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This update is for members who joined the drop from November 17 - December 7.
Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chair. Unfortunately there was a delay in production, and the chairs are now being prepared for shipment to our warehouse in New Jersey. Given the delay we now expect the chairs to arrive in mid March. Once they arrive at our warehouse they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. If all goes well in these stages we expect to ship the chairs by March 16.
We know you’re likely just as disappointed as we are, and we’re sorry for the additional delay. We’re doing what we can to get a final, quality gaming chair your way as quickly as possible. If you prefer to cancel your order please reach out to our Community Support team via the transactions tab (
We’ll provide an update on March 14 with the current status.
Hey Everyone,
Gaming Chairs appeared on Massdrop polls in 2014. These polls quickly gained traction and lead to many successful drops on a great variety of brands and models.
In my opinion, these chairs became popular for the following reasons.
1. They're comfy. While most desirable office chairs are designed to maintain correct posture, they're not great for lounging. These racing chairs with thick foam, lay-flat reclining, and included cushions are the la-z-boys of the “office furniture” world.

2. They look pretty cool. While the colorways are usually loud and decidedly “gamer", the form of these chairs inspires a more cockpit-like experience. When you spend all day at an office, do you wanna go home and sit in another office chair at another desk? Or do you want to get into the cockpit of your battlestation? I'd take the latter, and that's what the design of these chairs inspires.

3. They're affordable. Where a top tier office (task) chair will run $800-$1200, a top tier Gaming Chair caps out around $400. These chairs make even more sense when you consider the generally unimpressive task chair options around $300 vs the gaming chair options at the same level. With gaming chairs, it usually feels like your money goes a lot further when it comes to comfort and immersion in your entertainment (cockpit point above).

These are the reasons gaming chairs became such a staple in our Tech community, but with every wave of popularity comes a wave of feedback. After selling thousands of Gaming Chairs, we've also seen thousands of discussion posts from community members detailing their experience with these products. These are the themes we extracted from thousands of discussion posts, hundreds of support tickets, and dozens of community reviews:
1. Build quality is generally an issue. Many brands seem to put aesthetics first and robust components second. Whether it's a cracked base because the alloy mixture was poorly toleranced, or a broken caster because they didn't test it against the weight rating of the gas spring, it's ultimately a lack of attention to detail that creates most of these problems.

2. Material quality is generally an issue. Low quality PU Leather (there's a huge spectrum), low quality plastics, and low quality foam are all things we regularly hear about. The tough thing about all of these problems is that you can't (or it's incredibly hard to) tell from pictures, and the related problems don't manifest in the first couple months of use. Because you can't tell from the pictures, buyers don't know, and it usually won't come up in reviews because they're generally not testing for multiple months before posting. For those reasons companies don't see an immediate impact on sales and the practices that produce these problems continue.

3. The colorways... nobody really likes them. They're tolerated, but nobody on Massdrop is posting about how excited they are for bright red, neon blue, and lime green furniture.

Understanding what our community likes about these chairs (comfort, form, affordability) and what they don't (poor build, cheap materials, loud colors), we approached AKRacing (the brand with the highest overall approval for gaming chairs on Massdrop) to create the Aero. A gaming chair built to the exacting standards our community demands, using top tier materials, and presented in a black on black colorway you won't regret when friends come over.
Diving into the details, where the foam in most gaming chairs is formed in a generic block and later carved into chair shapes, the foam in the Aero is Cold Molded. This means each foam piece is poured into it’s own mold and cold cured, creating a much denser and structurally sound foam piece. Where carved foam will start to degrade after 12-18 months, cold molded foam will maintain it's structure for 5+ years without issue.
Where most gaming chairs are upholstered in low quality PU leather, we decided to use top quality perforated Alcantara on the seat and back of the chair. This grade of Alcantara is traditionally used for the interior of exotic cars (Lambos, Porsches, etc). It feels and looks like suede, but with better wear characteristics and the perforations add breathability in areas that traditionally get the hottest (seat and back). In addition we’ve worked with AKRacing to source a high quality PU leather for the accents and trim that has a similar feel to protein leather (highest grade PU leather).
The Aero has a solid aluminum base (no cheap alloys) with 3” casters spec’d to match the 350lb weight allowance from the Class 4 gas spring. Add the latest in adjustable arm tech and all of this creates a confidence inspiring product that we’re proud to provide warranty coverage for 5x the duration of competing products. The Aero is covered by a five year manufacturer's warranty for the chair (foam, upholstery, etc) and a ten year manufacturer's warranty for the base (metal parts, arms, etc).
The Aero launches on November 21st at 6am PT. The Aero only ships to the contiguous United States so any international customers will have to work with a third party forwarder.
Thanks for your interest in this product and let me know if there’s more info you’d like to see posted : )
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Hey, if it's a product you designed, head over here:

