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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Buc Titanium Frame Lock

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Buc Titanium Frame Lock

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I just received mine. (Mothership Blue) and Wow! I have several knives, but this is by far the finest blade with the best flipper action and feel in my collection. I have to say that I don't have a lot of what some might call a "High End" knife, and perhaps to many this one is not. I am truly amazed at the workmanship, fit and finish and overall design of the knife as a whole. It feels great in the hand, both with the choil and without. the angle of the blade seems to optimize the slicing action and the point seems to be sturdy and thick enough to where I don't think it will break easily. There is a numbering on the blade (ML003) which I guess is the serial. Overall I love it, and I will most likely order other colors and models of the Buc as they and will now look at the falcon. Notice that the photos on the site do not do the blue justice at all. I mean, look at this!

The Pattern is amazing.

The jemping has a great feel, not too aggressive, but very functional.

Centering is perfect, despite the photo

The back-spacer feels nice, and is not too abrasive. Just Right!
I fully intend on picking one up in the near future. Wore my Crux on the belt and ended up falling off. Hoping someone is putting it to good use :(
How often does stock replenish? Really looking for that plain blue!
Seconded. "Meh" milling on one side is not worth twenty five extra bucks for my Buc.
This is very similar to the Bestech Hornet that I picked up a short time ago. I have not reviewed it because I don't know whether to give it 1 or 5 stars. I just don't like it, but I would have trouble telling you the reasons. It was one of the sharpest OOB blades that I have ever received. There is nothing objectively wrong. It was $40.00. I would recommend the Hornet over this because of the price and quality. If you're not into semi-stainless, they pay the extra $80 and get this. But look at the handle first. My FF Falcon has a very narrow handle that I don't care for. It's another knife that I have a love-hate relationship with.
Love the knife. Anyone know the angle of the grind for sharpening purposes?
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Hey ! This reply came from DougFLA123, 4 days ago; “I wrote to We Knife Co (who made the Buc) and they said they usually sharpen their blades to angles of between 25 and 30 degrees (each side of course). I know Zero Tolerance blades are sharpened to angles of between 20 and 22 degrees. I guess it depends on how slicey you want it.” Best... 👍🏻 Onefreeman
thank you.
Doesn't ship on time. Have given me 2 delivery dates after they said they shipped it and they've missed both. Now say it'll be another week. Bull!!. Also they use post office even though they advertise they use fed ex.
Such a cool knife. —Too bad I already own more knives than I’ll ever use.
Same here! Unfortunately that didn't stop me from getting one...
I have found that having too many knives has not stopped me from ordering more. It only causes me to feel guilty about the purchase.
I just Lost my Crux with Saber Handle :( I was cutting boxes open and must have left it in one of the boxes. Yep, threw away the boxes in a dumpster couple hours later. realized my knife was missing 3 days later.... I LOVED that knife! Not in a way that requires therapy, but close :) Anyway... now I want to replace it, and I saw this thing. But I can't find any comparisons. Does anybody know if this is the same size and feel (i saw the numbers) as the Crux? The specs state its lighter than the crux... that concerns me a bit.
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It's lighter and feels like it, but the blades are pretty equal in mass and so the Buc has a more blade-directed liveliness to it. They're two of my favorites, but I think the Buc is a bit more refined in terms of action and the grind is great on it. It's good on the Crux, but it could be a little better, especially if they ever upgrade to a thinner stock, like .125" or so.
Has anyone else noticed the pocket clip screws not sitting flush? Mine barely sits above the clip but I notice when I run my finger over it. My other ferrum forge knives all sit flush.
What is with the 22 day shipping on this? I live in Hawaii not Russia. If you’re going to make me wait 3 weeks then give me the option to pay the $6 for USPS flat rate. Absolutely ridiculous.
For those of you that don't already know us, Pops Custom Clips makes titanium deep carry replacement clips for a number of the Ferrum Forge x Massdrop models including the Falcon, Crux and Buc. You can find us at - Pops
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Thank you for taking the time to reply. I may have to change my mind about a clip or two. I need a crowbar to work a couple of my CS clips.
I bought a clip from them for another knife and it's worth it. Gets the knife all the way in the pocket and out of the way. Could easily be mistaken for a nice pen clip.
Bronze / blue.
I've seen a lot of the images of the knife have a blue backspacer and blue pocket-clip with grey and bronze scales. Is this what it looks like? If I order with bronze scales will it come with a blue backspacer and pocket-clip or will they also be bronze? Thanks!
The bronze has a blue spacer and clip, the blue handle has grey accents. Thoes are the ones I've seen in person. I own the blue handle one and the color in the pictures massdrop ha doesn't come close to the actual color. It's a matte purple hued blue. It doesn't have issues with oils fading the color either. Really like mine.
