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Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

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Just a heads up, EE just updated their standard over fill from 10% to 30%, which increased weight and price. This quilt is likely the old 10% over fill, unless massdrop has their own spec. In my research on quilts, general feeling on overfill is the thicker a quilt is the less you need, thinner quilts actually need more (by %) to avoid cold spots and maintain loft long term (with a few quilt builders going to the extremes, with 50% over fill in a 40-50 degree quilt, 15-20% generally regarded as acceptable with quilts over 2" thick. I have an older 40 deg EE, and I'll likely have some fill added in the next year or two due to use.
Does this shed down? I have a down quilt from another company now and I wake up with bits of down over everything.
Does a duty/tax need to be paid on top of the purchasing price if shipping to Canada?
I definitely need a long/wide, which appears to be sold out. I'm new to Massdrop and its business model. Is this something I can wait for, or are these gone for good?
They are usually reaccuring. Sometimes they don't come back for a while though, since it depends on the community's votes.
Thanks, that helps a lot.
The quilt is made in China...not by EE in Winona, MN USA. If you want a REAL Enlightened Equipment Quilt made in the USA, buy it from Enlightened Equipment not this Chinese knock off. Remember you get what you pay for.
I took it down to 17F in blizzard conditions in a solo tent for two long nights. The 20F is definitely its limit tho, with a long sleeve base layer and wool socks.

