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Hello Everyone,

Sorry it took a while, we did hear you.

There have been 6,647 requests for another drop of the Massdrop O2+ODAC DAC/Amp Combo:

We were not able to continue offering that version at the price point that made the product accessible, so we reached out to Grace Design for a new DAC that meets or exceeds all of the ODAC specifications (at a reasonable price).

Please meet the new Massdrop Objective 2 + Grace Design Standard DAC (SDAC) combo.

Designed to measure well, sound transparent, and be affordable.

Michael Grace does a great job of explaining some details about the SDAC here:

In addition:
Since we have several DAC & Amp products available right now, here’s an overview to help with your options…

DAC & Amp Family UPDATE 9/18/2017:

Thank you so much for all of the requests and support!
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Hi when is the next drop ? I miss the first one cause i didn't know they is this drop happening on oct.
Any chance of this dropping again soon?
How does this compare to the sound blaster X7? I'm looking for a different yet still lively sound
Anyone any idea around when this will drop? My O2 amp on the way, hd6xx in march, i need a dac now... Hmmmm
this is a combo are waiting for this I think:
When the both headphones and RCA are connected via USB, it seems that audio isn't muted for the RCA.
Unfortunately, I too have the problem when it just stops working. It happened on my laptop and my desktop pc. On the laptop, i was listening to music for maybe 15 minutes and then the sound stopped. I tried to turn the SDAC off, unplug the USB cable, unplug the power and then plug everything back in, but without success. Changing between playback devices also didn't work. It looked like the Windows Audio service froze. So I tried to restart it, but it got stuck on "Stopping" without change. After unplugging the SDAC, the service had finally restarted. However, after setting everything back, the sound was horrible, the only output was fizzing noise (search "TV Static sound effect" on youtube), but the sound was changing slightly depending on the music. So I turned the SDAC off, connected the USB directly to the laptop (I was using USB hub before) and tried again. Now everything worked for like 4 hours, then I went home from work and took the SDAC with me.
The same thing happened on my desktop, the only difference was that it happened after less then a minute of listening. I turned it off and unplugged it and put it aside for couple of hours. Then I plugged it in again using the same USB port/cable and there was still the fizzing noise. Then I connected a different cable into a different USB port. Both times using the motherboard USBs (no hub). Message about installing new hardware popped up and the sound started working again. Well, at least until 51 second into a song, when it cut off again. The next think I tried was to stop the Windows Audio service, uninstalled the SDAC driver in Device Manager, start the service and Scan for hardware changes to add the SDAC, but the audio was still fizzing. Everything seemed fine after a PC restart, until, surprise, surprise, it stopped 2 minutes later. It doesn't seem to be a driver issue, because I had been using Sound Blaster Play! 2 for couple of months (while waiting for the SDAC to arrive) and it uses the same Generic USB Audio driver.

If anyone managed to make the SDAC work on Windows 7, which seems to be what is causing this issue, please let me know.

When I add the confusion with the plugs and the fact, that it did cost me $35 and 30 days of waiting just to get the right Type A to Type E adapter, and then finding out, that I can't even use the thing without restarting my PC every few minutes, it wasn't a smart buy.

It looks like connecting the USB cable into one of the USB 2.0 ports works so far.

headphones: Massdrop x AKG K7XX Red Edition
laptop: Windows 7 x64, Lenovo 700-17ISK
desktop: Windows 7 x64, Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H, Xeon E1230-v3
I have the exact same problem with mine.. seems to work for an hour or two.. then suddenly cuts out. Replugging usb causes TV noise static. Any solutions? BTW - I'm on windows 7 as well.
anyone else get an issue where the amp disables itself off after a while, and you have to disconnect/reconnect the usb to get it working again
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Yeah, same problem here using motherboard's USB 3.0. Are these defective or do you think it might be the cable or type of USB port?
No clue. Maybe bad cables?
Please make another drop, I need this to pair with my HD6XX's coming in March!
Any chance of this dropping again in the near future?
I finally received my O2+ODAC and I was super excited to try it with the HD6XX, but to my surprise, the power supply's plug is not european and I can't use it straight out of the box...... I'm quite annoyed right now, to be honest, considering I think we did have an option to chose this when doing the transaction.

Also, I had to pay customs for both this and the HD6XX, in Austria. Expected, anyway, but yeah...
Same here.. VERY disappointing to not get the choice of EU plug. I see that they now offer that, but what about us that already ordered?
I’ve stumbled upon an O2+SDAC tear down reddit here it is:
Has anyone in Canada (especially BC) received theirs yet? The tracking stopped once it crossed the border but it gave an estimate of the 27th. My girlfriend also ordered and had the 26th as an estimate, but neither of us have received it yet. Should we be concerned???
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the white cable is super weird?? I'm glad it works though!
I think the cable is fine. Just the color is off. I needed to connect it to my monitor is because the cable is short and my computer is under my desk. Everything works fine so far after I connect it directly to the motherboard.

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