I have an issue I'd like to share with the community. Most everyone knows massdrop doesn't have replacement parts for the knives they sell. Like pocket clip screws and pocket clips. I just contacted ferrum forge directly to get pocket clip screw replacements because one stripped out on my crux and the ones on my buck came partially rounded out and they informed me that they don't have replacement parts either. Does anyone else see the issue with this. The knives are designed to move the pocket clip and the pocket clips themselves break,bend, and wear out. Screws will strip out even with the best bits and experienced operators. Where do we get parts? This needs to be addressed
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Yes, a other member reached out on Instagram and was told to contact massdrop for repair parts and any warranty issues. I emailed WE and explained massdrop doesn't offer repair parts and there are others like me who home anodize and customize our knives and that voids the warranty and with no repair parts any issue leaves us stuck. That was almost a week ago with no response. I emailed Ferrum Forge Knifeworks and asked if they had repair parts and quickly was informed that they had no parts for any massdrop collaboration knife. I then explained as I did with WE and asked if I could receive the specifications for the screws, the length, gauge and thread pitch so I could find my own and have not received a response and that was almost a week ago. With screws that small it's near impossible for me to measure them so now I'm down to buying an assortment of screws and hopefully I don't strip the threads trying to find the correct size
It was @DougFLA123Who contacted WE on Instagram if you want to read exactly what he wrote.
I love the backspacer on this knife. Some say it causes hot spots.👎👎 I say it provides just enough grip in the hand to give it a secure feel. Plus it gives the knife an awesome look. This is quickly becoming my favorite knife.
search The picture of the side view is to show how far the backspacer protrudes from the handle. IMO it's just enough to give a little traction. It's a great design and execution.
Just got my mothership blue and love it. The blue is a matte finish and feels great. Blade is perfectly centered and the action is one of the smoothest in any knife I've used. This is another home run from ferrum forge and we knives.
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For the person who said there buc has a serial number, I don't think it's a serial number it should be the type of metal it is. Metals are categorized by numbers like that.
It is a serial number it is ML072 the blade steel is S35VN and is etched in below the serial number
Hey guys,
I am loving the feel of the knife, However, I am not sure if I need to make adjustments or if the knife is defective but it's almost impossible to snap or push open with one hand. Seems like some other reviews mention the same thing. Any suggestions?
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With a lot of things in life location, location, location is key.
Open it, clean it, and apply some Blue Lube. I just did that with a Kizer that was a flopper, not a flipper. Flopper in the sense that opening was a two handed job. It was not flopper in the sense that it flopped open. Now it has achieved flipper status. Pay attention to the pivot tightness. If the pivot tightness is very critical in your knife's behavior, put some locktite on it.
This is my initial impressions of the Buc:
Initial quality check shows a perfectly centered blade, nice quality fit and finish, and great action right out of the box. The detent is spot on. It is what you would expect from a WE made knife. Check out the quality on their budget line, the Civivi’s, and you will be amazed. The ergonomics are excellent. It is comfortable in the hand in either a grip back on the handle or choked up using the finger choil. I like the jimping as it gives you nice control but is not overly aggressive. I am really pleased with the gold/bronze color with the blueish gray clip and back spacer. The pictures don’t do it justice. The color looks like it will not show snail trails as much as your typical gray titanium finish. But time will tell. I like the blade shape. I only have one other cleaver style blade and it is much bigger and heavier. The blade slices paper right out of the box. It seems pretty thin behind the edge. The logos on the blade are not obtrusive. The Ferrum Forge logo looks cool. S35V is a great steal. The only negatives is the clip might be a bit of a hot spot. I need to use it more first. The lanyard hole and back spacer jimping is sharp on the exposed lanyard. You can sometimes feel it when opening the knife. Overall it is like the Crux. It is one heck of a nice knife for the price. I don’t think you can beat the package of the design, the materials and the high quality manufacturing at this price point. I love the Crux and the Buc impresses me as another winner.
How about some free engraving Massdrop for the first round buyers that didn’t have tht “fantastic”🤔 option......maybe a discount??? Maybe it’s better to wait now for the second shipment of options & no wait time! Dao Dao Doh.
Yeah, MD screwed the 1st drop supporters. Got limited design choices, paid early in exchange for ...credits(what?), and a few months wait 😂
While the people joining the 2nd drop got more design choices, instant discount(wtf), and minimal wait time 🙃
He who laughs last was real slow to get the joke.
So, this popping up again got me to pull out my Buc last night....originally planning to just take it apart and try to stiffen up the detent, but on a whim I decided to just anodize it while I had it apart LOL
Started out the original dark grey with blue backspacer and clip I left the dark finish and just anodized right over that to see what would happen
Super hard to capture in pictures, but at 12v it darkened the grey even further and gave it a deep purple undertone when the light hits it right
Then I scuffed the corners with a rust eraser sponge and dipped again at 9v for a deep bronze at the 'wear areas'
For the clip and backspacer I left the blue as is, but did the same rust eraser edging followed by an 11v bath for a slightly brighter bronze
