Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart Headphones

Massdrop x E-MU Purpleheart Headphones

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do these beat my m220s? wondering if its worth it. I am experimenting with different types of headphones and have figured that I like closed over open.
edit: plan on gaming with them and listening to music
Is the Sensitivity in dB/1Vrms or dB/1mW ?
23.00$ CAD on duties Ontario

Still great price all in all
guys although this one is associated with Creative Aurvana Live! - it still doesn't have the same sound signature, so please search and vote for CAL! drop, because we need to bring it back! :)
I'm going to wind up buying these one night when I'm drunk.
I got a lame joke! I got a lame joke!!! If Foster is the parent company of Fostex, who is the parent company of Foster? Father? *ba-dum-tss*
I just got my pair, they sound quite good and sonically hold up quite well to more expensive headphones. The stock pads are rather small and are bordering on on-ear as opposed to over-ear. I have read that the HM5 pads work well as do Shure 840 and 940 pads. For now it is working great for use with a phone/tablet/NintendoSwitch.
I don't own these..but everything I read about them says on ear so that's not a surprise.

It's also the reason I didn't get these.
Yeah if you have anything resembling average to large ears, these would be way too small to cover. Might be considered over-ear if you have smaller ears. A solid, fun coloured secondary pair nonetheless. They also leak way too much sound to be used in an office.
I just received x E-MU PH yesterday. Cute and light headphones are nice sounding for me, on the warm side but not too much.
For portable use on a smartphone.
OK massdrop, if you can make a version of these with a detachable cable and then perhaps even offer a remote/mic on the cable, I'm all in. Otherwise, sorry.
With this being an decade+ old headphone design I don't necessarily see them changing it now. The Denon D1000, D1001 and Creative Aurvana Live! are the same headphone with minor tweaks. This is a CAL! with PH wood cups that sells for $74.99, pretty thin margins to account for a change in manufacturing process on a line that's been discontinued 3 times already. As long as the price/volume remains right I'm sure Foster won't mind keeping the line open, alterations could be difficult as they've only recently added this to their higher end OEM and in house brands.
I was gonna say. These are Creative Aurvana Live! phones in a different livery. I thought I was crazy.
Will these be suited to be used to monitor a home podcast setup? Any input would be helpful! Thanks in advance.
I cant help but comment on this I am no audiophile but biocellulose diaphragm is that not cardboard and has it not been the cheapest type of diaphragm in use since the first development of mag driven speakers?
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I am now educated thank you EV
You're welcome, I had the same question when I originally purchased a GR07 a few years back.
Are the ear pads replaceable? If so, any recommendations?
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I've only spent 2-3 days with them but for the record these replacement one lead to more fatigue for some reason. They do a worse job of keeping the headphones away from my ears than the OEM pads (I have a really big head) so it bothers my outer ear a lot (my ears also stick out more than most people's it's unfortunate lol).

I'm still wearing them in and forming an opinion. The hole is *somewhat* larger for your ear but seems the cushion isn't as good as OEM. If I end up preferring OEM I'll come back and report for others.
That's interesting, but yea, it's different for everyone of course. I received the replacement pads recently (took a long time) and I immediately felt that they were more comfortable, the OEM pads made my ears hurt after a couple hours of wearing them and I can wear these perfectly fine all day. They're indeed only a small bit larger but it's perfect for my average (perhaps a bit on the smaller side) sized ears and head so I haven't bothered to look for other pads myself. Perhaps there are other pads you could try but I don't know much about pads in general.