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Massdrop, when we can expect a drop for this ODAC ?
Interesting that they went with the ODAC instead of the OL DAC, which is better in pretty much every regard while being around the same price (actually cheaper, if i remember right.) Hoping they decide to eventually do a Massdrop OL DAC, their redesigns of the O2 and ODAC have been gorgeous.
The optimistic side of me is saying that's why they haven't dropped this one in a while, they're preparing to replace it with the OL DAC. Only time will tell, I guess.
Pls drop :-(
Waiting for my SH HD6XX to come and want to get the ODAC and O2 combo. Will this be available before March?
Ordered O2, now waiting for this. Drop please!
Massdrop did a great job creating a good steal of the HD6XX now it is time to drop the ODAC to pair it with the HD6XX.
drop please.......
drop please.....
Please activate this drop, Got the O2 and now I'm aiming for the ODAC for home use.
I don't need the O2+ODAC unit since I use the amp on the go as well as on my desktop. Can't do that with the unit that has the dac built in since it takes the space for the batteries.
cmon it would be really stupid to not drop this with the amp.. :(
Canceled my o2 amp purchase because of this. might as well wait for the ODAC + amplifier combo.
Perfect match for the O2, please drop this!
You should drop this right about now.
Anyone want to sell one to me? Kind of sick of waiting for this thing to come around again.
Ok, since there seems to be some reason why this DAC will not come back to Massdrop (I guess 1454 requests isn't enough to warranty a run of these things...) , can someone tell me where I can buy the enclosure, so I can make my own ODAC?
I need this DAC. I haven't been able to use my AMP for 28 weeks anyone sellling?
the RCA works both ways, in and put ~ surprise surprise
I'm selling mine if anyone is interested:
I am interested but for how much are you selling it ?
Pls contact me asap.
Im Intereated.
wait in line