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Massdrop Plus Universal IEMs

Massdrop Plus Universal IEMs

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Hitting the Balance Point… ­
Which one? As many as possible!

Happy Path: My personal history is that I rediscovered headphone listening in 2009, organized local meets, became the Ultimate Ears Ambassador to for a time, and now I get to work with audiophile gear every day at Massdrop.

Not-Very-Audiophile Confession: What led me to was spotting a cool-looking pair of shiny headphones on someone at an airport in Japan and wanting to buy a pair.

I never did find out what that exact pair of headphones was, but I did find a great new headphone. My next super audiophile move was to…buy some HiFiMAN RE-0 in-ear monitors. Loved them but yanked too hard on the cable and lost the left channel. Shopping around for a replacement, I decided to try for extra bass since some people thought the RE-0 were a bit “bass-light”. (Bass insecurity is a thing.) I proceeded to overdo it by buying the Sennheiser IE8 (clublife) and then vowed to go for a neutral monitor. Not too bright, not too bassy, can I find “just right”???

Everyone who knows me in the community knows that I am a big Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor (UERM) fan. I got one of the first pairs as soon as they released and still love them to this day. Many of us think that sound signature is one of the very best and if you had to choose just one headphone or IEM, that would easily be a top 5 pick. The UERM signature plus some sub-bass is fairly viewed as a vision for the “perfect” reference monitor. But would that be the “perfect listening monitor” for most people? Many of us UERM owners have the desire for a complimentary IEM. One that is a bit more lush in the low end in addition to extending lower.

We started this project with the goal of making the perfect reference monitor. We started with a base tuning similar to the Etymotic ER4SR and Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor. Then we looked to add the sub-bass extension. And we really wanted to keep the price to $299.99 so it would be affordable to more people. After a year and a half of experimenting, we got to the point where we achieved elevated but flat bass from the upper bass to the sub-bass with a very clear, flat, and connected midrange (except for a nice little dip in the annoying sibilance region and an extra bump in the presence region to balance the bass).

We’re all at the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Colorado right now, where Jude Mansilla from has organized a big CanJam event. As soon as possible, we’ll get some graphs up on the page. The graphs will show elements of today’s best monitors in the Plus frequency response and the sound has been subjectively described as very musical, clear and fun, with no annoying peaks. It’s a lot of sound, but I can turn ‘em up and not get fatigued. There’s rumble while watching movies but super clear dialog.

This balance of driver characteristics, price, performance, technicalities, flat response, fun sound, and frequency range extension made us freeze this design. If you HAD to only pick only one in-ear monitor or headphone, we hope this would be in your top picks…at any price.
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me too , i just joined the drop last night there will be notification right when the cable is available
and do you have a suggestion Know,
is the Massdrop plus better then the Westone UM 30 PRO
Is that cable ever coming back in stock, or can one of the audiophiles here recommend a better one so that I can buy separately and make my order? Been waiting for a while to place now. Thanks.
CEE_TEE hi, i just want to as whether the inside of the earphone is hollow or solid?
The shells are not filled in...the bass drivers are vented.
A few designs have the shell filled in, but drivers mounted in a hollow shell is the norm.
how long will it ships to Malaysia ?
Just want to know because I want to expect its arrival
if I have to wait for months then unfortunately not a choice
It ships in 2-3 days after you join. so, depending on the courier they use it might take around 2-4 weeks. I live in Australia and it usually takes around that time.
Just bought these second hand. I tried my friends and these seem like the bass just isn’t there. Is it possible to blow out an iems?

seller full disclosure said he connected to 4ohm output amp (dragonfly red) at full volumn.
i know dynamic drivers blow out but I thought bas were more durable?
Cause for concern?
This pair versus this very well received pair of BA IEMs (

w/o being able to listen to either, it's tough and massdrop returns are so painful and slow I consider any product I buy here final.
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Thanks for this. Judging by the DR chart alone, it would seem this pair a tad strong in the 10k-20k FR, In fact would seem treble is more responsive than the bass. I'm super treble sensitive and seeing that curve is sort off-putting to me. Not a criticism of these IEM, just the type of listener I am.
On the stock single flange sillicone tips some tracks do have sibilance. i stuck to using the supplied double flange tips and never had an issue with shouty vocals, or sibilance pierce.

Running them through a player w <2ohm impedence, they sound good to me. anything above that level of impedence makes the sound too warm for my liking.
Where can I get these foam ear tips That comes with Massdrop plus IEM?
Give me some info on two options. Thinking of this OR the Noble Kaiser 10 Custom. 1000 dollar difference..

I am NOT an audiophile but like good sound. Budget is not an issue here but do not like to spend more money than I should.

I like my P7 wireless, I like my HD6XX more but Edition X V2 is my first choice.

Why but this OR Noble Kaiser 10 Custom?
Pro and cons?

Not looking for end-game but want to buy a set of portables that I will really like for years. Music taste is as random it can be. Woman vocals maybe a little more on playlist but likes Metallica, symphonies and bass as well.
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My friend owned a kaiser 10 universal. Sounding wise is exceptionally good on female vocals and being good on the others. My only problem with it is it is somewhat bright. Turns out to be the poor cable quality, change it and you will be fine. Another issue worth mentioning is how sensitive it is to your source output (DAC/AMP). Normal laptop aux or mobile phone will have noticeable hissing noise.

Kaiser 10 and MD+ both are really different in sound signature. And if you are looking for a earphone that suits to your listening, an audition is highly recommended. My friend who love his kaiser 10 now dont really like andromeda or UE 18+. TOTL earphones are really all comes down to your own preferences than technical terms. But since you are using HD6XX, i assume you will like the kaiser 10 more.
Forgot one detail - primary use on the go. But sometimes connected to iFi black at home. No portable dap yet, but maybe in future, iphone 7+ will be used often.
Just be careful to grasp the IEM itself when pulling these out of your ear. Don’t use the cable. The cable detaches VERY easily. I’m getting a new cable from 64 that hopefully stays in a little more securely. It sounds great though.
These look exactly like the ultimate ears from a few years back
I just received my Massdrop Plus IEMs, and they sound great so far. However there seems to be a problem with pinging in the right driver shell. It's not the normal low pitched microphonic rumblings that I'm used to, but a higher pitched ping from inside the shell itself just like the sound a wonky mechanical keyboard switch makes. It's noticeable when touching the shell when it's in my ear, very noticeable when tapping the shell, and to a lesser extent it pings alongside cable microphonics. The left side doesn't ping, it only makes the normal low pitched microphonic sounds. Is this something I should contact support about, or is this pinging normal? I couldn't find anything about a ping sound in iem shells when I searched for it, and it seems like an issue because it's only on one side. Thanks.
Turns out this was a defect in the right driver. I discussed with a member of the engineering support team who was very helpful and able to resolve things for me.