Manhattan Portage Pen Case – Massdrop Exclusivesearch

Manhattan Portage Pen Case – Massdrop Exclusive

Manhattan Portage Pen Case – Massdrop Exclusive

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Wish customer support would actually answer inquiries... Missed the bit about frigging October. I won't have anywhere to receive this... I won't be at my current residence anymore< won't have access to internet after mid august, and I have no stable place to send it to until I return in February... wasted money for a thing I'll probably never get to see.
I swear it said July initially
Right? Thankfully they finally answered and understood my situation. I hope they end up worth the wait for those getting them
If you’d told me it was five months for delivery.....
Welp, in for two more colors! :D @Massdrop & @ManhattanPortage about some different, UNUSUAL, colors? Maybe prints? :D I love these things!
Actually not crazy about the purple - not because of the case itself but simply because purple isn't a color that I tend to really enjoy - yet I had to opt in for the purple being that it is a MassDrop exclusive :p
would love to see this design but for watches.
I like this a lot, and even waiting delay after delay for the last one. Perhaps its just Massdrop being honest about MP's production timeline but waiting 5 months is practically an investment.

My finances aren't great right now so I'll check back in a month or two if this drop is still around.
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I admit I missed that tidbit about an expected delivery date. That being said, as I've previously purchased this case from MD (I'm actually using a pen I keep in one of my Portage cases right now...well, not as I type in this message anyway), I'm going to wait until they become available. Given this isn't the first time that MD has run this drop, and since I'm pretty sure someone runs analytics on purchase patterns. ; when MD plans to run a drop, it could plan ahead with a supplier (even when products are made to order) with a particular order size (+/- 20%) and negotiate delivery dates that don't necessarily take months to complete. Think....value to customer sooner....more customer enjoys experience buying through us...more they will buy (and hopefully refer friends).

I understand how the MD model works, and if I find a particular drop doesn't suit me, I, of course, would either choose to not join or request a cancellation.

Frankly, your response comes off a bit flippant. At least how it was worded. Interactions I've had with MD Customer Support have always been respectful and cordial to date, and your curt response doesn't do them credit.
Unacceptable response, its not that i don't understand how the model works its more that i feel its a long time. Im happy to wait. Frankly i find your response quite rude and not what i expect of a company I am spending money with.

Considering the freight costs to Australia and all I am now really hesitant to spend money with your company, i was going to pull the trigger on 2 drops and now I am seriously thinking about an alternative vendor. Not cool Massdrop

I also notice no one from MD will comment on why Knife shipping costs on cheaper knives are more expensive than on more expensive knives
Uh, yeah, I was all hot to join this drop as well, until I saw shipping was not until October. I have six of the clamshells and love them, but waiting until October is not something I want to do.
I would be interested, but to wait until October!?!?
Am I reading this correctly: Massdrop is shipping this in five months in October? Wow!
Yep, since this time around we're placing a new order with the factory, it will take a while to get made after the drop ends. Since we have to get these all made for us anyway, we're offering a couple new colors. :)

Based on the original MTO drop and some delays that were experienced, we were more conservative with our estimated shipping time this time around.
I'm surprised MD didn't try and brand this as a "Laser" keycap case/pouch...
so why would you do a half zip versus full zip?
To add a flap that protects the pocket clips from one another.
Come on. Bring this drop back...please =)
i need more of these in different colors! (i've already ordered the black and the red, and would have ordered the grey on the last drop if it wasn't sold out!)
Please come back, missed the drop i need one for college!