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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Crux S35VN Folding Knife

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Crux S35VN Folding Knife

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Hey everyone, it's #FerrumFriday and the Crux is back!
The Crux was originally released in June of 2017 as our second collaboration with Ferrum Forge. We've been really pleased to watch as this model has gained quite a following and become a favorite EDC for a lot of people. It's become part of my regular rotation because I think it's a great balance of being easy to carry and beefy enough for serious work, with almost 3.5" of blade length ground from 4mm stock.
Elliot Williamson, the knifemaker/engineer behind all the Ferrum Forge designs, is known for the bold milling designs on his custom and midtech knives, so we wanted to incorporate some of his creative design work into what we are doing here with our collaborations. We've also seen that blue and bronze have been popular colors on other FFKW knives, so Elliot's brother Chris, the mad chemist behind their stunning custom finishes, designed these anodization treatments and helped us to make this one available in some new community-favorite colors.
Just a few basic housekeeping notes on the mechanics of the drop:
* Members who join the drop before 10:00pm on April 30th will see their orders processed and cards charged on April 30th. The drop will remain active until 10:00pm on May 31st, and anyone who joins in May will see their orders processed when the drop ends at the end of May or if quantities run out. * Our order has already been placed with WE Knife, so the delivery time is shorter than many other collaboration drops - our Estimated Ship Date is June 28th. * Because the order has already been placed, quantities are limited to 1425 units (see style distribution below). There were approximately 1180 Crux sold in earlier drops, so the total number showing on the page could reach as high as 2605 on this drop. * All knives will have serial numbers that begin with a designation for the pattern and color. They will be randomly distributed (not based on the order in which you join the drop) from the following sequences:
Original / Gray: OG1201 to 1500 Original / Blue: OL0001 to 0150 Original / Bronze: OZ0001 to 0150 Juggernaut / Gray: JG0001 to 0200 Juggernaut / Blue: JL0001 to 0125 Juggernaut / Bronze: JZ0001 to 0125 Saber / Gray: SG0001 to 0200 Saber / Blue: SL0001 to 0125 Saber / Bronze: SZ0001 to 0125
It's always fun working with the team at FFKW, and it's particularly exciting when we see there's enough interest in an existing model to bring it back with some new variations on the original. Thank you to the members who joined the first Crux drop for making this second offering possible, and of course to everyone who is checking this out for the first time!
Carry On -- Jonas
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yeah I figured that out. Thank you nonetheless.
WIll their be anymore original style available preferably in bronze? I went to buy just now but all original versions are sold out :(
Another run coming? I'd love the plain bronze but it's currently sold out/
Me too. Just went to join but no original styles left :(
Anyone know when the plain handle will be back in stock?
Anyone own the crux and the md ray Laconico keen? Specs are similar and trying to decide betwen the 2. Both look awesome and great values.
Got 'em, three Crux actually, they are fairly similar in terms of use profile, I think I prefer the Crux but the Keen is undeniably one of the best collaboration knives that they have released.
I would say you definitely prefer the crux owning 3 lol. I think i favor it also. I love the blade shape and the handle looks more ergonomic. The keen looks great too thou. I appreciate the input!
Anyone know or massdrop know if they will be doing anymore original grey crux??? I want this knife in grey. I'm tempted by blue but I KNOW I will regret it if i buy and then they decide to reup in grey. . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. .... I have found no other alternative to find out.... so asking here...
Man the crux looks sweet! I have been eyeing it for some time now. I have the gent with custom od micarta scales which I like alot but would like something larger. Ti s35vn bearings milled clip is a lot of value for the price point. The issues ive read in the reviews are mainly about the lockbar needing some chamfering when unlocking. I wonder if it comes with the updated clip now? great aesthetic with a clean design. the original is my favorite. Im thinking in blue. Hopefully they dont sell out before im ready to pull the trigger.
Would love to see you guys do something just like this, but a blade just under 3". Love the titanium handles and the finger choil, but can't carry 3.4" in my city.
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ti frame with g10 scales. The select is $99 and has cf or rosewood scales but Maybe the drop is inactive now? The select was up the other day.
The select is active now. Its not solid slab ti like the crux if thats what you were looking for but is very nice with the cf scales Imo. I almost want to buy a second one for the cf model. The handle is kinda short though at 3.6 inches. I do wish it was at least 4" but its nice to carry in jeans being smaller.
So my crux doesn't get used and I just noticed it is really rough when I deploy the blade and the pivot screw keeps backing off so I decided to investigate the scratchy rough action and locktite the pivot. The hole drilled through the blade is really rough and is the cause of poor action. Here are some pictures

