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Hey everyone, based on the comments I wanted to clarify a few things about these pocket clips…

1) All members who file support tickets due to bending or breakage will be offered the new version as a replacement at no charge. They are not yet available, but we do expect they will arrive sometime in March (WE Knife, and most Chinese factories, are closed for the New Year holiday during much of February.) We've heard that some members got conflicting information from our support team, so if you feel that you should get a replacement under warranty, please do let us know by replying to the same thread, or opening a new ticket and we'll take care of you.

2) Any members who simply prefer the new clip will be offered the discount as previously described, after we have shipped all of the clips needed as replacements.

3) If you would prefer to get a replacement clip sooner, we should have about 125 original style clips available later this month.
Clips are generally recognized by knife manufacturers and consumers as “wear and tear” items. While we stand by our warranty for the Falcon and all knives, you should expect some stipulation in future drops regarding a limited time period for no-cost replacements on pocket clips only. There’s a very good reason that almost every major manufacturer offers them for sale separately, and that a whole niche industry of aftermarket clips exists.

For any questions about clip replacements, please submit a support request through your original transaction record, located in your member profile. Thanks everyone for letting us know how you feel about this and helping to drive our rapid product development cycle.
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I've been doing a lot of research on DIY anodizing, doesn't seem too hard. Not sure if I'd be able to match the exact blue on this knife, but the blue spectrum seems to be the most common and easiest color to obtain. I just don't know if this knife is coated in any way but I am going to experiment on the clip itself to see if it's possible. Will let you know. Seems all you need is alligator clips, 9 volt batteries, distilled white vinegar and titanium wire. Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I'll let you know how it goes and will post pictures.
Sounds good.. I'll check it out and see how your ano job goes. I was also looking in to Bladeswelove and Tisurvival they have custom ano services as low $35 but they also do custom colors, textures and patterns.
Ordered mine last week and it came in today. Not really concerned with shipping times as that is the nature of group buys. You wait until the current drop has enough participants to go to the manufacturer for fulfillment. I happened to get in towards the end of the last drop. I knew this going in. And was pleasantly surprised by the fulfillment time. Now that all being said, this is a great little knife. Very well made, especially at this price point. I have other knives from other well known makers that were around this price point that aren't as well made nor did they arrive as sharp as this one came out of the box. Do your research, watch some of the reviews online to get an idea as to the size, and you won't be disappointed. If you are expecting a tacticool Rambo slayer this isn't the knife for you. I think it is perfect for what is intended to be.
I'm fairly new to massdrop made 12-15 purchases in about 3 months and I usually one read discussion on items I'm not sure about. My question is I got the blue FF Falcon and I don't like it to small for me. All I've done is open the case it come in and flipped it open 10-15 times it's great knife just too small . Do they get upset if you offer it up for sale? Serial # 0196. If people do that do they normally go thru PayPal?
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All I want is what I paid 124.99 I think plus shipping and PayPal fees. it all depends on how you want me to ship it what the cost would be.
All I want is 124.99 which is what I paid plus shipping and you can choose how you want it shipped and the PayPal fees or we can figure out a way to do a postal money order to avoid PayPal fees. I just know you don’t know me and both would be protected with PayPal. It’s the blue and doesn’t even have finger prints on it.
Smooth action?? I've been breaking in my Falcon for a few weeks now and I'm NOT getting the action I've seen posted in videos. I've broken the knife down, cleaned it, and lubed with nano-oil. The pivot is properly adjusted, and everything seems like a very nice fit & finish, but it's hard to deploy and slow to shut (no gravity shut here). It seems the detent ball is extremely proud and causing the issue, so no matter how much I clean, lube, and adjust, the action will always be slow. Anyone else experiencing this?
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Nope. It’s the detent. Hard to tell by the picture.
This has everything you need to break most knives down. I have two of these since sometimes the pivot spins freely and you have to engage both sides at the same time.
get some nano-oil or similar for lube after cleaning and you’ll be golden.
Looks like a sweet knife. Wonder if taking the clip off is ok.
While the design is pretty nice, I do wish it were thinner. This isn't very comfortable as an EDC..
Ano technique test number......Ah, who am I kidding, I lost count long ago. 😂

Tried something new again today. Both the solution, and process. Gives kind of a grain look. Could have stayed within a color band, but wanted to push it for the "test" effect.