Detent could still be a little stronger holding the blade shut IMO......but I love the looks of it MUCH more now
In person the colors are so much better than I could get them on screen, nice and subtle around the wear areas and very natural looking
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I wrote to We Knife Co (who made the Buc) and they said they usually sharpen their blades to angles of between 25 and 30 degrees (each side of course). I know Zero Tolerance blades are sharpened to angles of between 20 and 22 degrees. I guess it depends on how slicey you want it.
Cool ! Thanks !! That helps ! 👍🏻
Can we get some more details about the backspacer/pocket clip colors available with the milled versions?
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I’ll partner with our creative team to make this improvement so that you guys can get more accurate representations of the end item. Thank you for the feedback, Gunnersmate2!
You could always put a piece of an 18% gray card in the picture. Or a primary color with the nm wavelength wriiten on it.
How many people bailed on their dao orders to jump on the buc?
I am torn, do I just get this or wait for the Dao, the timing on this drop is really nefarious!
Get both
i would've gotten the Dao if only it had a lanyard hole. if its not a big deal to you, the Dao seems like a much better daily option.
Hi everyone, Good news! We’re excited to announce that your Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Buc Titanium Frame Lock knives have arrived at the warehouse and we’re planning on sending them out early. We now estimate that they will ship by the end of next week (August 24). We’re looking forward to you receiving your Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Buc Titanium Frame Lock!
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I couldn't believe it when ferrum forge emailed me with "we do not offer parts for any massdrop collaboration knife" I emailed again asking the specs of the screws , thread pitch, guage,and length used so I could find someone to sell them to me. I haven't received a response back.
You won’t. I had the same thing with both WE USA and WE China. They said Massdrop would help me. Massdrop won’t help me.
Why are these cheaper than the original drop?
These are the same price as the original run on the bucs. Just checked my transaction history to confirm.
yep same price for me too
Yeah.........I think I'm done buying any first run knives here at this point if they come in plain Ti only the first time around. This is getting to be some bullshit, and I have no intention of rewarding them for this money grabbing by buying the same knives multiple times
It's too much.
And getting accurate info on details like which finish each handle has is an unacceptable complication as well. They have a hard bead blasted finish like the originals, they have the oil-sealed ano, and they have a softer blasted finish that they used on the blue Buc.
Why, since each one has a dramatically different texture and feel, is this a detail that needs to be chased down for every specific variation of every drop?
Hell man, it was only by pure chance that I even found out a milled version was available. I only clicked into it while following up on someone's comments, trying to figure out why they were confused about the colors Didn't even change the cover image this time to show new models were even available....much to be improved on this process
Luckily, I really don't like the new patterns either way. But, come on, offering it like a month after the originals were delivered? That's seriously shitty. If I liked the patterns I'd be piiiiissssed
So what are the exact color combinations. The pictures look like it shows grey with blue clip. Are the engraved ones all one color?
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Thank you I ordered the mothership in blue. I wish I knew the bronze was with blue accents because I would have ordered it.
Where do we get replacement parts?
You guys really need to figure out how to give early backers the option to trade up to the embellished version if you're going to drop them so soon after the plain model ships.
Especially if the warranty doesn't transfer to secondhand purchasers.
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Yeah, the Thresher, Orca, Dogtooth, and Keen also had options in the first drop instead of doing the 'plain model first no heads-up on the milled version until it drops randomly' thing.
Right. I'm glad I missed out on the first drop. I actually like the engraved versions on this one. Just got a mothership in blue. Not trying to rub it in but I'm with you on waiting on the drops if there is just plain handles.
I am curious if anyone else has hard time flipping this knife open? I am right handed and It takes a lot of effort, I can pretty much never flip it with my left hand without a deathgrip (where the backspacer really digs into my palm, ouch) and if my palms are sweaty I won't have enough grip for even my right hand to flip it.
When pulling the blade out by it's swedge or lanyard hole, everything seems smooth, I think I feel some "rubbery notches" shortly before the frame locks but I'm not sure that would cause so much resistance. I'm am at a loss, like why can't just pick up this knife and flip it out? Very frustrating. When I do manage to flip it, the blade swings out super fast and ends with a satisfying click. The pressure and grip required though, causes the 'DIP joint' of my index finger to get pretty sore/tired after a few flips. Where as with the falcon, I can flip it open via the tab with either hand and even using my thumbs. Low effort, it opens every time, no issue.
So yeah is this normal? Is it because the flipper tab is so small? Let me know.
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I started placing my fingers on the clip and viola, no issues flipping. Appreciate the reply.
This is what I found as well. Resting my fingers on the clip lets me flip the blade out very reliably.
Anyone selling one of these? Hit me up please