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Hitting the Balance Point… ­ Which one? As many as possible!
Happy Path: My personal history is that I rediscovered headphone listening in 2009, organized local meets, became the Ultimate Ears Ambassador to for a time, and now I get to work with audiophile gear every day at Massdrop.
Not-Very-Audiophile Confession: What led me to was spotting a cool-looking pair of shiny headphones on someone at an airport in Japan and wanting to buy a pair.
I never did find out what that exact pair of headphones was, but I did find a great new headphone. My next super audiophile move was to…buy some HiFiMAN RE-0 in-ear monitors. Loved them but yanked too hard on the cable and lost the left channel. Shopping around for a replacement, I decided to try for extra bass since some people thought the RE-0 were a bit “bass-light”. (Bass insecurity is a thing.) I proceeded to overdo it by buying the Sennheiser IE8 (clublife) and then vowed to go for a neutral monitor. Not too bright, not too bassy, can I find “just right”???
Everyone who knows me in the community knows that I am a big Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM) fan. I got one of the first pairs as soon as they released and still love them to this day. Many of us think that sound signature is one of the very best and if you had to choose just one headphone or IEM, that would easily be a top 5 pick. The UERM signature plus some sub-bass is fairly viewed as a vision for the “perfect” reference monitor. But would that be the “perfect listening monitor” for most people? Many of us UERM owners have the desire for a complimentary IEM. One that is a bit more lush in the low end in addition to extending lower.
We started this project with the goal of making the perfect reference monitor. We started with a base tuning similar to the Etymotic ER4SR and Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor. Then we looked to add the sub-bass extension. And we really wanted to keep the price to $299.99 so it would be affordable to more people. After a year and a half of experimenting, we got to the point where we achieved elevated but flat bass from the upper bass to the sub-bass with a very clear, flat, and connected midrange (except for a nice little dip in the annoying sibilance region and an extra bump in the presence region to balance the bass).
We’re all at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Colorado right now, where Jude Mansilla from has organized a big CanJam event. As soon as possible, we’ll get some graphs up on the page. The graphs will show elements of today’s best monitors in the Plus frequency response and the sound has been subjectively described as very musical, clear and fun, with no annoying peaks. It’s a lot of sound, but I can turn ‘em up and not get fatigued. There’s rumble while watching movies but super clear dialog.
This balance of driver characteristics, price, performance, technicalities, flat response, fun sound, and frequency range extension made us freeze this design. If you HAD to only pick only one in-ear monitor or headphone, we hope this would be in your top picks…at any price.
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Hi desutruction, You shouldn't experience that...someone will reach out for pics.
Do you have any advice for how to get one of these repaired? One of mine had an unfortunate run in with the pavement but just the casing is cracked and the port damaged (the drivers inside are all fine). Seeing as I can't exactly just buy a new one I really want to pay to have it repaired, so any suggestions you have on that would be quite helpful
@CEE_TEE I unfortunately broke the left earpiece. Is there any possibility of getting a replacement or is there going to be another drop off these?
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Thanks! I have to say the socket is super loose even with third party cables and I have dropped the iems a good number of times because of the looseness so hopefully this gets fixed in the next version!
Ah, how will we be able to get the new cable? My son has almost lost his at school enough that he refuses to take them in; which hurts the value for him. He's only had them for about 4 weeks now.
Anyone know where I can get a replacement cable? Thanks.
If we attach this pair with android smartphone, can it support phone calling with microphone or it has microphone for phone calling?
If you make a phone call with these you must hold the phone where microphone on it will pick up the sound. There is not a microphone on the cable.
Is there any other compatible cable for this having microphone for calling?
Is anyone selling a single left driver? i managed to loose my left driver within 2 months because of how loose the cable is.
Anybody else's cable turning blue?

I had a discussion with Massdrop support, they say this is not a parameter covered by warranty. What I have been told is that color/discolorization is not an important aspect of an IEM. Even though they make it a point in the description of the product what color it is, it seems like the color doesn't matter. By these standards, the IEMs could turn pink after a week and you are out of luck.
Hey. When this drop again?
About how often do these become available? Just missed the last drop!
I hope they address all the complaints about the cable in the next drop. That was the one thing that stopped me from joining.
@CEE_TEE Bluetooth cable update?
Massdrop Plus vs. Campfire Audio Orion. Anyone that can compare both?
Very happy with these, the fit is fantastic!
Read if you have a loose cable to IEM connection. Probably already addressed elsewhere, but just in case... If you have the loose connection problem, there is a simple fix, by applying a small piece of electrical tape... At the cable's connection, right above the pins, there is the fat/flat part that is supposed to sit flush in the earpiece. Apply a small piece of tape to the side that does not have the raised groove (one side is flat, one side has a groove). You should now have a very tight fit, and since the tape will be inside of the assembled IEM/connector, it is also invisible.
Can anyone tell me what the best foam replacement tips are? I need some new ones but don't know which ones will fit.
