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I still have a pair of firsts in chocolate that are 13D that I'm looking to sell. Worn them to the office about 6 or 7 times so they have some light use. Realized they were just too big for my feet.
Of course this dropped while I wasn't checking massdrop and on vacation. So pissed. Been waiting 6 months for this...... Looking for the light brown in 12s.
new here.. whats the starting price for these chukkas when the request is approved?
I'm looking for a pair in snuff or chocolate size 9D, if anyone is seling send me a message..
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Yes, please send me pics and details.
Alright!!! Looking forward to the end of this month when these orders ship. I had originally ordered the Snuff then there were several days when I had debated back and forth with getting the sand colored pair as well. One night I couldn't sleep until I got out of bed to make the purchase. I think that might be called retail addiction... not sure.
Hi All! I am hoping they bring this drop back again. I was looking at the Factory Seconds drop, but they are sold out of the Chocolate Suede in 9 1/2 D. That's the shoe I really want. If anyone bought them from this first drop, and would be interested in unloading them, please let me know. Thanks!
Hello, I am new. I want to know if I’m between uk 7-7.5 with a wide feet. What size size I go for? I’m really confuse with the 3 letter at the back.
I‘m usually a 9 and I have a little bit of wide feet and high arches. I bought these in the previus drop (size9) and where significantly narrow on me.
I just bought again these in 8.5 EEE (extra wide). Hopefully they are good now. For reference I’m size 8 UK in carmina robert rain and soller
Anyone has this pair of AE Chukka in Snuff, size 8D without any defects?? Interested in this pair but I missed the first drop and this is factory second. If yes, contact me through my email,
Hi I do have a pair of Snuffs 8D from the first drop if youre still interested.
Can you send me your offer to my email?? Thank you so much.
If I hadn't just bought the Astorflex equivalent of these, I'd be in. AE seconds are probably a quarter of my shoe collection.
Good little brand, Astorflex.
I have their Countryflex "boot" and love it.
I would love to purchase a pair, but my size (9.5 E) is not available in any of the color options. Too bad! Please, Massdrop, do another run of this boot or similar with AE!
I'm a 6.5 EEE in the Mora 2.0 Monk Straps, found a 7.5 D...gonna hope it works.
Please let me know if it works for you!
Dango, my pair arrived and turned out to be a 7.5 EEE. There is the slightest bit of room in the toe area but they definitely work ! Actually the perfect pair for me based on how these fit probably would be a 7EEE; seeing as that size was never made available, these would have been my only option anyway. 7D would likely not work with how narrow they are so glad I didn’t pull the trigger on the seconds. What people have been saying is true- the last seems narrow but a touch shorter overall so TTS or half to one size up if you have a wide foot. Hope this helps.
Really wish there was a size 6...