Manufactus "No Bag" Refillable Leather Journalsearch

Manufactus "No Bag" Refillable Leather Journal

Manufactus "No Bag" Refillable Leather Journal

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I ordered this journal. I LOVE IT. You absolutely need to bring it back, Massdrop, because their website is impossible to order off of and you are my only hope of acquiring more. This is BABY soft. I ditched the journal inside. But it fits A5 journals of all kinds especially my Leuchtturm 1917s. Please bring it back. I'm absolutely IN LOVE... and need more of these.
Is this notebook refill a proprietary brand? Or is it something I can pick up elsewhere later on when I finish the one that is provided if I like it well enough. Paper is such a subjective and finicky thing that I am hesitant to buy a bunch of notebooks sight unseen only to have them sit unused when they don't perform well. I'd like to do a little research on reviews etc of the notebooks, but the Massdrop is pretty cryptic about them.
I got mine in the mail. It does appear that the notebooks are proprietary. The have the Manufactus branding and say made in Italy. And there is a fair amount of ghosting with a semi-wet fountain pen.
It fits basically any A5. I've used it with Seven Seas, Clairefontaine, Northbooks, Apica -- you name it.

With that said though : thicker journals work better. The 80-90 sheet ones feel a bit 'lost' inside all that leather wrapping.

If I had to pick just one : the Seven Seas A5 is probably the best fit that I ever had in this cover.
Dear Massdrop,

I can never purchase notebooks and journals via Massdrop without first understanding what sort of feathering, ghosting, and bleed-thru I can expect when using fountain pens. I'm sure others would like to know how well their markers will stand up as well. Of course pens, nibs, and inks all play a role, but without showing the other side of the writing 'sample' (see image #5), ghosting and bleed-thru characteristics aren't available - in which case my money stays in my wallet.
..aaaand bought it ! :)

Grey, lined, with refill....
When is this going to run again?
Right now.
Thanks, I saw it yesterday, I think of buying one:)
Anyone: will the Circa Junior fit this ?
Can I just purchase a pack of A5 refills? I have another Manufactus journal, and love the thick paper..
How much is shipping? Why has Massdrop stopped putting shipping costs on drops?
Shipping is show when you click on "Join Drop", prior to committing.
Looks good, I'm excited for the drop!
It looks like the leather cover is closed by metal studs going through the leather belt, from the photos.

How do those studs affect the writing experience on the backside pages of the notebook? Does it impact the lay-flat aspect as well?

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The studs cannot help but form two modest but distinct mounds under the left-hand pages, which inevitably smooth out as you proceed through the notebook and add to the pages between the pen and the studs. Aren't you saying that you don't mind writing over the mounds? The studs seem less than well-considered for the underside of a writing surface, and are the reason I've shied from buying it. I'll look forward to hearing from users about this specifically, with an eye to the next 'drop.'
Sorry for the lateness.

I replaced the stock journal with one featuring a hardcover, so the studs aren't a problem.

I recommend replacing the journal with an A5 hardcover journal but if that isn't an option for you, try carrying around a mini-clipboard under the front cover. At my local office supply store, I purchased a small A5 clipboard and carry it around with my journal. It's great! It can hold things, serve as a bookmark for quick access to a specific page, protect against annoying studs, and provide a flat and sturdy surface at a moments notice (this is what I mainly carry it around for).

If the clipboard thing is not your thing, no biggie. Another option is to slightly slip the journal out of the front cover so the studs are no longer in the way before you start writing. It may seem annoying but the journal slides in and out easily so it's not a hassle.

Another thing to note, the leather used for the journal is fantastic, and well worth the weeks of waiting. Over the past two and a half years, my journal has faithfully endured some brutal conditions (mainly from my lifestyle) and is still holding up with no problems.
The leather has aged wonderfully, despite its many battle scars, and can now comfortably hold an A5 Rhodia Rhodiarama Webnotebook. The same notebook fit extremely tight a year ago, to the point of stretching the leather; but after repeated use, and my habit of sticking papers inside in a rush, it expanded naturally and accepted a larger hardcover notebook with ease.

All in all, I think I will be using this journal for a long time to come, and I hope you (along with anyone else reading) will too!
Anyone know the cost of the 3 pack refills?
I've updated the note on the description page, so the cost is visible.
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