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Dang that sucks but glad md is making it right. I have been eyeing the crux for a while now so thanks for posting and updating they are sending a replacement. Good to know they took care of you.
The Crux is a fantastic knife!
Hey everyone,
Great news: The WE Knife team finished production ahead of schedule. They also shipped and cleared customs quickly, so they've already arrived at our warehouse nearly two months ahead of schedule!
So, we'll be closing this drop tonight at 10pm PT, and our team will work on shipping orders out ASAP to everyone who has already joined this drop. We've moved up our Estimated Ship Date up by one month (to the end of May), but we think it will happen much sooner - we still have to do the QC and process a fairly large order.
Once we have shipped out all orders to members who have already joined, we'll re-launch this drop and make the remaining units available for immediate shipment.
Thanks for making it possible, and for your patience as we move through the fulfillment process.
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Great job S.D I really like the splatter effect you used on a few of them. Did you get to see any of the videos from Blade Show 2018? Man am I going to be one broke knife nut when the next wave of knives hit the Dealers!😯😰😲 😎
I never leave reviews, but this knife is dang good looking....!
25 days for an item (Crux) to arrive! Thanks Massdrop, can’t give this to my son for Christmas even though your page said 5-10 days for arrival. Massdrop treats Hawaii, we’re not part of the U.S. Everyone knows Honolulu is on Oahu, along with 3 very large Military bases. So when I read 5-10 days for an item to arrive I was just fine with that. But NOPE!, Massdrop mailed out my Crux via FedEx Smart post which also uses a ship to send items to Hawaii. Seriously, it only takes 5-6 days for a letter with a stamp to get from Ney York to Hawaii. It would have been cheaper if they just sent it USPS anyways. Massdrop won’t even let me pay the extra money for epidited shipping or 2 day shipping! I trusted you Massdrop...never again. If you live in Hawaii don’t buy from Massdrop. Just pick one of these up on the secondary market like Blade Forums.

Im sorry that happened. I do want to say I think they are moving away from smartpost because of all the hate for it. Submit a ticket, maybe they will want to help in some way. I hope you still had a merry christmas.
In the back of the auditorium.. You can hear a chant starting: Mini Crux 3 inch blade.. Mini Crux 3 inch blade.. Mini Crux 3 inch blade.. please and thank you!
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If you haven't threadlocked it yourself you're making a mistake
I cleaned it up.. lubed it.. threadlocked and it's been better.. but it doesn't change the fact that it's a shitty knife. I don't know where it's acceptable to pay $100 for a knife and out of box it's ready to fall apart without immediate maintenance. My forty dollar RAT II and a myriad of budget Spyderco's (etc) have never required such attention. I'll air all my grievances when I write a full review.. but I started at 3.5 stars.. I'm down to 3.. maybe even 2.5 by the time I write something down.
would love to see a mini forge, something sub 3" so i can carry it in big cities
Dude I was just gonna make this comment.. in fact I still am. lol
Hello everyone! I really destroyed my crux these past few months and am looking for a replacement blade. Anyone one know where I can get my hands on one? I contacted the factory a week ago and have yet to get a response, so I have come full circle looking for assistance. Thanks!
Is the significant difference in price between this model and the Gent just due to size or is there something else I'm missing? Knife novice here
Thicker pieces of titanium, and S35VN, probably a good deal more milling time to get the scales into final form. The Gent liners are well made but quite simple, the Crux has beautifully rounded slabs and a nice backspacer too.
so I finally got my Crux in the mail today and it is absolutely awesome for the fit and finish except for a small scratch on top of the blade. However I noticed that mine came without any serial numbers anymore? Are the serial number only for the earlier runs? Mine only says Massdrop and S35vn. Anyone else got theirs without any serial numbers?
Love the Buc. I'm in.
Calling any Buc owners reading...
Worthwhile to own the Crux AND the Buc? I have the Buc and like it quite a bit, and wonder if the Crux has enough of a distinct personality to own in addition. The value and material use is still excellent of course, but the very similar handles and color choices along with the relatively common drop point style of the Crux gives me pause...
It's a very different knife in the hand, but clearly a sibling design. I think the Buc has the better action in general, but the Crux has a much beefier feel to it. The Crux is a little cleaner in the pocket because of the jimping on the Buc. The Buc is lighter and somewhat smaller though.
I've tried contacting support about the "in stock" nature of this drop, and they suggested "reaching out to the discussion board regarding it. Massdrop closely monitors the discussions to improve on the members experience." Well, it would really improve my experience if I had any indication or information on if/how I would get the rest of the options for this drop to be restocked. I have had to resort to looking at second hand markets to pick this up, which is money that I would ideally be giving to you guys.
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They just added more!
Awesome. Thanks for the heads up.
Waiting on original in any color. Can’t request if the drop never ends!
Original is up, just bought grey.
Thanks for the heads up! Just got the blue! Good looking out!
Anyone interested in trading a crux for a Brad Zinker Dogtooth?
If you make the blue original available, I will join the drop
Wish there was more original in stock...
I’d like the original in blue Which is unavailable. I guess I’ll have to wait until the next drop.
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Whink Rust Remover eats the anodizing off titanium in seconds.
Wow! Those look fantastic! I love the copper handle on the gent! And the brown falcon... wow. I might have to give that a try. Thanks for the inspiration.
Are any other colors ever going to be in stock. I have noticed that only two of the choices have been available for the drop each day. I would like to buy one but don't want silver.
Heads up: if you still want some, they just added more.
Thank you.
I thought this was just a redesign of a falcon, I couldn't have been more wrong. Sure it's the same materials, designers and manufacturers but that's all the Crux and Falcon have in common. The crux has a rear partially exposed stop pin where the falcon's stop pin is hidden under the handle and a groove in the blade. The "feel" of the action is completely different also. It's hard to explain but if your on the fence this is a different but equally awesome knife. Oh the detent is softer on the crux compared to my falcon. Love them both!!😍💪👌👍
Just received my Crux. Another awesome FF knife. WE does an outstanding job producing these custom collaboration knives. Blade is centered, everything tight, the action is silky smooth and its razor sharp. Thank you MD, FF, & WE
I want a plain one, but OoS :(
Most options are sold out.... STILL....
I can not wait to get my knife. I absolutely love my falcon so I ordered a Gent. Got tired of waiting on production of the Gent so i ordered this. I love quality knives with reasonable price tags. Thank you FF / MD 👍👍