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Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

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as other's have said this is nowhere near 20 degrees and criminally underfilled. took it on a trip where the lowest temperature was 30, wore a puffy, rain jacket, and base layers/full outfit underneath and was still really cold. maybe a good summer quilt but don't even try to take this any colder. cost savings isn't worth it, buy directly from enlightened equipment or another bag maker.
Just got mine yesterday. I have no idea how long it was compressed during shipment but it certainly does not loft well. I have severe doubts about its temperature rating and would not trust the 20 degree quilt much below 50F. Potential buyers beware.
I would really love it if this quilt was offered in a secondary, less garish color like black or blue
I have one of these quilts and was always getting cold on my backside when I turned over, as I do frequently. So I checked with EE about the straps. Turns out I didn't quite understand how the straps work. The top one loops around the pad and you can slide the connectors so the quilt is tucked under you. The bottom strap just goes under the pad. The EE video on how to put them on is
I have a 30 degree EExMassdrop and have had to wear a base layer when it has been pretty cold. Definitely a step up from my 47 year old synthetic CampTrails bag. But I can through that thing in the washer. Great for son at Scout Camp.
I’ve just received my quilt and was amazed to see how little down there was when the quilt was held up to the light! Not enough down! Problem not solved.
I have 2 EE quilts, one a 20 degree purchased through Massdrop and a second 40 degree. I love quilts in general but having just finished the 2190.9 mile AT I have some opinions. I think the 20 degree rating on my Massdrop quilt was optimistic and even with a thick liner and every stitch of clothing there were numerous nights that I froze my butt off during February and March on the AT. Once the weather was 30 degrees plus it was fine. Below 30, then I was going to be on the cold side. On a positive note I liked the quilt concept enough that when it got hot, around late May, that I purchased the 40 degree quilt direct from EE. I think my cold tolerance is about average and I'm a middle aged guy!
Does this ever come in different colours?
Would this tapered style work with the rectangular Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xtherm Max?
Check the width. The straps to secure the quilt to the pad are good up to 25 inches.
This quilt has 800 down fill. ”same” quilt from EE site states 850. Fabric is different too, 15d here, 10d on EE site. Not the same quality.
15d could be considered higher quality if durability was your goal since it's thicker than 10d. But if keeping the weight down is your goal then 15d will be less desirable than 10d (although the weight difference is likely minimal).
I have two Revelations, a made to order sewed from scratch in Winona and this Massdrop Chinese model. i inspected the Massdrop quilt with a fine tooth comb. Quality is the same.
DO NOT BUY! THIS QUILT IS CRAP!!! massdrop doesn't even reply to emails & EE says RMA thru massdrop! WTF!!!
This EE Quilt is CRAP! Not enough down to give anything like a 20 degree rating. Also, massdrop doesn't seem to provide any ability to return defective or misrepresented items. I've emailed customer service multiple times with no reply. EE accepts NO responsibility & says returns MUST be done by massdrop. WTF? ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY!
Read the overview: "Made in collaboration with Enlightened Equipment, this is our version of the Revelation sleeping quilt." Heck, it says right on the image that it's "Massdrop Made". So clearly it's not made by EE, and therefore it's understandable that EE would not accept returns for something they didn't make. They are simply lending their "Revelation" name and probably the design specs to Massdrop.
Uggh, wish I read this before ordering 😠
From what I read on EE's website the fill is duck down NOT goose down. That is why I purchased a quilt from Hammock Gear. The duck down must have bad odor compared to goose down and that may be one reason why people are complaining about the odor of the bag. This sale does not specify if the fill is duck or goose so for all we know it might be chicken down.
You can get stinky goose down, too, and odor-free duck. The age of the birds, food they were raised on, storage and processing, etc, etc, all can affect this. Chickens have virtually zero usable down (the US military did a lot of testing and studies with chickens decades ago)...their smaller feathers and "crushed" feathers used to and sometimes still are used as matrix fill for resiliency in very low end down products (mostly bedding) but not in any outdoor gear. For the most part duck down is fine and it does have a slight advantage sometimes depending on how/where it is used due to its clingier/clumpier nature compared to most goose down, but the plumes are almost never as dense or puffy as what geese can provide (assuming high quality goose down), and the current fill power ratings for duck are somewhat humorously inflated.
i do not think this deal is worth it. this quilt , ordered from the company , is 270.00. it is finished in the usa, ( shell constructed in china) , rather than completely made in china, it comes with a lifetime warranty, customer service, and is returnable. if you pay for any upsizing you are close enough to the companies original price the warranty and customer service justifies the increase to the websites price. you get what you pay for! as a long distance ultralight hiker i have to depend on my equipment. i ma sticking with the company website.
