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Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chair

Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chair

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This update is for members who joined the drop from November 17 - December 7.

Updated 3/19:
Hi Everyone,
The Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chairs have arrived at the warehouse and the team is wrapping up quality control checks. The chairs are starting to ship and we expect all orders to leave the warehouse by tomorrow (March 20).
Thank you all for your patience with this drop and the delay. We're looking forward to everyone receiving the Aero Gaming Chair!
Updated 3/15:
Hi Everyone,

We have an update on the Aero Gaming Chairs. Unfortunately the chairs did not arrive at the warehouse today and therefore we will not meet our estimated ship date of March 16.

Our logistics team informed us that the chairs got held up at the port and are now expected to arrive next week. We apologize for this additional delay and we are working with the warehouse to prioritize this shipment as soon as it arrives. We have also added a $10 coupon to your account, which will be automatically applied to the next drop you join.

We know you’re likely just as disappointed as we are, and we’re very sorry for the additional delay. We’ll provide an update on Monday (Mar. 19) with the status of the shipment.

Updated 3/14:
Hi Everyone,
I have an update on the Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chairs. The chairs are still in transit to our warehouse and they are expected to arrive tomorrow afternoon. We wanted to give everyone a heads up that the timeline will be tight, and we’ll be cutting it close for all units to ship on March 16.
The chairs experienced a delay in transit and they are now arriving at our warehouse later than initially expected. We are still aiming to have all units ship on March 16, and we’re working with the warehouse to prioritize this.
We apologize for this potential slight delay, and we’ll provide an update at the end of the day tomorrow (March 15) with the latest information.

Updated 2/21:
Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chair. Unfortunately there was a delay in production, and the chairs are now being prepared for shipment to our warehouse in New Jersey. Given the delay we now expect the chairs to arrive in mid March. Once they arrive at our warehouse they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. If all goes well in these stages we expect to ship the chairs by March 16.
We know you’re likely just as disappointed as we are, and we’re sorry for the additional delay. We’re doing what we can to get a final, quality gaming chair your way as quickly as possible. If you prefer to cancel your order please reach out to our Community Support team via the transactions tab (
We’ll provide an update on March 14 with the current status.
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Appreciate all of the communication you've been putting out for the drop - it's super appreciated. Now to attempt to forget that this is coming so I don't anxiously wait for tracking info...
They fell behind and their QC must be pretty thorough . I just bought some of those "trackers" from AMAZON and outta 50, 2 worked. It is frustrating BUT.... look at the bright side. They saved you days of headaches, a ship back and wait for a another. Honesty rings good to me "we fucked up" .. THANK YOU and clean up the ship.
Whenever I see a drop for these things, I can't help wondering to myself: "just how fast are these chairs?"
This chair sits quite high for me (I like to sit a bit lower). Any suggestions to get this chair down?
I an considering getting this chair but am worried it will be to big for me. I am 5'6" and 160lbs.
Should I look for a smaller chair or do you think this is a good fit?
I have this chair, but I didn't get it on Massdrop. It's not very ergonomic, but it is definetely more comfortable than your average office chair.

I would probably save your money and get something else instead.
Hey everyone,

This is my first time using Massdrop as well my very first Gaming Chair. This past year has been an exciting dive into the world of high end pc gaming. My first mechanical keyboard, my first built PC with the help of friends, and now a chair marketed for this niche. I'm excited for its arrival, not for the aesthetic, not for the hype, but because I see potential for comfort in a reasonable price range with quality in mind.
so how long does the shipping take?
Maybe a dumb question, but just want to confirm: This "no tilt" option DOES tilt, it just doesn't lock? I tend to like rocking back and forth in my current chair, so I don't want to give that up. I don't use a tilt lock now, so this should OK, no?
It tilts and tilt locks. The left side handle does it.
Yeah I have had it since the weekend and figured out the rocking part. I didn't even bother to play with the left handle though, so thank you for that! :)
Do this chair have a tilt lock feature? It seems in past drops there are two versions, but there is only one this time.
I got one two weeks ago and it does have tilt lock, but it also has a minimum height of 2" higher than spec (19.5")
Given there is comment about this chair's minimum height being 19", much higher than the specified 17.3", can someone clarify the ACTUAL RANGE of seat height?
I'm late to this, but it is around 19.5" to 23.5". The seat does squish a little when you sit, but not a meaning full amount. Maybe half an inch. I have a pic of the minimum height with my review.
I have 28“ of clearance underneath my desk. Will this chair slide underneath when the armrests and seat are in their lowest position?
If you move the arms down it might (it is 26" to the arms at all minim height,) but if you fit in the chair having the arms all the way down will be way too low. With the arms about half way and the seat height all the way down mine is just over 28"
This chair vs secretlabs titan? I’m 6’1 240lbs
I would recommend this chair over the secretlabs titan. The colors on this chair should be more neutral for your setup, while the titan is limited to three color options (not the best ones, in my opinion). Also, the weight capacity is higher on this chair. Honestly, it would really depend on your preferences.