Major Stars ABS Backlit Shine-Through Keycap Setsearch

Major Stars ABS Backlit Shine-Through Keycap Set

Major Stars ABS Backlit Shine-Through Keycap Set

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They're pretty good and look ok. The problem I have is they don't line up nearly as well as in the picture , especially in the lighter sections. I expected a little more from these.

Committing to this buy.

I've looked around, but wanted to check with MK community, Razer Ornata Chroma uses prorietary 'Razer Green' switches; From what I found, these are Cherry clones, so this set should fit.

Can someone give me a nod yea or nay?
razer "gaming switches, kailh, outemu, gateron.. all these use the same mx cherry design. you should not have any issue fitting these keycaps on you kb.

the only weird switch that i cant get my head around to is the logitech romer-g.
Razer Greens are made by Kaihua (Kailh) = Cherry MX stems.

You're good.
Finally, been waiting for this drop! Just one question.... Will these work for my pok3r rgb?
I can't even use these keys due to my keyboard spacing. Customer support is aware of it, I was not. They're refusing to refund me, fighting my card charge dispute case, etc. They know these keys won't fit certain keyboards including my K70, but no mention was made about fitment. That seems pretty shady to me.
its pretty well known within the community that Corsair uses a non-standard bottom row of keys.

Sadly, you wouldn’t know that if you hadn’t been told or just went on some crazy research mission before purchasing.
iso layout?
I'm fairly interested in these, but I'm concerned about durability. I game on my keyboard and type long essays often so I'm not sure how these graphics will hold up to everyday moderate to heavy use. Should I go ahead and get these or wait until a PBT set comes out? I really like the galaxy design so that's why I'm drawn to these.
Not really happy with these keycaps, for the price I expected a lot more. It seems as though I got a random amalgomation of both "Starboy" and "Stargirl" even though I ordered the "Stargirl" variant.

The right hand side looks great, minus the modifier keys. If a picture of how it looks on my keyboard was shown to me, I probably wouldn't of ordered. It's too dark and as damnheadphones also posted, the graphic doesn't line up at all.

If it was advertised as randomly generated graphics, I'd have no problem, but the fact that it gives you two designs to choose from and the delivered product doesn't look anything like the image is quite disappointing.
Kind of looks like you just got Starboy
Can't decide if I should get Blue or Purple LEDs for these keycaps. What do y'all think?
I'm pretty sure I have these keycaps in black can someone tell me what they're called!
Heads up, don't expect the graphic to line up as good as the advertised picture, this is what I got. Im just a bit dissappointed that's all.

Edit: Massdrop was kind enough to give me a refund. Ill probably go in on the drop again to see if my luck is better. I do like these keys.
How much worse is ABS compared too PBT?
Noticeably. It gets slick and glossy from body oils way faster.
Will these keycaps come in a keyboard, ready for use? or is it literally just the keycaps.
just the caps