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Massdrop x Apogee Vital 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Massdrop x Apogee Vital 8-Inch Chef's Knife

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Hi everyone, We’re checking in to let you know the Massdrop x Apogee Vital 8-Inch Chef's Knife is wrapping up production. In the next few weeks the knives will be shipped to our warehouse in New Jersey where they will be prepared for shipment.
We’re on track to meet our new estimated ship date of late June, and we’ll reach out again in a few weeks to give any final updates.
Good morning everyone! Thanks for checking out the drop, I will be available to answer any questions throughout the day. If you're interested in learning more about the knife skills demo that's being offered as perk to anyone who joins this drop, here's some info about Kitchen on Fire ( and the two chefs and instructors who will be helping with the video demo.

KITCHEN ON FIRE: Founded in 2005, Kitchen on Fire is located in Berkeley’s Epicurious Garden, an expansion and continuation of the gourmet cuisine legacy started by Alice Waters at Chez Panisse more than 30 years ago.Our mission is to help you integrate food that is both good and good for you into your life. When we succeed, you are better equipped to gift yourself good food and health for the rest of your life."

OLIVIER SAID: Prior to opening KoF in March 2006, Olivier Said spent eight years as an owner and bar managerfor Berkeley’s popular Cesar Tapas Bar.  He has also co-authored three books – CESAR: Recipes from a Tapas Bar, named one of the Top 10 Cookbooks of 2003 by Food & Wine magazine, THE BAR: A Spirited Guide to Cocktail Alchemy and the last, Kitchen on Fire: Mastering the Art of Cooking in 12 Weeks (or Less)
Born and raised in France, he is the descendant of at least five generations of restaurateurs dating back to the early 1750s in France. Said began his career at the age of 15 in his mother’s Paris restaurant. He moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980s and worked at Ken Frank’s La Toque, one of the first restaurants in the country to feature California nouvelle cuisine. In 1987, Said returned to Paris and opened his own restaurant, the very popular Texas Coyote, which included three sprawling bars and a night club. It had frequent reviews in the press such as Gault Millau, Vogue, Le Point, Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Monde, Paris Capital magazine, Liberation and Marie Claire. Olivier Said was a regular guest host on the number two national radio station in France, Skyrock, live from his restaurant.

MAT WERTLEIB: Growing up in a family full of chefs and kosher caterers in New Jersey, Mat Wertlieb has felt at home in a kitchen since childhood. He first fell in love with the unique culinary scene of the Bay Area while working an externship at One Market Restaurant in 2000. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, he spent a year and a half in Boston’s busiest restaurant, Grill 23, before the pull of Northern California’s food culture drew him back. He has worked for the past decade at some of the most successful restaurants in San Francisco and Berkeley, including Lark Creek Inn, Farallon, Lalimes, and Gather. Trips to Italy and Israel furthered his exposure and passion for the various cuisines of the world. Chef Mat now works part time at Gather restaurant when he is not teaching classes with the Kitchen on Fire team.
Well, i pulled the trigger. After all this debate I really wanna see this thing for myself lol

Plus, had enough ebates credit in my PayPal to bring this down to about $50. Can't go wrong at that price, right?! 😀
The KOF team is very professional and an excellent choice for this. Good job Massdrop!
Hey everyone,

If you check out Massdrop’s Blades and Cooking communities, and almost any blog, forum, review site, YouTube channel etc. devoted to cooking or kitchen knives, you will find a lot of people asking the same question: “I want to start cooking more and I have $100 to $150 to spend on kitchen knives, what should I buy?” And, almost universally, the answer is the same, something like: “Don’t waste your money on a full set of cheaper knives - spend it all on a high-quality 8” chef’s knife, which can do 99% of the things a full set can do just as well, and will last you a lot longer.”

That’s good advice, and served as the inspiration for this project. Members have purchased thousands of knives from our Blades and Cooking communities, but few have been as popular as the Dragon and Dragon Fire series from Apogee Culinary Designs. The basic idea behind this project was to combine these same materials (nitrogen-enriched steel and durable G-10) are known by our community of knife enthusiasts with a classic, utilitarian 8” chef’s knife blade shape that is recommended as the “must-have” knife for any kitchen.

Then, we focused on creating a handle that would be comfortable and easy to hold, while guiding home chefs to use the same pinch grip that professional cooks use in commercial kitchens. While the word “ergonomic” is used to describe a lot of knife handles with sweeping curves, and that’s good for a handle grip, but not always for a pinch grip. The key here is to provide a large surface area for the index finger to rest on, instead of the narrow area of the blade’s spine, which any professional chef will tell you is the cause of the callous that develops on the first joint of the index finger after hours of chopping and slicing.

