Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany Headphones

Massdrop x Fostex TR-X00 Mahogany Headphones

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In the original product proposal to Fostex, yes...removable cables were requested.
Though It was in the original requirements, it didn't make it into the original version of the TH-X00 as Fostex is very methodical and careful.
They spent years working on their removable cable system to make it their version of perfect. They could have done it in a few weeks, but it wouldn't have been a true Fostex solution.
Removable cables for the TH-X00 line is one of those features that the community never stopped pushing for and we never stopped requesting.
This feature is so important to the community and to the headphones, that we renamed them: TR-X00
(The “R” is for removable.)
If you haven’t been following the journey of the first Mahogany version of the headphone into the Purpleheart and Ebony wood variants, we offer three different wood types for different aesthetics and slight sound signature variation.
However, since launch- the most requested (demanded!) change has been the ability to remove or swap cables.
Why?  I’m so glad you asked!
If you develop any issues with the cables over time, you can replace them.
If you need a specialized cable to connect to gear or wish to have a personalized cable, you have options.
(In the discussion comments which follow, please let us know if you modified your TH-X00 to accept removable cables and how you are using them now…Matt Takaichi is paying attention and sourcing cables for the community.  We’ve transferred the comments from the original headphone drop pages so that none of your contributions have been lost.)
Thank you for your support of this headphone, it has been a true success due to community feedback and participation.

FYI, this latest change is the only one that we have planned for the series, we don’t have any other surprises on the horizon at the moment.  (I know somebody is going to ask me!)
For now, the time has come and the TR-X00 is available for ordering on June 1st!
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I agree! I want to build balanced cables for these.
Th610 has a completely different sound signature compared to the TR-X00.
trying to decide between these and a pair of closed back lcd 2 classic, any audiophiles out there willing to provide advice?
Has anyone been able to get/purchase a replacement set of gimbals for these, from Massdrop or otherwise?
Hey guys, so if you want to take a shot at creating your own cables, you will need the connectors. Here is a guy on ebay that is selling them. Good luck and let me know how it goes and take pictures. These are actually the ones that will be using. He is getting them from them. Here is the link.
Custom cables for Fostex TR-X00 (Finally)
Hello everyone. This is for the people who have purchased the Fostex TR-X00 headphones. As you know, they come with that very heavy and long (10ft) cable. To this date, there has never really been anyone making aftermarket cables for them. I just facilitated a process between and a company in China. does custom cables and this China company will be providing them with the connectors that are compatible with our headphones. And the best part, they fit. lol. Most people were using the Sennheiser cables but they are not a great fit and look. Once gets the connectors, they will display them on their website. They said it can take up to 3 or 4 weeks. So keep an eye out for them soon.
After a google search (because still have nothing on their website) I found via ebay.
They sell cables with the TH900 plug (which should be the same on this one)
I havent bought cables yet but surely will an can report when they arrived!
My cables arrived yesterday and they work flawlessly with the TR-X00!
Hello TR-X00 proud owners. I have some pretty good and cool news... I have contacted and advised them of an ebay seller that is now offering connectors that are compatible with our headphones. will be contacting him soon, to try and buy in bulk. If he is able to get them in bulk, they said they will start providing a cable option for us. The moment he has them available, I will be posting back in here with the link. So basically right now he is selling the Sennheiser cables for $56. So our cable shouldn't be any more than that. Again, I will get back to you all soon.
Anyone try the Lawton demon headphone mod? Does it really help? Is it easy enough to do yourself or should you send it in?
Mods really do work on these headphones. The biggest improvement is by changing out the earpads. The hardest part about doing it yourself is to be VERY careful when you unscrew the screws from the cups. These screws are so small that they are very easy to strip with your screwdriver. So be patient and slow. Also, just make sure you don't pull on the drivers cause the wires are so thin. But modding them is very easy. There are some youtube videos on doing it and plenty of websites showing you how with detailed pictures of every step they took. I personally think it is worth it because you have a pride knowing you did it yourself and hearing the results of it. Makes you appreciate your headphones a little more.
So the screw assembly holding the phone to the headband on my pair stripped off, what would be the best way to get a replacement bolt/screw??
There were a few old subreddits in the past. See if you can locate the TH-610 (shaft) part #1420562475 or manually search it via Fostex's parts distributor ( I only found the TH-900. Maybe even contact them?
There are 2 websites I know of that deal with parts for Fostex. They are, and

Email both of them and ask. When I asked if they had the screws that hold the cups in place, they said yes. So hope they have what you need.
For sale thx00 ph serial number 00993
$260 sanded the cups down cause I didn’t know I’d sell them doesn’t effect sound

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That’s what I thought. Thanks ;)
Did you sell them? If not how much are you asking?
I own the original TH-X00 version, I've been using them at work and I've been just using it straight off my Google Pixel phone. Was hoping to have a better sound through new dac/amp, but I don't know if I'm crazy or if I'm just not looking at the right dac/amp. I haven't been able to find something that's a direct upgrade.

