Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Crux S35VN Folding Knifesearch
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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Crux S35VN Folding Knife

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Crux S35VN Folding Knife

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Hey everyone, it's #FerrumFriday and the Crux is back!

The Crux was originally released in June of 2017 as our second collaboration with Ferrum Forge. We've been really pleased to watch as this model has gained quite a following and become a favorite EDC for a lot of people. It's become part of my regular rotation because I think it's a great balance of being easy to carry and beefy enough for serious work, with almost 3.5" of blade length ground from 4mm stock.

Elliot Williamson, the knifemaker/engineer behind all the Ferrum Forge designs, is known for the bold milling designs on his custom and midtech knives, so we wanted to incorporate some of his creative design work into what we are doing here with our collaborations. We've also seen that blue and bronze have been popular colors on other FFKW knives, so Elliot's brother Chris, the mad chemist behind their stunning custom finishes, designed these anodization treatments and helped us to make this one available in some new community-favorite colors.

Just a few basic housekeeping notes on the mechanics of the drop:

* Members who join the drop before 10:00pm on April 30th will see their orders processed and cards charged on April 30th. The drop will remain active until 10:00pm on May 31st, and anyone who joins in May will see their orders processed when the drop ends at the end of May or if quantities run out.
* Our order has already been placed with WE Knife, so the delivery time is shorter than many other collaboration drops - our Estimated Ship Date is June 28th.
* Because the order has already been placed, quantities are limited to 1425 units (see style distribution below). There were approximately 1180 Crux sold in earlier drops, so the total number showing on the page could reach as high as 2605 on this drop.
* All knives will have serial numbers that begin with a designation for the pattern and color. They will be randomly distributed (not based on the order in which you join the drop) from the following sequences:

Original / Gray: OG1201 to 1500
Original / Blue: OL0001 to 0150
Original / Bronze: OZ0001 to 0150
Juggernaut / Gray: JG0001 to 0200
Juggernaut / Blue: JL0001 to 0125
Juggernaut / Bronze: JZ0001 to 0125
Saber / Gray: SG0001 to 0200
Saber / Blue: SL0001 to 0125
Saber / Bronze: SZ0001 to 0125

It's always fun working with the team at FFKW, and it's particularly exciting when we see there's enough interest in an existing model to bring it back with some new variations on the original. Thank you to the members who joined the first Crux drop for making this second offering possible, and of course to everyone who is checking this out for the first time!

Carry On -- Jonas
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Can we get a drop on the ferrum forge "archbishop"?
Oh man, a hybrid between the Falcon and Crux?

Looks like a sick design. My wallet would appreciate if I could bring myself to live with the Falcon, Crux, Gent, and Buc though :/
Hey everyone,

Great news: The WE Knife team finished production ahead of schedule. They also shipped and cleared customs quickly, so they've already arrived at our warehouse nearly two months ahead of schedule!

So, we'll be closing this drop tonight at 10pm PT, and our team will work on shipping orders out ASAP to everyone who has already joined this drop. We've moved up our Estimated Ship Date up by one month (to the end of May), but we think it will happen much sooner - we still have to do the QC and process a fairly large order.

Once we have shipped out all orders to members who have already joined, we'll re-launch this drop and make the remaining units available for immediate shipment.

Thanks for making it possible, and for your patience as we move through the fulfillment process.
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Great job S.D I really like the splatter effect you used on a few of them. Did you get to see any of the videos from Blade Show 2018? Man am I going to be one broke knife nut when the next wave of knives hit the Dealers!😯😰😲 😎
So, I bought this unaware of the new regulations concerning flipper knives in Canada. Banned from import, but legal to own and carry, which is frankly...dumb.

Any Canadians got theirs in the last few months? Is it possible to ask for it to be delivered in parts, or with the pivot so tight you need two hands to open it (so the flipper action stops somehow being "automatic")? I contacted support and asked for a cancellation.

I'd hate to lose either the knife or CAD200 though, so I hope something can be done where I walk with one or the other.
I'd also like to know this !
As I'm interested
I am trying to move the clip for left hand carry. It comes off the right side no problem but they screw on the left does not come free. It spins but does not drop out. Do I need to fully disassemble the knife or am I doing something wrong.
If I remember correctly , they screw into a tube from each side. Sometimes it helps to have two drivers to work both Sides at the same time.
Thanks. I will try that. That makes sense as it seems to spin. I heard it was a Chicago screw on a disassembly video. I am not sure that matters.
I intended to pick up the Bronze Juggernaut. Peace
Im disappointed that I didn’t move quickly enough and the configuration that I wanted was sold out. Are there any alternatives available for a slow finisher?
So I took the Crux and the Wing and soaked them in a jar of Mobil 1 for several days. Took them out and let them drain off excess for a day then wrapped them up in paper towel and let them sit for another day. Finally unwrapped wiped down and let air out for a day. Could be my imagination, but they seem much smoother to deploy and fall closed nicely. The Wing is especially smooth. It's my favorite fidgeter.
Will there be a falcon wing version of this ever?
Hello all! Got my Crux today and I have an immediate FYI for all of you left-handers like me. This is my first flipper frame-lock knife. Here's a tip - when you are trying to flip open the knife with your left pointer finger, keep your thumb very low on the frame. If your thumb is resting along the frame lock portion, any pressure at all will make it impossible to open the knife. It took me the longest while to figure out why I could flip open the knife with my right hand, but not my left. I'm not particularly thrilled by the much less secure grip I have to take but I hope to adapt to it.
Were you able to successfully switch your clip side for left carry? On mine that I just received I cannot get the screw on the non-lock side out in order to install the clip on that side, it just spins.
....are these guys really restarting this drop until all the crap that no one wants gets sold???
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And yet all those scale options are still there.

I wonder if they are aware that if they just change out the scales to the ones that sold out that they would be outta stock within the hour.
And have exactly the same number on hand as they did before, only with mismatched scales and stick numbers possibly? They have what they have. Not a bunch of spare scales to slap on them. WE is in China, not down the street in San Diego.😂😂😂