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I meant that you can't tell the difference between duck and goose down, this is same as same fill goose down.
ecsm1999 was referring to the EE version being finished in the USA. Go back and re-read their post.
Any drops for the 0 degrees?
I ordered a RegReg. I tried to change to the order to LongWide using the modify feature and it wouldn't save. I contacted "support" and heard nothing back. The order shipped and in addition to the RegReg I don't want, to my surprise an additional RegWide was added to my order. So, I've been charged twice for an order I don't want at all. STILL nothing from "support". Website glitchy. Having trouble setting a username because the Set button doesn't register, much like the Save button in Modify Orders. I don't trust Massdrop at all. Use at your own risk.
It seems that massdrop will die due to ZERO customer service!
Massdrop customer support is the very worst.... much better to cancel your order if you can, and reorder the version you want. This is a repeating massdrop, so don't worry about the time limit.
I just received mine -- and the extra duty and taxes and handling charges were $103 CDN, plus $7.50 USD shipping fee. Massdrop did not properly code it for crossing the border, so it was charged as if it was made in vietnam, women's clothing, instead of made in USA, costing a huge extra charge. Massdrop's handling of shipping this to Canada was terrible. Oh and it took 14 days to get here.
It was made in China. The massdrop collaboration quilts are made in China. Not US.
yeah the duties for China / vietnam are identical... it is definitely made in china. Still a huge extra charge because massdrop customer service could not change the order even though I put in the request two days before it shipped... massdrop customer service sucks.
Any word on if the down filling issues have been fixed?
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No, they have NOT fixed. See my post from mide July (2018). The MD quilt did not look full... So I bought a full price 20deg EE revelation. Even with the lighter down the EE has SIGNIFICANTLY fuller baffles
I am quite disappointed in Massdrop - after having several rounds to iron out the (lack of) fill issues mentioned almost a year ago, I decided to pull the trigger. Yep, these quilts are still under filled to point of being defective.
I received mine and let it sit on the guest bed for ~48hrs. It looked ... sad? the baffles just didn't look full. Rather than live disappointed to save 10% ($30 over the EE direct thanksgiving sale) I went ahead and ordered a 20degree revelation from EE (they have a great return policy on the chance i was wrong. Since it's made to order, it took 7 weeks... but its finally hear and: - the baffles look full (as new quilt should ... all fill will degrade with use eventually so it can only get 'less full') - it looked lofted after 10 min (versus hours for the Massdrop version) - holding both up to a window there is a MASSIVE difference.


These pics really don't do it justice ... at least 30%+ less fill in the Massdrop version :( This is defective, i'm getting a refund and keeping the full price quilt. Not worth saving 10% (over Black Friday) or 20% over retail to have something defective.
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I read that, but having compared apples to apples side by side, I can confirm the MD version has significantly less fill.
I got screwed by massdop + EE on this crap quilt too!!!
Any duty fellow canadians?
Check Kristens comments above. Theres the link too. Sounds like you should stay away.
Just wish they had all the options available. Extra long wide and I’m there!
Don't do it way underfilled & no ability to return
$220 for a quilt made in China? No thank you. I can get a piece of handmade/American made gear from other cottage vendors for much less, and it'll basically weigh the same.
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The cottage vendors I listed make true top quilts. They're basically the same design as EE. The only difference is whether or not you want the pad attachment straps. Here's a picture of my Loco Libre top quilt.
I purchased a Revelation from EE almost 2 years ago. I use it on my pad in or out of a tent. Its a short length regular width. It covers me fine. It isnt made specifically for a hammock. I use it to stay warm a variety of ways on the trail.
As a 6' 3'' skinny dude, I'd love to see long/regular
I bought one of these on the last drop. Just got to use it for a winter hike and HOLY @#$% it was awesome. I cut my weight by about half over my previous bag and this thing was toasty and comfortable. I got a regular/wide 20 degree and it’s perfect for my 6’1” frame and wide shoulders. I can’t recommend this enough.
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We hit -3°C but were well protected from the wind. It was definitely warmer than my old Klymit 20° bag
I got a 35F degree one awhile ago, and got cold at 40F. I'm a warm sleeper and can take my quilts from UGQ much lower than their ratings. EE recently started adding more down to combat this issue on their quilts, not sure if it's reflected with these massdrop ones.
Are these really 800 fill downtek and not 850? Their website only offers 850 and 950. The Long/Wide 850 at 20 degrees is rated at 22.05 ozs on their website, yet Massdrop lists it at 25.02 ozs. What gives?
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That’s really disappointing and I believe to be a bit of false advertising then. I’d rather cancel my order and buy from EE during Black Friday or something.
more like underfilled Chinese crap!
