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Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Ebony Headphones

Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Ebony Headphones

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In the original product proposal to Fostex, yes...removable cables were requested.
Though It was in the original requirements, it didn't make it into the original version of the TH-X00 as Fostex is very methodical and careful.
They spent years working on their removable cable system to make it their version of perfect. They could have done it in a few weeks, but it wouldn't have been a true Fostex solution.
Removable cables for the TH-X00 line is one of those features that the community never stopped pushing for and we never stopped requesting.
This feature is so important to the community and to the headphones, that we renamed them: TR-X00 (The “R” is for removable.)
If you haven’t been following the journey of the first Mahogany version of the headphone into the Purpleheart and Ebony wood variants, we offer three different wood types for different aesthetics and slight sound signature variation.
However, since launch- the most requested (demanded!) change has been the ability to remove or swap cables.
Why? I’m so glad you asked!
If you develop any issues with the cables over time, you can replace them. If you need a specialized cable to connect to gear or wish to have a personalized cable, you have options.
(In the discussion comments which follow, please let us know if you modified your TH-X00 to accept removable cables and how you are using them now…Matt Takaichi is paying attention and sourcing cables for the community.  We’ve transferred the comments from the original headphone drop pages so that none of your contributions have been lost.)
Thank you for your support of this headphone, it has been a true success due to community feedback and participation. FYI, this latest change is the only one that we have planned for the series, we don’t have any other surprises on the horizon at the moment.  (I know somebody is going to ask me!)
For now, the time has come and the TR-X00 is available for ordering on June 1st!
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Can't wait for these new cables. I hope they manufacture a balanced cable.
What happened to the measurements?
It would be awesome if we had the ability to trade up our "old" TH-X00s for the TR-X00 versions or maybe send them to Fostex for the removable cable update. Fortunately modding the TH-X00 for removable cables is fairly easy and I'll probably get to it one of these days...
Are the ebonies coming back? I must have them!!!
where do i find replacement parts?
Would these be good for listening to Sleep albums?
What's the average delivery ETA on these things? I want to get a pair for my fiancee for xmas but i'm still saving. I imagine i'll have another chance to order these, but i want to gauge how much time i have.
They're in stock and ready to ship. With expedited shipping ( it cost $20 for my TH-X00 Ebony not sure if it's still offered for these ) you'll have them in 2 business days. With regular shipping I'd expect them within a week or two at the very most. In stock items can still be slow with 'regular' shipping though. It took almost 2 weeks to get my TH-X00 Mahogany due to warehouse issues ( so said customer support ) and they were also in stock. No expedited shipping was offered on those. Your fiancee is very lucky! I love my TH-X00 Ebony.
The cable connectors look very similar to HD6XX connectors. Will HD6XX cables work on these?
They won't. Different pins and polarity. Periapt makes removable cables for them with the correct connectors.
Did I get a damaged unit?
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Different wood densities changes the sound signature. That said, the cup fitting on my Purple Hearts are not the same. That might have to do with each cup its not from a mold, instead its sanded wood.
I think they tune them slightly differently for each model. The wood itself also has an impact on the acoustics according to the internetz, due to the density of each type. If it were me, I’d exchange for a new pair. Those look defective.
I love biocellulos drivers! Next, magnesium and aluminum. Oh yeah!
Did u buy a Elex? O:
I'm trying to decide which pair of Fostex TR-X00s to order for EDM namely the Progressive genres of Trance, House, Breaks and Techno at the moment I'm leaning toward the Ebony. What I'm looking for are a pair of headphones between these 3 options that have impactful bass that goes deep as well as punchy highs and good dynamics. From reading online I think it's a choice between the Ebony and the Purplehearts but I'm not sure anymore as there is to much contradicting information flying around. Those that have experience with these headphones which ones do you think fit my needs the best?
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I obsessed a lot over different reviews of the different options. I landed on the Ebony model, but I got the general sense they are more alike than different based on all the reading and videos. You're stoked regardless -- I love mine.
Thanks and I came to the same conclusion choosing the Ebony after getting in touch with someone with experience of all 3 units.
Anyone else that went from the TH-X00 (non-detachable) to TR-X00 (detachable) noticed that now there's much more noise rubbing against the cable than before?
For example when I'm wearing the headphone on my head and when I turn my head the cable rub against my shirt, back then I used to not hear anything but now I find it's a lot more noticeable.
Though it could also just be that new cables are stiffer. Hmmmmm......... anyone else notice this though?
Between the Ebony, Purpleheart and Mahogany which would be the best buy??
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My biggest regret is selling my D2000s, nice pic!