Let me elaborate, so I've tried almost all the budget dac/amps but I've been just getting "different" sound more or less. Like I'll gain something but also loses something at the same time. Budget dac/amp I've tried include FiiO E10K, Schiit Fulla 1, NuForce UDAC3, SMSL M3, and recently I've acquired iFi Nano iDSD Black Label.

FiiO E10K - Everything's good overall but loses some bass with bass boost off, with bass boost on it's too boomy.
Schiit Fulla 1 - Slightly more V shaped, increase treble and bass but vocal gets further away.
NuForce UDAC3 - Similar to Schiit Fulla 1 where it's a little bit V shaped, boosts treble and bass but vocal gets a bit further away.
SMSL M3 - This improves clarity and layering and instrument separation by quite a bit, vocal is forward though loses bass too. However I almost kept it but ultimately I find the vocal and bass sounded a little bit artificial. Like you boost certain frequencies too much then they start to sound "off" I can't fully explain.
iFi Nano iDSD Black Label - This is the most neutral one out of all of them, also the priciest one yet (about double the cost of the rest). But because it's the most neutral one so it's a more relaxed sounding signature, the treble isn't too much and vocal is forward but loses bass a little. But clarity and layering and sound stage didn't stood out too much for me. Just overall felt a little bit flat despite the raving good reviews.

So at this point I don't know if it's just that TH-X00 is very easy to drive also fairly sensitive headphone so it doesn't really need a new dac/amp, OR maybe things won't start to sound good until I hit the Aune X1, Grace M9XX tier? At this point I even wonder if O2/ODAC or Schiit Magni3/Modi2 will be able to make any real difference (since iFi Nano iDSD Black Label is suppose to be in the comparable tier, unless it's just bad pairing).

Again to clarify, I'm not saying running off Google Pixel is the best thing ever. It just sounded the most natural and correct amount of treble/vocal/bass and maintain the most amount of micro details, trade off is that sound stage is pretty average and instrument separation is decent but not the best. All the above mentioned dac/amps seems to enhance certain frequencies but all the tiny little details seems to get washed out, like all the tiny tiny background sounds. Though I'm not saying any of the above dac/amp are bad, they all sounded good actually, but you get different trade offs, so I feel like if I'm paying extra money to hook up another device I was hoping everything to be better. So at this point I almost feel like it's better off I just run it straight off the phone at work (less things to carry too). As I've mentioned that since I'm running it at work, I don't know if it's worth it to leave an Aune X1 or Grace M9XX at my desk at work. Granted it's a fairly safe work place but it's still open concept so anyone can really just swipe anything off my desk technically.

For now I'm going with the "if it ain't broken then don't fix it" approach and might just leave it for now. What do you guys think? Lol sorry for the super long message, but I start to wonder if it's just me.
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Apparently it doesn't have the loud to louder issue, maybe it's due to the type of volume control they use. Then again, neither does the CTH with its ridiculous gain.

That's quite interesting that your nano doesn't have any volume issues, yet the micro does...

The Arcam can actually be found for around $240 shipped from the UK. The site is Analogue Seduction.

It's not even the lack of bass that's bothering me, it's the brain hurting channel imbalance at low volume. I'd be shocked if there's a better amp for detail and clarity, this thing is pretty unreal in that aspect.
Honestly man I got my eye on this amazing portable option just like the IFI Nano Black Label but it's actually putting out more power and from what I heard from this company they have amazing Clarity really trying to link up with them to get this device it just came off of drop a couple days ago but if it ever comes back up again check out the centrance DAC portable it actually has stronger power than the IFI Nano Black Label and if you get the dacportable it does have bass options as well as treble option. The standard centrance HD DAC doesn't so make sure you get the dacportable