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Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

Massdrop x Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt

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Any word on if the down filling issues have been fixed?
I am quite disappointed in Massdrop - after having several rounds to iron out the (lack of) fill issues mentioned almost a year ago, I decided to pull the trigger. Yep, these quilts are still under filled to point of being defective.

I received mine and let it sit on the guest bed for ~48hrs. It looked ... sad? the baffles just didn't look full. Rather than live disappointed to save 10% ($30 over the EE direct thanksgiving sale) I went ahead and ordered a 20degree revelation from EE (they have a great return policy on the chance i was wrong. Since it's made to order, it took 7 weeks... but its finally hear and:
- the baffles look full (as new quilt should ... all fill will degrade with use eventually so it can only get 'less full')
- it looked lofted after 10 min (versus hours for the Massdrop version)
- holding both up to a window there is a MASSIVE difference.

These pics really don't do it justice ... at least 30%+ less fill in the Massdrop version :( This is defective, i'm getting a refund and keeping the full price quilt. Not worth saving 10% (over Black Friday) or 20% over retail to have something defective.
Any duty fellow canadians?
Just wish they had all the options available. Extra long wide and I’m there!
$220 for a quilt made in China? No thank you. I can get a piece of handmade/American made gear from other cottage vendors for much less, and it'll basically weigh the same.
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The cottage vendors I listed make true top quilts. They're basically the same design as EE. The only difference is whether or not you want the pad attachment straps. Here's a picture of my Loco Libre top quilt.

I purchased a Revelation from EE almost 2 years ago. I use it on my pad in or out of a tent. Its a short length regular width. It covers me fine. It isnt made specifically for a hammock. I use it to stay warm a variety of ways on the trail.
As a 6' 3'' skinny dude, I'd love to see long/regular
I bought one of these on the last drop. Just got to use it for a winter hike and HOLY @#$% it was awesome. I cut my weight by about half over my previous bag and this thing was toasty and comfortable. I got a regular/wide 20 degree and it’s perfect for my 6’1” frame and wide shoulders. I can’t recommend this enough.
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We hit -3°C but were well protected from the wind. It was definitely warmer than my old Klymit 20° bag
I got a 35F degree one awhile ago, and got cold at 40F. I'm a warm sleeper and can take my quilts from UGQ much lower than their ratings. EE recently started adding more down to combat this issue on their quilts, not sure if it's reflected with these massdrop ones.
Are these really 800 fill downtek and not 850? Their website only offers 850 and 950. The Long/Wide 850 at 20 degrees is rated at 22.05 ozs on their website, yet Massdrop lists it at 25.02 ozs. What gives?
Because these are not made by EE in Minnesota. They are made in China. They bear the EE name, sure, but are not the same, as you see from df discrepancies. They will not weigh the same. The Massdrop collaboration quilt, which this is, will weigh more. The fabric is a weight EE doesnt offer.
That’s really disappointing and I believe to be a bit of false advertising then. I’d rather cancel my order and buy from EE during Black Friday or something.
I thought about ordering one of these until I looked more carefully at the specs. I would like an Enlightened Equipment quilt but I want the quilt just as EE makes it - not some tweaked version. Why doesn't Massdrop offer an actual EE original quilt?
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I don't understand your reply. So, you bought one made in Minnesota. OK. I presume that the adulterated Massdrop versions are in fact made by EE so they would be made in Minnesota. Whats the point? As a matter of fact, I would expect it to be more work on the part of EE to have to make an altered version than to just make the same number of the standard version. I have been to Winona - used to live in Minneapolis.
Again, I don't have the slightest clue what point you were trying to get across. Maybe take another shot at it?
Ah, I see the confusion and why you didn't understand my reply. I was operating under the assumption that you knew these quilts are made 100% in China, but I see that you thought these Massdrop x EE ones were made in MN.

Hopefully my reply makes more sense now? :-)

Basically you asked why regular EE quilts weren't offered on Massdrop, and I replied that they are offered, but just not very often. I explained that this is most likely due to difficulty of procuring staff in Winona. Since these Massdrop x EE quilts use only EE intellectual property, they do not take any EE staff away from making custom quilts.

Hope that makes more sense :-)
I received my quilt today. Ordered regular / regular. all the measurements are spot on. weight is 650gr as opposed to the declared 626. if it means my quilt is overfilled, i don't mind

loft is in line with my Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame (woman version) which is also rated for 20F. Overall looks like a quality product but i don't have the original EE quilt to compare it to

one thing that does somewhat bother me is the smell. it's the exact same smell i have on my cheap AEGISMAX down bag which i know for a fact is not RDS. my other MHW down bag didn't have that (this is the only other down product, other than my jackets, i can compare it to) I really hope we are not being lied to, regarding the origins of the fill
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I didnt notice any smell except from the linen of the storage bag And that seemed to be from the printing.
If the bird smell doesn't go away over time or comes back when it's humid or you just can't live with it at all, it's easy to fix. Sometimes a normal laundering (with sport/tech soap of course) is enough, but if not then you can use any enzyme cleaning product and give the quilt an overnight soak in that followed by thorough rinsing (or a full wash). There is some natural smell to down but most of that is usually removed from processing. It depends somewhat on the breed of duck and how/where they are raised, food source, etc., and all of that will be in the keratin and oils. If you have lower quality down and/or it wasn't processed well, then you get more odor. But it really is easy to fix, just costs a few bucks and some of your time.