Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Hiker (3-Pack)search
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Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Hiker (3-Pack)

Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Hiker (3-Pack)

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Why does this drop keep getting extended, when most of the stock and sizes are sold out?
I kind of want to try this stuff...because.. buy for life and all that.

But at the same time I suspect that support outside of the US (or rather lack of it) will mean that the "buy for life" bit will be rather limited.

Can anyone confirm what the warrantee on these would be like outside of the US?
I’ve become a huge fan of these Fitsok merino wool socks and recently joined this drop to pick up some more. Unfortunately, although the tracking info shows the package as delivered, I never received the package. I’m not sure what happened and have been trying to find out for several weeks. The most disappointing part is that I emailed Massdrop customer service two weeks ago and so far I have only received a generic email stating that they are experiencing an unusually high number of customer service requests and will get back to me when they can. Anyone who has dealt with shipping and delivery issues knows that time is a huge factor. At this point I’ve given up on ever receiving the socks due to Massdrop’s inability to deliver anything close to appropriate customer service. I really love the Fotsoks that I have gotten and I hope others are having better experiences.
any chance pack #2 will ever become available again?
what is the difference between these and the crew version?
It's right there in the crew socks page.
What about 1/4 height slightly above the ankle? Hikers are too long and hot, strangle my calves, and low cut fall into my shoes, below my heel.
I absolutely love these socks. There thin enough to wear during the summer and warm enough to get away in the fall /spring. I've even warn them through the winter. Snug fit, but perfect as they don't shift around. They wear extremely well.
How thick are these? would they provide good padding for walking around in really stiff boots?
So what does the lifetime warrantee mean exactly? Since they're a "Proud American Company" and I'm not in the US it is making me wonder.

There are literally no terms mentioned on their link...and nothing on the website. I'd like to buy some socks for life....but if there's no terms mentioned that makes me wonder what the terms are.
i found them to be a ok so nothing special , if any a summer sock . they are holding up in the wash so i hoping for the best .
Just received the socks. For those curious about the sizing, I wear US10 - 10.5 (EU43-44) shoe size and bought the L socks. The socks fit me fine.
I wear 11-11.5 shoes, the L strangle my calves
What's with all these merino wool sock drops? Some people are allergic to wool you know!
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As opposed to anonymous sanctimonious asshats?
Waste of time.
why is this still listed as active but when trying to join drop, everything is unavailable
Thanks for catching this! It should not be listed as active, and we are looking into it. However, more product is on the way, so it should be back up and available soon!
Any chance of the other colors being restocked? If so, any idea on the time frame of when that might be? I'm interested in pack #5 in large. TIA
I'm also wondering if there will be a re-stock any time soon? Thanks
Yes! We'll be getting more inventory of all the colors and sizes very soon, maybe in a few days or a couple of weeks at most. Thanks for the request, and I'll post here when more are available.