So, here's an EDC package.

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Yeah, the colors just didn't pop. Were difficult to see in person too. What should have been done, would be to knock the bead blast down to some extent ( whether sandpaper, or even just a new Scotchbrite pad), then etch in Whink. This should give a bit more color depth. Remember, the color is not a coating of color, but rather light refraction seen through the crystalline growth on the surface. So the surface finish is a big part of the end result.
right on thanks
I am waiting for another color to drop. This knife is too good to only have one!
Could always just have someone else do the ano on a standard grey version. Then you'd have your first choice in color, and not just what drops next.

My daughter has been trying to decide what to do on one of her knives. She saw a ZT with a light blue fade to yellow/greenish, and wondered what it would look like close up. So I tried to recreate so she could handle it. It's interesting, but I think she'll end up wanting brighter colors.

Also last night I did my son's 0801Ti in the colors that he picked out.

Playing with anodizing is kind of fun.
Nice work! Sending the knife away for coloring would add 50% more to the cost of the knife. That starts to price the knife more than I want to spend.
I received my Grey Falcon a couple days ago, and overall I'm very impressed. It's definitely very good value for the money. The materials and workmanship are excellent. The visual appeal is fantastic. The action is beautiful. Mine came with a great detent and shaving sharp.

But the design/finishing with respect to the lanyard hole/clip region is abysmal. It's not going to see a lot of use as a result as it's so uncomfortable to flip when holding sharp edges and hotspots in exactly the wrong places. In the next drop (if there is one) they need to round the top of the clip so there is no sharp edge, and either round all the surfaces around the lanyard hole cutout and lanyard portion of the backspacer, or better yet, completely get rid of that abomination in favor of no lanyard hole and a nice smooth crrve like the rest of the grip, and possibly a simple drilled lanyard hole. It looks nice but feels terrible. It could also definitely use a detent ball ramp, but that is much more minor and can easily be modded in.

Still a great little EDC knife if it's only going to be used a few times a day. But if you want to use it a lot each day, or just fidget flip it a lot, I would not recommend it.
This is NOT OK. Knife shipped on the 16th Wont arrive until the first. You could ship it by freaking pack mule faster. So done with saving a few dollars for this crap. Justr buy on Amazon for same price with two day shipping. - 2/27/2018 - Tuesday 1:22 pm Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST SACRAMENTO, CA - 2/26/2018 - Monday 1:36 am In transit STOCKTON, CA - 2/25/2018 - Sunday 8:21 am In transit BALLICO, CA - 2/24/2018 - Saturday 8:05 pm In transit ESSEX, CA 11:03 am In transit INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 2/22/2018 - Thursday 4:36 am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 2/21/2018 - Wednesday 6:17 pm Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST INDIANAPOLIS, IN - 2/20/2018 - Tuesday 8:37 pm In transit NORTH HAMPTON, OH 5:38 am Departed FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST BREINIGSVILLE, PA 2:27 am Arrived at FedEx location FEDEX SMARTPOST BREINIGSVILLE, PA - 2/16/2018 - Friday 9:07 am Shipment information sent to FedEx
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Yes, not only was shipping painfully slow, mine at least came in a padded envelope, which facilitated the crushing of the knife box inside. Ship it at least UPS or FedEx Ground, and allow an extra cost shipping upgrade. Also don't use padded envelopes, put it in a box with sufficient padding so the packaging is not crushed.
Yeah but this particular variation is only on massdrop so apparaently shipping norms that apply everywhere else on planet earth don't apply here. Lest this sound like sour grapes. I like what massdrop is TRYING to do. Group buys is a good idea, the built in wait time for drops to fill is reasonable. As is time for the makers to fill the order. All I am saying is once all that unavoidable time is accounted for 12 to 15 days wagon train shipping which is only a few dollars away from 2 day air (USPS) is absurd. Like it or not norms for shipping have been established in the On-line shopping community. Carriers all have reasonable ( cheap enough) shipping options. Mayb e I am the weirdo here. Its possible. Maybe we should all be ok with small valuable items sitting for weeks in various carriers shipping trucks and wharehouses and hoping for the best. I have purchased from Massdrop half a dozen times and I am just saying that I have decided this model does not work for me. So I after this knife gets here I am done.

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