Hi there, where I can buy this quilt in Europe? Do you have any distributor there?
I just received mine ,it is really squashed down with no loft to it .It is also too small (I got regular size) I can barely fit it around me .I am only 5'4" and petite sized.I am really disappointed in this quilt .
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Hmmm... I'm a guy, 5'10" of normal build (not real slim), and I use the slim version. You do know that the quilt doesn't go "around" you, right? Tucks in the sides. Bottom insulation is separate, either pad or UQ.
Yes but when I got in it it didn't even go around me .It should at least tuck around me
I finally tried this on a couple of cold nights. I also have a custom Revelation I bought several years ago. First of all I'm male, 6', 210 lb. I start off cold then sleep a bit on the warm side. I think the 20 degree rating isn't off that much. That 20 f is the lower limit for a person wearing a base layer, hat and sleeping on a pad. EE doesn't use EN temperature ratings but just states that they use something similar. The first night it was about 30 degrees and I was relatively comfortable. The second night it was about 25 degrees. I was pretty cold to start then gradually warmed up and remained warm. I don't think I would have slept well is it had been much colder. I wore socks, wool base layer, gloves and a Hoodlum. I have a wide quilt too which lets me do a little tucking to help keep the cold air out. I don't really expect to be comfortable in a 20 degree rated quilt at 20 degrees. I wouldn't expect to be all that comfortable in a regular 20 degree down bag either. Overall I think this isn't bad deal but if you plan on trying to use it towards the lower temp limit you might need to adjust your sleep system (warmer pad, heavier baselayer, etc) and if you sleep cold even that might not help.
Be very careful, my shipping said $9, but the package has arrived and now I owe another $100!!! No more MassDrop for me. I bought one of these direct from Hammockgear and it was cheaper. Now that I've picked the bag up, I can say definitely not worth it. Go check out Hammock gear instead.
Sounds like it was better too
I got a hammock gear econ burrow 20 with 2 oz overfill, long/wide for Christmas. I have to admit I haven't been out with it yet. But I agree they are a great product at a great price. Lofts up great, came with a stuff sack and storage bag, and the options to choose from is great. If it performs half as good as expected it will be fantastic.
Just got mine yesterday. I have no idea how long it was compressed during shipment but it certainly does not loft well. I have severe doubts about its temperature rating and would not trust the 20 degree quilt much below 50F. Potential buyers beware.
I would really love it if this quilt was offered in a secondary, more subdued color like black or blue
I have one of these quilts and was always getting cold on my backside when I turned over, as I do frequently. So I checked with EE about the straps. Turns out I didn't quite understand how the straps work. The top one loops around the pad and you can slide the connectors so the quilt is tucked under you. The bottom strap just goes under the pad. The EE video on how to put them on is
I have a 30 degree EExMassdrop and have had to wear a base layer when it has been pretty cold. Definitely a step up from my 47 year old synthetic CampTrails bag. But I can through that thing in the washer. Great for son at Scout Camp.
I’ve just received my quilt and was amazed to see how little down there was when the quilt was held up to the light! Not enough down! Problem not solved.
I have 2 EE quilts, one a 20 degree purchased through Massdrop and a second 40 degree. I love quilts in general but having just finished the 2190.9 mile AT I have some opinions. I think the 20 degree rating on my Massdrop quilt was optimistic and even with a thick liner and every stitch of clothing there were numerous nights that I froze my butt off during February and March on the AT. Once the weather was 30 degrees plus it was fine. Below 30, then I was going to be on the cold side. On a positive note I liked the quilt concept enough that when it got hot, around late May, that I purchased the 40 degree quilt direct from EE. I think my cold tolerance is about average and I'm a middle aged guy!
Does this ever come in different colours?
Would this tapered style work with the rectangular Therm-a-rest NeoAir Xtherm Max?
Check the width. The straps to secure the quilt to the pad are good up to 25 inches.
This quilt has 800 down fill. ”same” quilt from EE site states 850. Fabric is different too, 15d here, 10d on EE site. Not the same quality.
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I have two Revelations, a made to order sewed from scratch in Winona and this Massdrop Chinese model. i inspected the Massdrop quilt with a fine tooth comb. Quality is the same.
EE using 10d as their standard fabric, 7d as their light weight. 15d is just less expensive fabric, so is the 800 fill duck down. The higher fill power and lighter weight just make the quilt lighter and a bit more pack-able as far as volume in your pack. If both are not a major issue then the cost savings of this quilt might well be worth it. I ordered a quilt from EE it is 10d outside, 7d inside, 950 fill. Weighs 15.5 oz and packs down smaller then a nalgene bottle. It is one of my fav pieces of gear, EE does an amazing job building this quilt.
DO NOT BUY! THIS QUILT IS CRAP!!! massdrop doesn't even reply to emails & EE says RMA thru massdrop! WTF!!!
This EE Quilt is CRAP! Not enough down to give anything like a 20 degree rating. Also, massdrop doesn't seem to provide any ability to return defective or misrepresented items. I've emailed customer service multiple times with no reply. EE accepts NO responsibility & says returns MUST be done by massdrop. WTF? ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY!
Read the overview: "Made in collaboration with Enlightened Equipment, this is our version of the Revelation sleeping quilt." Heck, it says right on the image that it's "Massdrop Made". So clearly it's not made by EE, and therefore it's understandable that EE would not accept returns for something they didn't make. They are simply lending their "Revelation" name and probably the design specs to Massdrop.
Uggh, wish I read this before ordering 😠
From what I read on EE's website the fill is duck down NOT goose down. That is why I purchased a quilt from Hammock Gear. The duck down must have bad odor compared to goose down and that may be one reason why people are complaining about the odor of the bag. This sale does not specify if the fill is duck or goose so for all we know it might be chicken down.
You can get stinky goose down, too, and odor-free duck. The age of the birds, food they were raised on, storage and processing, etc, etc, all can affect this. Chickens have virtually zero usable down (the US military did a lot of testing and studies with chickens decades ago)...their smaller feathers and "crushed" feathers used to and sometimes still are used as matrix fill for resiliency in very low end down products (mostly bedding) but not in any outdoor gear. For the most part duck down is fine and it does have a slight advantage sometimes depending on how/where it is used due to its clingier/clumpier nature compared to most goose down, but the plumes are almost never as dense or puffy as what geese can provide (assuming high quality goose down), and the current fill power ratings for duck are somewhat humorously inflated.
i do not think this deal is worth it. this quilt , ordered from the company , is 270.00. it is finished in the usa, ( shell constructed in china) , rather than completely made in china, it comes with a lifetime warranty, customer service, and is returnable. if you pay for any upsizing you are close enough to the companies original price the warranty and customer service justifies the increase to the websites price. you get what you pay for! as a long distance ultralight hiker i have to depend on my equipment. i ma sticking with the company website.
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I meant that you can't tell the difference between duck and goose down, this is same as same fill goose down.
ecsm1999 was referring to the EE version being finished in the USA. Go back and re-read their post.
Any drops for the 0 degrees?
I ordered a RegReg. I tried to change to the order to LongWide using the modify feature and it wouldn't save. I contacted "support" and heard nothing back. The order shipped and in addition to the RegReg I don't want, to my surprise an additional RegWide was added to my order. So, I've been charged twice for an order I don't want at all. STILL nothing from "support". Website glitchy. Having trouble setting a username because the Set button doesn't register, much like the Save button in Modify Orders. I don't trust Massdrop at all. Use at your own risk.
It seems that massdrop will die due to ZERO customer service!
Massdrop customer support is the very worst.... much better to cancel your order if you can, and reorder the version you want. This is a repeating massdrop, so don't worry about the time limit.
I just received mine -- and the extra duty and taxes and handling charges were $103 CDN, plus $7.50 USD shipping fee. Massdrop did not properly code it for crossing the border, so it was charged as if it was made in vietnam, women's clothing, instead of made in USA, costing a huge extra charge. Massdrop's handling of shipping this to Canada was terrible. Oh and it took 14 days to get here.
It was made in China. The massdrop collaboration quilts are made in China. Not US.
yeah the duties for China / vietnam are identical... it is definitely made in china. Still a huge extra charge because massdrop customer service could not change the order even though I put in the request two days before it shipped... massdrop customer service sucks.
Any word on if the down filling issues have been fixed?
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No, they have NOT fixed. See my post from mide July (2018). The MD quilt did not look full... So I bought a full price 20deg EE revelation. Even with the lighter down the EE has SIGNIFICANTLY fuller baffles
I am quite disappointed in Massdrop - after having several rounds to iron out the (lack of) fill issues mentioned almost a year ago, I decided to pull the trigger. Yep, these quilts are still under filled to point of being defective.
I received mine and let it sit on the guest bed for ~48hrs. It looked ... sad? the baffles just didn't look full. Rather than live disappointed to save 10% ($30 over the EE direct thanksgiving sale) I went ahead and ordered a 20degree revelation from EE (they have a great return policy on the chance i was wrong. Since it's made to order, it took 7 weeks... but its finally hear and: - the baffles look full (as new quilt should ... all fill will degrade with use eventually so it can only get 'less full') - it looked lofted after 10 min (versus hours for the Massdrop version) - holding both up to a window there is a MASSIVE difference.


These pics really don't do it justice ... at least 30%+ less fill in the Massdrop version :( This is defective, i'm getting a refund and keeping the full price quilt. Not worth saving 10% (over Black Friday) or 20% over retail to have something defective.
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I read that, but having compared apples to apples side by side, I can confirm the MD version has significantly less fill.
I got screwed by massdop + EE on this crap quilt too!!!
Any duty fellow canadians?
Check Kristens comments above. Theres the link too. Sounds like you should stay away.
Just wish they had all the options available. Extra long wide and I’m there!
Don't do it way underfilled & no ability to return