Wow, the ebony's look really good when you see the grain. I just ordered the Mahoganies. Will drive in 2 days.
What type of amp sounds the best paired with these headphones? I’m thinking about getting the aune x7s.
Most people would tell you that the X7S wouldn't pair with these well due to the low headphone impedance ( 25ohms ) and high output impedance ( 10 ohms ) of the X7S. I'm not one of those people. I prefer my X7S / Topping D30 combo with these over my more technically 'correct' Mayflower O2/ODAC. Before I got the X7S I spent several months thinking how much I liked the TH-X00s with the O2 though.
Ideally you'd want a powerful amp with low output impedance. Something like the Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X. But the X7S works fine with both the Ebony and the Mahogany ( I have both ) to my ears.
Thank you for the response.
Is the large jack also removable, or has a small i side?
Unfortunately you'd need something like this:
Unless you have custom cable made that ends with 3.5 mm plug but this way is much cheaper lol.
Picked up a pair of Dekoni Hybrid Elites for these, and I am digging these even more now.
The standard pads are a bit too cozy on my ears, so I switched for the TH900 model (unlike some, I really like the stock pads on the the TH900). The extra space makes these a little wilder but I also feel the staging is more in line with the TH900 now.
So guys I never realized this but recently I tried my Denon AH-D2000 then realized the D2000 had a much wider sound stage than than TH-X00 Mahogany.
Has anyone compared D2000 with TH-X00 Ebony regarding sound stage. I've read reports of bigger sound stage for Ebony vs Mahogany but not sure how it compares to D2000.
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I would let them burn in then give a second listen, could be that it’s new pads too.
Okay I'll let it run for a few hours and try again later, I just find it odd from all the review I read people say Ebony has very forward vocal (vs all the other variants) but I got the opposite impression upon first listen.
Though the other 2 I bought 2nd hand so it could've been burn in already while the Ebony is new. I'll let it run and report back later lol.
My Periapt Cable just came in. I had emailed them and special ordered it. Cost me around $110 but it is so worth it. As you can see in the pictures, I got the 5ft in Red. The headphones you see in the picture are the TR-X00 Ebony. I used Plasti-Dip and painted them Red. Now I'll have to get a new Plasti-Dip red so they can match the cable. lol. Contact them at and tell them what headphones you have and they will work with you. They haven't posted this new connection yet on their website cause they are still ordering more connections. I was the first one that brought it to their attention about the connections on ebay, so I got first dibs. lol.


The Fostex TH900 connectors can be found in China Taobao store. Not a problem to get a bulk order.
They've added the Fostex TR connection option to their website. Yesterday, I ordered my cable with an XLR connector. Can't wait to my hands on it.
Nub here. Which fostex is this based upon, is it the th-600 or th-900?
This is the 1 Tesla motor, the same used in the 600/610 and the OEMs (E Mu etc)
This or a used pair of TH900?
If the TH900 are in good condition get them.
The ebonies are more neutral, but the 900 kick like nothing else.
How do these compare to the HiFiMAN HE-500? Those are my current cans but I'm very tempted by these Fostex. I'd only be able to keep one of them, though.
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U never said anything about a particular sound signature
I said I think the HE-500 sound great, and the only things I said I would change were comfort/weight/build related 😉
It says only 17 hours are left. Does that mean it will no longer be available for sale after that?
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Oh yeah I think I read your other post somewhere before now I remembered. But in your case yeah I think it would just be "different" or "sidegrade" and from what I gathered the Ebony wood is quite heavy too so it might not help your case.
The HE-500 is my favorite sound signature across all of my headphones. Like you the weight/comfort gets to me after a while. I can't speak to the ebony version but the mahogany is not quite on the same level from a technical standpoint. X00 wins on bass quantity but doesn't have the same solidity/quality as the 500. Bass extension is about the same on both and their treble regions aren't the smoothest. The big difference lies in the mid-range with the HE500 having about the best midrange of any of my pairs with the X00 being fine but nothing special.
How does this compare to the DT1770?
Hey gents! I own Sennis 600's and I'm planning to get a Jotunheim. Will the TH-X00 Ebony be a good counterpart with the Sennis and the amp/dac? I mean, I'll continue to use the Sennis for different music genres.
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I also have both the TH-X00 Ebony and HD600 and I totally agree that to my ears at least, they are almost perfectly complementary. If I could only keep two pair of what I own now it would be those two.
just got some TR-X00 ebonies this week, and have been running them with the jotunheim. the pairing works well. (these fostex cans benefit from high power/low impedance; the bass can get sloppy/muddy without it.) the comments above are exactly right, these are very complementary headphones. i love my HD580s, they feel airy and relaxed, but they have no bass. the ebonies don't have quite the same wide open soundstage, but they sound great otherwise, and the bass response is just perfect.
