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Magicforce 82-Key Mechanical Keyboard

Magicforce 82-Key Mechanical Keyboard

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Is December 26 a realistic shipping date or can we expect it sooner?
can I know the precise XYZ dimension of the keyboard?
the manual file is unavailable.
Anyone rock one of these with MacOS? compatible?
December 26 shipping is very off putting
Damn $40 more for MX clear ?
Hm, if a $30 mechanical keyboard from china can integrate media control keys, I don't see why this keyboard can't do the same. Keyboard standards are all over the place these days. Was almost a purchase for me.
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I guess so
Too bad it turns out to be $90cad with shipping, i'll have to go with a similar option in amaz
I ordered one in Amazon but returned it due to subpar quality. The RGB flickering is real. I thought maybe some reviewers had a dud but I also had one so that says to me that there's definitely quality issue with this model. It's different from 62 keys model's quality. This model might be a re branded Ajazz that can be bought for $30
Bought this model (MX blue, white backlit) through Amazon and the backlight is flickering when ever it's adjusted to max. brightness. Anyone has the same issue? Also after using it for more than 1 hour the backlight goes on and off randomly.
I think I've got a dud...
It's a pity since the bottom out noise is excellent for a plastic bottom-case with aluminum plate only board. MX blue is excellent, no doubt.
Also the double shot ABS caps are excellent with really nice font type for a budget board IMHO.
And... It shipped today?! A pleasant surprise. :)
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Now my daily grind begins: Constantly refreshing the courier tracking page. The previous drop took 14days to reach me...
Well, you did prepare for an October delivery, it's still an early delivery even if you can only get your hands (fingers?) on it a month later ;)
Is this US layout only?
Is this a good alternative to a Vortex Race 3?
Maybe? It‘s less than half the price, has a fairly minimal case (but not quite as sleek). The keycaps are fine but not as classy, and it’s not programmable.

I really like it, but my next board will be a Race 3. But I’m going to wait for the next Race 3 with USB C & lower profile switches.

I intend to use one at work and one at home.
Too bad there's no Gateron switch close to a MX Clear, other than Zealios
Just a quick question, why does it take till October to ship?
Tai-Hao double shots plus GMK switch dampeners installed. I didn't like the normal white keycaps from the Tai-Hao set since it's off white and not bright white like the default Magicforce one.

I like it so far, just need to get the custom ctrl keys that are not standard width.

After much scheming... donezo! keycaps from PMK.