Magnetic Lightning/Micro/USB-C Braided LED Cablessearch

Magnetic Lightning/Micro/USB-C Braided LED Cables

Magnetic Lightning/Micro/USB-C Braided LED Cables

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Please note that those only work with basic charging, no quick charge, no USB power delivery - any faster method than basic 5V requires data pins to be present.
My wife and I ordered 4 of these. 2 for her phone (MicroUSB), 2 for mine (USB-C). They arrived about a week ago and they were AWESOME!

Now, however, both of hers are broken. They both broke at the same point, where the magnet is on the phone connection bit that separates from the rest of the cable. In both cases, the Magnet itself was the point of failure. One magnet split in half, the other just fell off and has vanished (we have a kitten, so, it's possible that she took off with it).

DO NOT order these until they go through a SIGNIFICANT design change. They are NOT worth it.

They are a great idea and I definitely hope that they can fix the design and put out some better versions, but, for now, just don't.
Actual garbage. Broke in the first day.
This cable is only for charging, no USB connection!

Hm, 3 pieces 14 Euro from german amazon
Mine works fine, but sadly does not fit when I have my phone case on :(
I was in that Kickstarter that wen to hell. Not the same company but a similar design. Dude took the money and ran.
He did ship some, just not mine ... and yours.
Those were supposed to be capable of data as well. This drop is more than twice that price but I'd gladly play it for a fully functioning cable.
Half price on amazon. And for canadians free shipping.
no usb c? D:
Only USB-C in one end. Can't charge a MacBook or fast charge phones
Why does Massdrop keep dropping these? Everyone I know who has bought them says they're absolute rubbish.
I totally agree with you.
but... headphones?
But.... 3.5 mm jack?
I bought some last year. Complete waste on money!
Thank goodness for the ”Discussion” feature here. I almost wasted my money on this item.
i bought 6 of these for $24 on aliexpress. they have held up well so far. and the thing about these is that you're going to want several of these. i have one for bedside, at work desk, in the car, at my girlfriend's. It would be annoying to have to take out the tiny plug in order to use a normal cable. that would cost so much if you ordered them at $26 per. I'd have $100+ in charging cables lying around. Just buy em for $4/pop on aliexpress

better yet just buy the small adapters that just turn your existing cords into magnetic cords like these
These are poorly designed. The ends that go into the phone are silicon and easily broken. I’ve had this order for two days, I’ve already broken two ends. It’s literally been in my pocket for two hours total. Save your money until a better quality item comes around.
Since this only comes in Micro USB and Lightning, it isn't really appropriate to claim that it supports "Android" phones. Newer Android phones are often coming with the new high-speed USB-C cable, and this drop wouldn't work with those Android phones.