I’m really torn between then Ebony and the Purple Heart. I love EDM, and I know the Ebony has enough bass to make me happy but I’m not sure if I’d prefer to have the Purple Heart just because its more dramatic. For reference I already have the HD6XX, Fidelio X2, Momentum.
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Np! U won’t be disappointed.
Just following up with my thoughts. Spoiler, I obviously love these headphones.
I wanted to have my first experience increase with the medium I'm using the Purple Hearts on, so I started on my iPhone 6S. This is because I am more sensitive for an increase in quality vs a loss in quality. Immediately I can tell they sound great even driven from the phone, but it will need more to bring out the sound. I'm just not sure how much more power.
After plugging into my Topping A30 / D30 combo, I can tell it's powered accurately - the highs are shining and the bass is punchy. Regarding my own question on owning 6XX, Fidelio L2 + X2, PXC 550's and the Momentum, I can confirm it's a worthwhile purchase. The difference between 6XX and the Purple Heart differs large enough to wear each one of these headphones in completely different mind sets, I won't be choosing between them as each will have it's own purpose. When considering genre of music alone, I do not get that same feeling between the L2s and Momentums - I would have to consider listening environment and medium before coming to a conclusion.
Other concerns on Fatigue is also valid. I can't listen to these headphones for over a few hours before I burn out - didn't have the problem with the 6XX's so I have a feeling I will be swapping a few times in long sessions. Since these are the first set of very fatiguing headphones, I'm finding myself strategizing when to listen to these headphones. I'm no longer picking one up and keeping it on for the entire night, I will swap headphones more frequently.
For anyone who has the 6XX and is wondering if this is a good addition, this fills the gap of the 6XX perfectly - get it. The 6XX spacial field makes it feel like the music is being played in the room with each instrument separated by a good amount of space. The Purple hearts has a laser focused experience, very easy listening. The 6XX causes my mind to reach to listen for the details, while the purple heart makes me feel the music as well (vibration). The thing that I crave when I listen to the 6XX, is completely achieved by the Purple Hearts. Being able to pick at the differences between the Purple Heart and the 6XX has been a very educational experience.
In terms of range, the X2 and Purple Heart overlap quite a bit, although since the X2s are Open back headphones, they lack the punch and resolution the Purple Hearts provide (For reference, X2s are great headphones and are half the price). I think the highs of the Purple heart contains much more detail. Honestly the Purple Hearts are how I wished the X2's sound. the X2s are now going to be my permanent TV watching headphones when this baby is at work.
Now from a pure value standpoint - is this a linear increase from the 6XX? I wouldn't say so, we've hit the diminishing returns curve quite far back. For Rock, I prefer HD6XX, and pretty much anything that's recorded well that is not electronic. These, for me, only beat the 6XX in EDM, Hip Hop and Pop. So to the poster who said get the 6XX if you don't have it before this, I completely agree. The only way I can describe the difference is that the 6XX seems like I'm in a room surrounded by the instruments, very intimate and accurate. With the Purple Hearts, it sounds like I'm at a large concert, probably midway back from the stage where you can still feel the bass.
One HUGE note - I'm not sure how many of you have a SubPac, but I happen to have one, and the experience with the SubPac and the Purple Hearts are amazing. I tend to have found myself turning it up on these headphones, craving the physical bass (a lot of resonance is actually absorbed via airwaves hitting the body) so the SubPac really fills that gap allowing me to control the volume.
- Adrian
Woot! modded a Sennheiser cable I bought with Fostex aftermarket connectors.
How are these compared to the purpleheart
anybody knows where to purchase aftermarket pre-made cables for these, specifically that which terminates into 3.5mm single-ended cables or 2.5mm balanced cables?
Am I the only one that would like to see a balanced cable option(XLR or 2.5mm) now that the X00 has gone detachable?
These are beautiful headphones, but I've heard they are bass-heavy. Does anyone use these for listening to Classical? How do they sound?
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Thanks for the reply.
The HD6XX is also a really high end headphone for classical listening. One of the best available if you're looking for a smooth warm balanced headphone. You just have to make sure to power them right.
Hey guys, so if you want to take a shot at creating your own cables, you will need the connectors. Here is a guy on ebay that is selling them. Good luck and let me know how it goes and take pictures. These are actually the ones that will be using. He is getting them from them. Here is the link.