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Oh boy... Where do I start?? The journey, the designer, or the amp?

As an enthusiast myself, the coolest thing at Massdrop is getting to work with and know the people who make our favorite stuff. I’ve had the privilege of being able to speak with and learn from Alex Cavalli over the past year while working on this new amp with him. I understand more about the design decisions in amplifiers and what’s possible given different goals and constraints. (Though Alex would probably half-joke that “it still isn’t much”.)

Entry-level End-game Amp? Is that a category?

This project started out as a conversation to take a community-favorite DIY amp engineered by a community-favorite designer and make it accessible at an entry-level pricepoint. But when the prototype arrived, it had been completely re-worked by Alex. In comparison to the original Compact Tube Hybrid, it was a whole new amp. Sticking to the original vision, we worked toward the most accessible pricepoint possible while keeping the high-end sound that Alex passed down from his more expensive and more powerful amps. The amp needed to be audiophile-approved, more affordable, and simple to use. It also deserved a nice chassis, one that has some room in it and some stackability…

I’m sure there will be a lot more discussion these next few weeks. We’re working with Alex to have some information for those interested regarding the differences between the Compact Tube Hybrid and the Cavalli Tube Hybrid. Alex happens to have some travel during the drop so we may have a Q&A session where we’ll collect questions and Alex will answer them during the second half of the drop.

This is an important step for Massdrop, it marks the evolution of our ability to work with the best partners and designers to bring you the best versions of products for our communities. Each one of these collaborations is the result of our coming together to keep growing and moving our hobby forward.

Thanks for your participation!

EDIT 8/12/17: Here is a link if you are interested in the differences between the original COMPACT Tube Hybrid and the new CAVALLI Tube Hybrid.
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Looking forward to it!
I'd also love to see pictures! Only two months left...
CEE_TEE I regretfully missed this drop (new to Massdrop), and wanted to know if the CTH will likely drop again in the near future. I'm a huge fan of Alex's work, and would love to add the CTH to the collection. Is there a backup/waiting list for missed drops such as this one?
Fortunately for most massdrop collaborations, after the first order has shipped they typically have a second order which ends each day and ships fairly quickly.
Haven't heard anything for a while, is this still on time?
Just a couple more weeks, but hoping for an early surprise, :)
Is it February yet!!!??
I'm also willing to "take" someones order if they are no longer interested. It appears Massdrop isn't allowing transfers on the site but feel free to message me and we can figure something out once the drop has shipped.
I might be interested. Is it still available?
does anyone know if we will see more drops in the future?
others that want to cancel their order i can take these out of your hands. perhaps massdrop can allow an order transfer or something?
message me if you changed your mind and want to give up your spot.

I'm in on this drop but am no longer interested in this unit. If someone wants to take over my order let me know, I'm sure Massdrop support can arrange an order transfer.
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Sorry I posted earlier that massdrop won’t allow a transfer or for anyone to take over a spot.
I see. (must have been in another conversation?) Ah well - on to buy somewhere else then. cheers
it‘s Possible to connect Mojo ‘s dac to CTH ?
Yes, when you turn on the mojo hold down all of the buttons and it will activate line out mode, just plug a 3.5 mm to rca cable into the headphone out and you're good go.
Any updates on how it's going with the production of this?
Saw this post and thought people would be interested.
Dear Friends,
It is with a heavy heart that I would like to inform everyone that Cavalli Audio will be closing its doors on October 31, 2017.
I have been involved with this community for a long time and am forever grateful that I could play a part in the evolution of both the hobby and community since 2000. I have been privileged to watch and be part of the growth of a niche of dedicated headphone listeners, always in pursuit of better sound. I recall many conversations about how to improve sound and produce a better overall experience through headphone listening. This community has spurred much innovation in headphones, headphone amplifiers, and associated gear. Some of this innovation is now part of the products we can buy off the shelf. Truly something to be proud of, as few industries have been this influenced by the members of its community.
For my part, I have been fortunate to create amplifiers that most people seem to really like. I am grateful for the support for these amps and for our fantastic customers.
The reasons for ending CA are purely personal. I have been semi-retired during the life of Cavalli Audio and had always intended to pass along the baton once I had been able to establish a robust company with excellent products. I have been looking for such a partnership for some time now and have, unfortunately, not been able to form a reliable partnership with anyone to continue my legacy and at this point, there are a number of things more demanding of my time, including an ever-increasing collection of grandchildren.
I have worked to keep certain aspects (the best aspects) of CA alive after the end of the company.
The first part of this has been the work with Massdrop (as most of you are aware) to continue to make Cavalli designs available at affordable prices. When I was still considering moving forward with CA I had begun to create an entire line of lower cost, but still great sounding amplifiers. Though there are no certain plans beyond the CTH and Carbon, with any luck a few more of these new ideas can be made available through MD.
With the closing of the company, all warranties will expire. I realize that this will concern many, but the amplifiers will continue to be supported by a reputable service and repair facility. To ensure this support, Avenson Audio has agreed to continue servicing CA amps. Avenson has done final assembly for every big CA amp and currently do all the repairs to CA amps. Current owners will be in good hands if such a need arises. A link to their website is on the CA website.
I know that this news may come as a shock to many while others might have anticipated this transition. I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years. I love this community and its passion for all things headphone and have been made to feel part of its extended family. My obligations to my own family, however must take priority at this time.
My thanks to all of you.