Loose cable connection (particularly on right earpiece) Probably already addressed elsewhere, but just in case... If you have the loose connection problem, there is a simple fix, by applying a small piece of electrical tape... At the cable's connection, right above the pins, there is the fat/flat part that is supposed to sit flush in the earpiece. Apply a small piece of tape to the side that does not have the raised groove (one side is flat, one side has a groove). You should now have a very tight fit.
I'm interested in buying this but the $30 upgrade cable is sold out. And from the reviews I've read, the default cable is a piece of junk. What are my options? I'll be primarily using with laptop & iPhone for music & receiving calls.
I bought a Null Audio Arete. They make cheaper ones than that, but I've been happy with the cable.
I love these headphones! They are comfortable and sound great.
Has anyone re-shelled their MD+? They're relatively comfortable already, but my ear canals are oddly shaped as a result of some surgery many years ago, and haven't been able to get a great fit in my right ear...
Does anyone have an issue with a loose socket (only on the right iem)? With the cable plugged in I'm able to move the connector + socket in/out around 0.2mm. Is this just a tolerance issue or was the socket being glued in and the glue broke?
My MD+ IEM is up for sale. Recently bought, used for 2-3 days(mostly burn in and 2-3hrs of actual listening). Let me know if anyone is interested. Reason for selling: Found my old pair of IEMs and trying to reduce expenditure.
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Thanks a lot. I will post it on reddit.
email me, interested.
I just received my massdrop + IEMS
Testing with my setup 1) PC -> Kingrex UD384 -> Hippo Pipe amp 2) Samsung S8+ direct out
It sounds stuffy and harsh - is it due to the output impedance?
I just received my pair. When I plug them into my DAC/Amp after around 30 seconds the sound cuts out completely. After going to unplug them, an electric charge thats powereful enough to shock me can be felt around the base of the cable where 3.5 mm male connector is located. I tested all of my other headphones to confirm that my amp wasn't the issue, and i had zero issues with them. This ileads me to believe it's these headphones, i think i received defective cable with them.
Does anyone know if Massdrop would be willing to send me a replacement cable, or if I'll have to bite the bullet and purchase a replacement out of pocket? If the latter is true, anyone have any recommendations for an after market replacement?
I believe massdrop will offer you option of full refund, cable replacement or $50 refund as one of user received faulty cable too. I dont have any recommendation for cable though.
I am having a hard time finding devices which can accurately play music on this because of the issue mentioned by many that the IEMs sound darker when output is > 1ohm. Is there anyway to get around this problem? I really want to use this with an Activo CT 10
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I have read that an IFI iEMatch could solve that. Though, I can't tell you firsthand if it actually makes a difference. Here is the source that I am referring to:
OMG Thanks a ton for sharing that info, I never knew such a device existed!!!!
Can someone please compare these to the sennheiser ie80s? It sounds like both are compelling options and I can't choose.
Definitely these. ie80s bass boost is not natural and vocal sound muddy. Massdrop is like an overall improvement of it.
Does anyone know of any ways to make the cables fit more snug into the IEMs? Mine kept detaching with the stock cable, and they continue to do so even after I've switched to Null Audio cables.
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Those look like spin fit tips. I think I'm going to get some rounded up for these while I wait for them to ship. What size does MD+ take?
Anyone else having issues applying the foam tips? I tried twisting and pushing them in but they just won't fit. I'm scared of proceeding any further since there are signs of tear already.
Yeah, they are a pain to get on. They fit, but it just take a lot of effort and some luck to get it on. You just have to push and twist at a slight angle until it finally goes through.
I bought these a little over a month ago. Just over a week ago, I messaged support about my included cable dissembling itself in my headphone port. As in, the tip came off the head of the jack and left me with what you see in the picture. No break, just...came apart. Anyway, I still haven't heard anything back. I did get an automated response saying it's been forwarded to the specialist team, but that was 6 days ago. I reached back out to today in hopes that someone would reply but I've got no response yet again. I'm sure I'm not the only one with cable construction issues. Bonus pic: My daughter rocking the HD6XX cans that I love and are my daily drivers when I'm not in the go :)

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Did you notice any wobbling/looseness like I did before your socket (To clarify when I pull in or out the connector I can hear a click and under close inspection can see the socket shifting) came out because if it's really an issue with the glue and if nothing has changed with the manufacturing process a replacement would be only a stopgap solution. So far what's preventing my socket from coming out completely is the plastic notch on the housing in the socket area. Top view of housing: _________ |___/\___| And have you've noticed any issues with your replacement unit or is everything solid so far?
Occasionally there would be a slight creaking noise in the faulty one, but structurally it seemed fine as there wasn't any wobbling or looseness to it and therefore I didn't mind it until it popped out with the cable. The replacement I got appears to be perfectly fine so far though but I guess we'll see later down the road considering my original MD+ was from the first batch and this one appears to be from a newer one considering the packaging and accessory changes. On that note, I don't think it is too common an issue considering I've only ever seen two where this even was an issue and now three including yours but it is annoying regardless.
Anyone heard both massdrop plus and Astell & Kern Billie Jean? Which one is better?
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Thanks for telling us. MD Plus it is then :)
You're welcome. I will get md plus too.
Is there an ETA for the Bluetooth cable yet? Will we be able to buy it separately?