In addition to the purposefully-designed handle, the Vital 8” Chef’s Knife features Carpenter’s CTS® BD1N Alloy, a nitrogen enriched steel. Although nitrogen-enriched steels are relatively new the cutlery world, they’re already getting rave reviews from industry experts because they offer a tremendous value in terms of price-to-performance. Specifically, they offer a rare combination of hardness and resistance to chipping, even when sharpened to low angles, like 16 degrees per side on this knife. Here are some links to learn more about BD1N steel:
Carpenter -
Zknives . com -

Although G-10 may not be a familiar material in the world of kitchen knives, it’s widely used in high-end folding knives that are popular in our Blades community and with collectors, as well as custom grips for handguns that are popular with the EDC crowd. Originally invented for use in circuit boards because it’s impervious to water and non-conductive, G-10 is a fiberglass resin laminate that’s even stronger than carbon fiber or it’s predecessor, micarta. G-10’s key characteristic for a kitchen knife application is its extraordinary ability to retain shape over time and exposure to the elements; it’s resistant to heat and chemicals, and won’t absorb water. By making the handle from a single piece of G-10, which is fit snugly around the full tand and secured by welding the rear bolster in place, we’ve made the knife even more durable than two scales, which are typically press-fit and glued to the tang.

Please note the changes from our prototype (pictured) to the final version, which were made with help from professional chefs. Ryan Wilson, who supervises the kitchen that serves over 2000 meals per day as Executive Chef at LinkedIn’s San Francisco office, was especially helpful in making these refinements:

* Crowned (rounded) spine for added comfort
* Slimmer handle (20mm down from 22.8mm) for better grip, even with smaller hands
* Shallower taper angle for improved ergonomics, especially where the thumb sits
* Extending the blade’s heel back toward the taper, to keep the index finger on the bolster (instead of the spine) while maintaining full pinch on the blade

Please also note that we will be closing the drop at 10:00 pm on 2/28/18 in order to get a jump on production, and then reopening the drop until 3/15/18 (or while supplies last). The Estimated Ship Date of 5/31/18 will be the same for everyone, regardless of when you join the drop.

We hope that you like the perks being offered, which include a special introductory price that won’t be available in the future, as well as an invitation to join a knife skills demo using this knife with Kitchen on Fire cooking school. Thanks for making this possible!
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If you guys have the aspiration to be the first to use the metal of the old gods to make kitchen knives, by all means go for it! If I am in the production, I will really look into the mass production capacity of the OEM plant, even checking what kind of abrasives they use for the grind, and really pick a number of production samples by random and test the edge retention on cardboard and check if there are random variation. I would also be making specific instruction for the user understand with the great power of these exotic knives also come the responsibility to respect and treat them well :)
Thank you
Hi everyone,
We have an update on the production status of the Massdrop x Apogee Vital 8-Inch Chef’s Knife. Unfortunately we ran into some issues with the mold of the G-10 handle, and because of this we now estimate that the Vital Chef's Knife will ship in late June.
During production we encountered a problem with the handle mold, which caused the handles to crack during assembly. We are now working with the manufacturer to make a new G-10 mold, a process that typically takes 4-6 weeks. Luckily our partners at Apogee, as well as the factory making the knives, were able to shorten this time so we can stay as close to schedule as possible. According to the new timeline, production should be complete around mid June.

We apologize for this delay and we are working the team to get these knives produced and shipped in a timely manner. If you don’t want to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order via the transactions page:
We’ll provide an update in early June with the latest information.
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If the new place isn't way too far from the old place, you could probably rent a mailbox for a couple months and have this shipped there. I rent a mailbox at a UPS store near where I work, I have most things shipped there just because it's convenient, but this is a great reason to rent one temporarily. There are more places than the UPS store that offer mailboxes too, and they're relatively cheap.
Hi I was wondering if there was any update on this as it is early June now. Almost halfway through June actually.
Any updates? I need to cook.... It is early June :)
We'll have an update early next week. Stay tuned!
When is this actually shipping? I ordered several as gifts what seems like months ago. May 31? Ok. Then I saw September something. NOT ok. So when?
The drop ended exactly two months ago, on March14th. I'm not sure where or why you saw September, that's not correct. We got an update from the factory that they had some issues with the mold for the G-10 handle that may cause a delay of 2-3 weeks past our original Estimated Ship Date of May 31st - as with all Massdrop Made products, we will send out an email update to the group at least twice during production, or if anything major changes about the timeline. Sorry for the delay, thanks for picking up a few as gifts and I hope the people who get them are pleased when they arrive.
JonasHeineman can we get an update regarding my previous comment. Somewhat dissatisfying to have all lines of communication stop as soon as the drop is finished...
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Hey thanks for tagging me, we have a lot of drops launching and I do try to scan through most of them but I have to prioritize those which are currently live. We'll be glad to post photos of the production units we get for QC, but I don't have anything new to show the group just yet.
Pics of QC pieces wouod be great. Itd be a good insight as to what well be looking forward to for the most part.
Any chance of a sheath being included for those in the initial drop, like the other Apogee drop?
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Maybe now with the delay, those who don't cancel can get a sheath?
I'd totally pay an extra $15 to have a sheath included as part of my order ;)