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Hey everyone, it's #FerrumFriday and the Crux is back!

The Crux was originally released in June of 2017 as our second collaboration with Ferrum Forge. We've been really pleased to watch as this model has gained quite a following and become a favorite EDC for a lot of people. It's become part of my regular rotation because I think it's a great balance of being easy to carry and beefy enough for serious work, with almost 3.5" of blade length ground from 4mm stock.

Elliot Williamson, the knifemaker/engineer behind all the Ferrum Forge designs, is known for the bold milling designs on his custom and midtech knives, so we wanted to incorporate some of his creative design work into what we are doing here with our collaborations. We've also seen that blue and bronze have been popular colors on other FFKW knives, so Elliot's brother Chris, the mad chemist behind their stunning custom finishes, designed these anodization treatments and helped us to make this one available in some new community-favorite colors.

Just a few basic housekeeping notes on the mechanics of the drop:

* Members who join the drop before 10:00pm on April 30th will see their orders processed and cards charged on April 30th. The drop will remain active until 10:00pm on May 31st, and anyone who joins in May will see their orders processed when the drop ends at the end of May or if quantities run out.
* Our order has already been placed with WE Knife, so the delivery time is shorter than many other collaboration drops - our Estimated Ship Date is June 28th.
* Because the order has already been placed, quantities are limited to 1425 units (see style distribution below). There were approximately 1180 Crux sold in earlier drops, so the total number showing on the page could reach as high as 2605 on this drop.
* All knives will have serial numbers that begin with a designation for the pattern and color. They will be randomly distributed (not based on the order in which you join the drop) from the following sequences:

Original / Gray: OG1201 to 1500
Original / Blue: OL0001 to 0150
Original / Bronze: OZ0001 to 0150
Juggernaut / Gray: JG0001 to 0200
Juggernaut / Blue: JL0001 to 0125
Juggernaut / Bronze: JZ0001 to 0125
Saber / Gray: SG0001 to 0200
Saber / Blue: SL0001 to 0125
Saber / Bronze: SZ0001 to 0125

It's always fun working with the team at FFKW, and it's particularly exciting when we see there's enough interest in an existing model to bring it back with some new variations on the original. Thank you to the members who joined the first Crux drop for making this second offering possible, and of course to everyone who is checking this out for the first time!

Carry On -- Jonas
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You're responding to a comment from a month ago. At that time there still wasn't any word on the new clip they'd been talking about for months. Hell, I still don't know how available it is. The last time I asked Massdrop (in January) they said emails would go out, and people would have the opportunity to buy the new clip in a drop. Still haven't seen any communication/announcement from Massdrop on the issue. I guess it's up to us to contact support for answers.
They've repeatedly told us how to go about getting a new clip if there is an issue with your original clip, and how to buy extras.

Yes, if your clip gets damaged, contact support.

By the way, my two original clipped knives are fine still. They are Crux #0004 and Falcon #0018
Hey everyone,

Great news: The WE Knife team finished production ahead of schedule. They also shipped and cleared customs quickly, so they've already arrived at our warehouse nearly two months ahead of schedule!

So, we'll be closing this drop tonight at 10pm PT, and our team will work on shipping orders out ASAP to everyone who has already joined this drop. We've moved up our Estimated Ship Date up by one month (to the end of May), but we think it will happen much sooner - we still have to do the QC and process a fairly large order.

Once we have shipped out all orders to members who have already joined, we'll re-launch this drop and make the remaining units available for immediate shipment.

Thanks for making it possible, and for your patience as we move through the fulfillment process.
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I do my own anodizing
it’s kind of a hobby ..
That's a great hobby to have.
I guess I can kiiiinda understand some people not liking the bead blasted finish, but I just got my OG gray and absolutely love it. I think the finish is amazing and should wear beautifully.
Is anyone else so happy with the two Crux (Cruxes, Cruxi, Crucii?) they bought that they are having to buy a third in that same pattern so as to have ALL three colours...? I have never ever in all my years been so in love with a small production knife! I mean, it is even too small to get an ideal grip on (for me) but once it’s in my grasp, I am so damned... happy!

Well, apart from my strange and expensive love for this knife, I want to heap a mountain of praise on whomever was responsible for that amazing Navy Blue. This is your best blue yet!
On the left is ‘The Gent’ in blue G10. Next is ‘The Falcon’ in their ’vibrant’ blue (otherwise known as a damned sexy purple). And, our blue looking rather charcoally. If you put it against black, however:
Both photos were taken sequentially about a minute apart with a different fabric background but the same light-source. Pretty amazing illusory colour shift; right...? Even if it seems more black in different lighting, etc., it is such a rich ’black’!

Thank you, MD (probably Jason!) and FF for your cool and terribly addictive knives.

Now Build Me A Bigger Knife!
pretty pls...with sugar on top...
Bam! Grey on the way!
My bronze knife is marked as shipped too!
I can hardly wait.
Just in case anyone is still curious about the finish on the bronze original, since there wasn’t an accurate face-side photo...

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Thank you Omniseed.
But, I'm trying to talk about the course "flaky?" appearance of the scales. Not how it feels.
Like a course stone washed finish on a blade, vs a blasted finish. Looking at the video I posted above. That knife (first release) looks to have a finer finish (pattern) on the scales, than that one ClockworkOrangutan is showing us.
Wait, now I’m confused. Ha. Whats the question?
I'll gladly pay you Wednesday for a Crux today?
Extended another day. You will have time it looks like. They ordered enough extra to do til folks get paid this week. Its your time to shine. 😃
Woo hoo!
Darn poor timing. This drop will be done by the time I get paid again. Argh!
Its been extended a couple days now. I would bet you still have shot. Good luck.
Here is the full album of my OG Crux (I own the Gent and a brand new crux as well in blue).
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I is 15.5 volts
Thank you much Jack!
Why no pictures of that one, from the side.
You're teasing me Man!
: - )

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