugged in my braided cable and it doesn't work. It only powers with the cable supplied. Anybody got any light to shed on that?
I've noticed this, too... I bought mine as a travel keyboard for when I work from collab spaces at my office, and I tried both the mini-usb cable that was at the station as well as the retractable one I'd been carrying and using with my P0k3r before. Did you ever get a reason as to why?
Keyboard has more than just the LED breathing effect. It appears to do the following
backlight, 3 different reactive modes when a key is pressed and a few various light shows. also feels more solid and a little quieter with the same brown switches as my magicforce 68
Arrived, legends are more tasteful than I expecte.

Did anybody else from the recent drop get a shipping notification? It was estimated for July when I joined but I got a notice this morning that it's been shipped.
Yeah, i got it too, but when i try to track the package, it`s say that it's haven't shipped yet. Take to wait i guess
yup, me too. Pleasant surprise
So, fulfillment notwithstanding, the masochist in me is considering designing a custom cap set for this thing. Some of these key sizes seem a bit weird - who could produce them?
Is my above freehand assessment correct? (I’m new to this mech kb stuff)
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If you want a nice overview of many of the popular alternative keyboard layouts, Livingspeed made one:

If you want an idea of stock colors from many of the keycap suppliers, the Keyboard Layout Editor website has them, although it’s display of those colors is not so true. KLE is also useful for playing with layouts, but WASD’s is better for showing their own stock colors and true graphics.
awesome thank you!
I was so looking forward to joining this drop (despite the difficulties that other people have had with the previous MF82 drop) and ordering it, but then I noticed that it would be shipped from the 2nd of July...

That's four months from now! I need a mechanical keyboard now, because my current KB is broken. All these MassDrop deals are quite interesting considering the price, but the shipping dates are ridiculous.
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Do you have any photos of your keyboard with this layout? And what brand & color switches do you have?
Yep. I have the Magicforce 68-key keyboard, without the lights. The switches are blue, but I can't remember if they are the Gateron or Outemu brand switches.
For $5 more, you can get this on amazon prime (And you’ll have it before the end of the week, instead of god knows when) These drops don’t make sense. Stahhhp
Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Blue Backlight GATERON Brown Switch 82-Keys(80%) Wired Mini Design Keyboard-Case White by Qisan
The problem for me, with Amazon Deutschland, is that you can only get the one with the black case & white LEDs and brown switches for €90, because they have Cherry MX switches. I can get the white case & blue LEDs and Gateron brown switches for €65, but I just don't like the blue lighting.

Which is why this drop on MD could've been really great. You can choose the color of the case, the color of the LEDs, the color and brand of the switches and the color of the keycaps. Unfortunately, the manufactering process takes over four months because of this, so you have to be patient, which I am not.
There is no user manual on the server.
Could you upload it again?
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Thank you!