Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Unlined Chukka Bootsearch

Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Unlined Chukka Boot

Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Unlined Chukka Boot

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I got in on the drop back in July. Has anyone started to see theirs ship yet?
I just received an email today that they’re being shipped to the warehouse now and will be shipped out by the end of this month
What? No chocolate? *Again*?
Can anyone share the recommended color for edge dressing for these? I would like to keep the color as close to original as possible (Chocolate from an earlier drop, but it seems that part is the same color for all of them).

Thank you!
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The 'polish' for the edges of the sole. Mine have a decent scuff in them. Thank you!
Allen Edmonds has a natural aka clear dressing for the soles.
What is the size for Edward Green Last 202 Size 7.5/8 ?
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Why isn't chocolate part of the drop this time? (And why wasn't olive green part of the drop on the Loake Pimlico recently?)
Has olive ever been offered before?

Deciding between snuff and olive. olive is way cooler, but snuff is way more versatile.

Is there any way to know how many pairs of each color is left?
I'm looking for a Chocolate in size 9 if anyone has them from the last run(Original or Seconds, doesn't matter)...thanks!
Anyone selling the Snuff in 9D? They ran half a size too big for me in the last run.
If there is a limit on the navy colorway does that mean it's going to be a draw for the people who joined the drop? sorry for the stupid question its just my first time and in love with the navy colorway.
They will make the option unavailable when the correct number are sold
Alrighty thank you! Went for the Navy pair.
Will these drops ever come in size 16 US Mens? (49-50 Euro, 15.5 UK, ~32cm)
probably not as your size is outside the average
I think the only shoes AE offers in a 16 are built on the 65 last, which includes their most popular models. I wear a 15 and have a hard time finding shoes so I can imagine how hard finding 16s are.
LOVE that olive color.
so, which sizing is this going by? I need a 43.5 in EU size (or around 27CM)... but online I find conflicting measurements. Sometimes US10 is what I need, sometime US10.5... which one would I want here? (at least width I know I need a D)
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ok, thanks :) Helps to know which sizing is most common :)
I would go with slightly larger size