Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knifesearch
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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Falcon S35VN Folding Knife

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Hey everyone, based on the comments I wanted to clarify a few things about these pocket clips…

1) All members who file support tickets due to bending or breakage will be offered the new version as a replacement at no charge. They are not yet available, but we do expect they will arrive sometime in March (WE Knife, and most Chinese factories, are closed for the New Year holiday during much of February.) We've heard that some members got conflicting information from our support team, so if you feel that you should get a replacement under warranty, please do let us know by replying to the same thread, or opening a new ticket and we'll take care of you.

2) Any members who simply prefer the new clip will be offered the discount as previously described, after we have shipped all of the clips needed as replacements.

3) If you would prefer to get a replacement clip sooner, we should have about 125 original style clips available later this month.
Clips are generally recognized by knife manufacturers and consumers as “wear and tear” items. While we stand by our warranty for the Falcon and all knives, you should expect some stipulation in future drops regarding a limited time period for no-cost replacements on pocket clips only. There’s a very good reason that almost every major manufacturer offers them for sale separately, and that a whole niche industry of aftermarket clips exists.

For any questions about clip replacements, please submit a support request through your original transaction record, located in your member profile. Thanks everyone for letting us know how you feel about this and helping to drive our rapid product development cycle.
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could we get a full stonewashed version of this?
I'm thinking about joining and am looking at the blue, I see the clip is the grey on the blue, is this how it comes or does it come with a matching blue clip?
I've had my falcon for about 10 months now and I've recently found that it doesn't fully lock up anymore. Once I open it, I find that there's about a millimeter or two of lockbar play and I have to push it in before it fully sits at about 1/3 lockup. Anyone else have this issue?
If anyone is looking for an aftermarket deep carry pocket clip, try pops custome clips on etsy. They are titanium come in various colors and are well made and work great
Got my drop the other day. I have a number of pocket knives by Benchmade, custom made, etc. I was very impressed with the quality of this piece and the small touches like the pocket clip doesn't have a lip on the end that makes it easy to scratch the leather in my car seat when clipped into my back pocket. I have never seen a clip with this design and goes to show the attention to detail. Very impressive. The close action is something I haven't seen before. It has a close action that snaps closed with finality. The blade is thicker than I had originally thought but not as heavy either. Now I have a few S30V pocket knives and this one, being S35VN is new to me. It feels more solid, a bit heavier and and smoother? Anyway, an incredible value for the price.
Not sure any of my knives with milled titanium clips (of any brand or maker) have that outward lip as you describe. I'm guessing it's because of the material thickness, and the ability to mill in that entry ramp. On stamped and bent clips starting with thinner material, that "ramp" is created by bending the material. Really, the only way to do it with thin stock.

And I totally agree that it is a fairly good value with quality end product. Now you just need to pick up the other dozen MD collab knives. These things are a bit like potato chips. I dare you to eat just one, while looking into the nearly full bag. ;)
So I’ve had mine for a couple months and today while casually flipping it a t work, the detent ball fell out and is nowhere to be found... I am very very disappointed. I loved this knife. Is there a way to get a replacement or something? I can’t send it away as I love in Canada and it was risky enough getting here in the first place, because of stupid CBSA. Any help is appreciated.
UPDATE* Massdrop sent me a replacement knife free of charge after sending pictures of the old knife. Very pleased with the level of customer service I received! Thank you guys!
Did anyone else get their falcon with rust spots on it out of the box?
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Mine was from the first production run. I opened the box right after I got it and it had these petena dots on it. Didn’t think anything of it put it in my pelican knife case and packed my case and house up from New Hampshire and moved to Florid. When my stuff got to Florida I opened the pelican case and it had a couple rust spots where the petena dots were.
Didn’t take long once it shipped a couple days at most
Just used mine to slice up a nice juicy peach. Washed it up in the sink, now drying off in the toaster oven on warm. then a quick lube. Out of the oven now, cooled down and all oiled up. Flips better than ever.
If anybody is interested in a no-wait opportinity to purchase a falcon wing version of this knife in bronze, i just received mine today and quickly realized it's not for me. Knife is brand new . I took it out of the packaging and played with it for about 20 minutes is all. Didnt cut anything. $135 shipped to the US only and no wait.
Sold pending funds...
Do It! Do it now! Great little knife! I even used mine as a chopper the other day to cut some 1/8" wood dowels.
Hello Friends,

I've got one of these on sale from the first run and with the new & improved clip installed. I'm moving out of the country and need to free up gear. Thanks!
Looking at some of the fantastic custom anodising jobs. Amazing.
Massdrop how about doing the Falcon in another colour, I love my blue Crux.