Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Unlined Chukka Bootsearch
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Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Unlined Chukka Boot

Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Unlined Chukka Boot

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Massdrop employees, because these are being built to order is it possible to place an order where the left or right shoe is a half size larger than the other? For instance, left 10d and right 10.5d?
Any chance I can get clarification on sizing? I have a pair of Daltons in 9.5D which are a bit big. I think I should get a 9E since this is the same last... but the available widths are only D and Triple E? Is that because E just isn't available, or is EEE a decent option in this shoe for someone with E width?

If your Brannock measure is truly 9E, I wouldn't advise buying EEE as that would be much too wide. The limited width options might be a result of production limitations since this is a custom makeup, though I don't know for sure.
$200+ No way... Red wing & Clarks has chukkas for way less.....
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a) Construction method and b) materials. Nearly all of Clark's models use cemented construction rather than Goodyear, Blake or Stitchdown. This limits your ability to resole and therefore the longevity of the boots. And the leather Clark's uses, across the board, is lower quality. Not the worst out there but not comparable to the leather AE sources. Clark's does have a premium line of GYW footwear but pricing is on par with Allen Edmonds retail.
Yeah but what makes the leather in clarks lower quality in material. Is it thinner leather or treated with harsh chemicals that makes it worse? Everyone i know that buys AE never keeps them long enough for longetivity they've already bought new ones...
Hi everyone, I've noticed some questions about whether the stitching is tonal or contrasting and I'm happy to help. The olive, chocolate and snuff color options will have contrasting stitching, whereas the navy and sand color options will have tonal stitching. I hope this clears things up!
Not signing up until there is some clarification on the stitching. Is it tonal or contrasting?
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Hi Codysch123.

Happy to help answer this for you. We confirmed the olive Chukka has muted brown stitching (contrasting) and the navy Chukka has blue stitching (tonal). I hope that clears things up!
Message from MD: " The drop page pictures are correct and the olive chukka boots will have brown stitching. We apologize for any confusion with this. I let our drop page team know and hopefully we can get that updated soon. "
Could someone from Allen Edmonds or Massdrop comment on the issue of the contrast stitching of the Olive Chukka's?

Several people would like to know which they'll be receiving with this order.
Message from MD: " The drop page pictures are correct and the olive chukka boots will have brown stitching. We apologize for any confusion with this. I let our drop page team know and hopefully we can get that updated soon. "
I wear a 9.5D in AE Higgins Mill boot which is the 1757 last. Should I order the same size in this shoe?
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My Brannock measure is 10D, but I had to size down for Higgins Mill. My feet are weirdly shaped though. Narrow at the heels and wide forefoot.
The 1757 is more robust ('duckbilled') than the 511, which is a bit more shapely. My best advice is go TTS for the 511, it's a comfortably snug fit for me.

I can't find the sizes available. Is there a 6.5e or double e?
Click join drop and there's a drop-down for size before you actually sign up.
Can I use this as a sizing guide?
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Hmm, fully E or on the wider side of D? I don't want to advise you and not have it work out, so you'll have to use your best judgement. I'll just say this:

* People who have differently sized feet will usually go with the larger size and use an insole or pad for smaller foot.
* However, most shoes and boots use stiffer leather and are also lined. These chukka are unlined suede and are very pliable. The leather gives as much as it reasonably can, and the lacing structure is rather accommodating.
* I'm 8D (on the wider side, almost E) and sized true for these chukka.
Thanks bhav.
Looking at other photos taken, the right foot is close to D when width bar slide firmly to the edge of the foot. What do you think?