If it's an idea for changes to an existing product, make a poll for it to see if others are interested in the same idea.
Hi Will. A few questions about this chair.
- Is the seat tilt adjustable?
- How does the back tilt lock work? Can it be locked (maximum recline) at multiple positions? How many? Is the tilt back tension adjustable? I find the combination of tension adjustment + fine-grained maximum recline locks usually works best.
- What kind of casters are used? Usually hardwood-safe casters don't work well on carpets and vice versa.
- Is this appropriate for someone ~5'10" and ~155 lbs?
- Is the minimum/maximum seat height measurement to the bottom of the seat cushion or the top side of the seat cushion?
This update is for members who joined the drop from November 17 - December 7.

Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x AKRacing Aero Gaming Chair. The tilt-locking chairs are making their way through production and we’re on track to ship at the end of February. We’ll update everyone in mid February with the status of the shipment.
Reminder that all drop participants have three options:

1) Wait to receive the tilt-locking chairs, which will be available to ship at the end of February.
2) Receive the non-tilt locking chair, which we can ship to you by the end of next week.
3) Cancel your order and receive a full refund. We will also issue a $25 credit to your Massdrop account, which can be used on future orders.

Thank you to everyone who has already written in with their preference. If you haven’t reached out to community support yet, please let us know which option you prefer so that we can best assist you. You can reach out to community support via your transactions page:
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Oh, I understood that part - I was considering just getting a NEW CHAIR basically. like, the entire assembly that screws to the bottom.
Q: is there any way I can purchase just the part that will make it into a tilt-lock chair

You had asked avery that exact question lol, was just responding to it.
Although I was aware that this chair lacked tilt or tilt-lock before purchase, I'm struck by how important this feature seems now that I have the chair and realize what I'm missing. I've read the posts about the reason for the no-tilt-lock chairs, and that tilt-lock chairs will be available in late February, so I wonder if it's possible to have the feature available for people who purchased the chair from the original (discounted) inventory. For example, structure the drop to have the tilt-lock capable base be an option on top of the original chair with a surcharge, as well as having the ability to join the drop without the chair, just for the tilt-lock base at a price at or over the surcharge cost? This would also allow Massdrop to try to sell any remaining no-tilt-lock inventory in the same drop as the new chairs, assuming there is old inventory remaining.
just got mine but i really don't like how flat the bottom cushion is. it just looks and feels out of place without the lip, it ruins the look. on the other hand i have to say this is probably the only gaming chair on the market that actually looks good(except for the lower cushion) and the alcantara is so nice feeling compared to leather office chairs.
i would love to see the option to revert to the normal bottom if people who already have the chair want to trade it out since it would just be a bolt in replacement that i {and others} would love to see especially for an item that has a long life span.
What does it mean by no tilt option on the item description? Really considering to buy this chair right now, but I'm not sure what it means.
The chair will tilt however, it will not lock in a tilted position.
Joined the drop on 2/13, said on drop page estimated shipping date 2/16, confirmation email said 2/19, fedex says 2/21. Not real crazy about getting it asap but would like to know when to expect it. Anyone confirm expected ship date for CA?
When will the tilt option make a return? :)
Ordered on 2/10 sitting in it on 2/13. Arrived in perfect shape ,works and looks great. I'll use it for a while and maybe post an update.
I ordered this chair without the tilt lock, and I'm not sure I want to keep it. I feel misled because there was no option to select it with tilt lock. I do not see another drop for the chair with tilt lock. Has anyone else run into this?
The first run was in november (I think), it was advertised as having tilt-lock.
Then they placed the order, manufacturing started (completed?), and it had no tilt-lock.
Massdrop gave everyone in the original drop the option of getting the no tilt chair immediately, waiting for the tilt, or getting a refund.
These new drops are clearing out inventory of the no tilt chairs they ordered.
We are available to answer any questions or concerns you may have at;
Would love to see videos and pictures of your guys' chairs, it definitely seems worth the price tag but is this really worth the extra ~$100
When will the tilt lock version be available? I wanna order one already.
Is this chair good for someone who is 6"7"?
Due to your height I would recommend the Pro or Max models.