I thought about ordering one of these until I looked more carefully at the specs. I would like an Enlightened Equipment quilt but I want the quilt just as EE makes it - not some tweaked version. Why doesn't Massdrop offer an actual EE original quilt?
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Ah, I see the confusion and why you didn't understand my reply. I was operating under the assumption that you knew these quilts are made 100% in China, but I see that you thought these Massdrop x EE ones were made in MN.
Hopefully my reply makes more sense now? :-)
Basically you asked why regular EE quilts weren't offered on Massdrop, and I replied that they are offered, but just not very often. I explained that this is most likely due to difficulty of procuring staff in Winona. Since these Massdrop x EE quilts use only EE intellectual property, they do not take any EE staff away from making custom quilts.
Hope that makes more sense :-)
I asked EE customer service... the massdrop quilt is make to the EE engineering spec, but by third party manufacturers contracted directly by Massdrop. Essentially massdrop has the rights to sell and produce to the EE spec, under the EE name. EE does not see any of these quilts., and all customer service is therefore the responsibility of massdrop. They are shipped directly to the NJ massdrop warehouse for sales / shipping onward.
I received my quilt today. Ordered regular / regular. all the measurements are spot on. weight is 650gr as opposed to the declared 626. if it means my quilt is overfilled, i don't mind
loft is in line with my Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame (woman version) which is also rated for 20F. Overall looks like a quality product but i don't have the original EE quilt to compare it to
one thing that does somewhat bother me is the smell. it's the exact same smell i have on my cheap AEGISMAX down bag which i know for a fact is not RDS. my other MHW down bag didn't have that (this is the only other down product, other than my jackets, i can compare it to) I really hope we are not being lied to, regarding the origins of the fill
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If you are unhappy with loft, fill or odor (or all three like myself) heed Stepbystep's advice. I soaked my reg/wide for two days in a plastic tub with 2 gallons of Life Miracle Enzyme cleaner bought from Bezos. I kneaded the quilt several times while soaking. After that I ran it through two rinse and spin cycles in my front load and then washed with Nikwax. After a no heat tennis ball drying ritual, this thing is good to go. Loft is what I expected when purchasing and the wet dog/bird poop stink is gone. Haven't had it bellow mid 40s F yet but I do feel it has a chance now of meeting the advertised rating. I don't recommend buying one of these but if you in good faith like myself did, this process makes this a usable piece of kit. Thanks Stepbystep.
Glad that worked for you, RV! I've had great luck with it myself for a sleeping bag that a foster cat peed on and a few top/under quilts from friends. I used about a quart each time. If you presoak the bag to really wet it out and then add it to the enzyme/water, then just top off to keep the bag mostly covered while it sits. A bit less than 2 gallons for the bucket I used. I didn't want to let it sit longer than overnight (label directions but also unsure what those little guys might eat with a longer wait). Sure cleans them up nicely and I can say that over three or four years now none of them have lost any loft (wondered if that were possible).
I dont know why there is so many negative comments with this quilt. It just needs a couple of days to loft and a bit of redistribution of the down. It is truely fantastic value and well made
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- I use those small "S" clips, with a very small hair tie (elastic band) to connect all 4 corners. The elastic just gives me a piece of mind, that I won't rip something, but spent several trips using it without those. - It can be fairly loose underneath, I have also started using the pad strap to connect over the netting to help bring it closer.
Enjoy your RidgeRunner!
If i was to purchase this today how long would it take to be delivered to me in the uk ? is there any possibility of expedited or express delivery ?
I have two Enlightened Equipment sleeping quilts and an EE under quilt, so I have a good feel for their products - all great. I'm not so pleased with this Massdrop EE collaboration. Having those other products, I know the fit I expect. I expected the MD Long Wide to fit based on that knowledge and the listed dimensions. It turns out that the Wide part only met the listed 58 inch width opened up flat and actually stretched a bit. That makes it tight for my average frame width when snapped closed and laying in it normally. The snaps result in a bit of overlap, naturally, and therefore a little more loss of usable width. I had expected it to maintain normal loft at my shoulders and not pulling at the snaps, sadly not the case. My reason for ordering the Long Wide, again based on my wonderful experiences with those other quilts made in Minnesota rather than in China, was to allow me to move around a little in my sleep as I do. I'm afraid this one will restrict that and possibly even unsnap itself. I have requested return and/or replacement by Massdrop, however I don't have a good feeling for my chances. We'll see. Please consider my experience with the Massdrop version sizing if ordering your own.
Good info. Always very helpful to hear from people who got the item already as far as how they feel about it. I'm going camping soon with a friend that picked up this massdrop quilt. It is his first, so he has nothing to really compare it to. But I'm going to take a look at it first hand to see what I think.