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Hello Everyone,

Sorry it took a while, we did hear you.

There have been 6,647 requests for another drop of the Massdrop O2+ODAC DAC/Amp Combo:

We were not able to continue offering that version at the price point that made the product accessible, so we reached out to Grace Design for a new DAC that meets or exceeds all of the ODAC specifications (at a reasonable price).

Please meet the new Massdrop Objective 2 + Grace Design Standard DAC (SDAC) combo.

Designed to measure well, sound transparent, and be affordable.

Michael Grace does a great job of explaining some details about the SDAC here:

In addition:
Since we have several DAC & Amp products available right now, here’s an overview to help with your options…

DAC & Amp Family UPDATE 9/18/2017:

Thank you so much for all of the requests and support!
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Thanks a lot for the update. Is it still projected to cost $150?
Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the drop.
CEE_TEE As we are approaching the end of August, do you have any updates on this product? Can we still expect it in September?
Extremely disappointed with Massdrop on this purchase. I would not suggest buying any Massdrop made product since there customer service is a joke.
My O2+SDAC Amp/DAC stopped working after 5 months of purchase. The O2+SDAC still looks brand new since it just sits on my desk all the time. I tried to contact Massdrop about the warranty and they offer me either to return to get a refund or to replace it with a new one but WITHOUT a renewed warranty. When I asked for a refund, the customer service just disappeared. I tried to follow up but get no respond. Pathetic.

Hopefully this is dropped soon.
Hey guys, I have been using this for a few months and its been great. However, for some odd reason when i decided to get some studio monitors for my setup. I got the JBL 305P MKii. It works great when i listem to music. However, as soon as i open a game such as the witcher 3, fortnite, and etc it makes this buzzing sound. It is extremely noticeable even at low volume. The buzzing sound disappears as soon as i turn off the game. This is really weird.
I conect "usb imput from PC and RCA output to active speaker". as this conect work without power. is this just bypass? If I use only DAC part with my active speaker. how do I conect it?
The SDAC is USB powered so to use it alone just connect the DAC through USB and RCAs to the speaker. (The power adapter is only used for the O2 amp)
Thanks for the answer.
Hi all.

Does anyone know whether in Windows 10 this should be installed with USB Audio 2.0 or just the generic USB Audio Device?

I'm trying to interface the SDAC through WDM in VoiceMeeter but it doesn't appear to work now. It did work back in 2017 but something seems to have changed since then (Windows update?).
Should I get these (O2) or the Fulla 2? They're similar in price and I can't decide between the two.

My main drivers are the 6XX and the 58x.
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How long has it been since the last time this drop was active?

Any news on when it'll be open again?
Last drop shold have been around mid September 2017. They then should have been shipped out January 2018. So potentially a three month wait between the drop and shippment, and it hasn't dropped yet.

Heres, the comment on it re-dropping.
So, a "little while", however long that is.
Please drop this soon
Just saw the email about the manufacturing defect. I'm personally leaning towards a return/refund... How long do we get to think about this?
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I actually tried to plug this O2+SDAC with a pair of JBL 305P speakers through the RCA from the back of the dac. It worked until i had games running. It started to make these buzzing sound as soon as i started the game.
Check this thread:

tl;dr - to quote OpasTanti: "My particular unit came with wrong gain configuration (2.5X and 6.5X* instead of 1X and 3.3X listed on the product page) and other units might be affected by this as well (at least from what I've noticed on a teardown from Reddit).
*O2's input stage will overload when set to high gain of 6.5X with SDAC's output at max, which may cause the sound to become distorted but it won't harm the O2."
price ??????
It was $149.99 on the latest drop (late 2017).