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Hi everyone,

With the positive community response around the Elex, we’ve been able to work with Focal to add more units to the end of the initial production. We will likely be able to open up a couple of limited quantity drops over the next few months.

The first of these runs will launch tomorrow (Mar. 6), with 125 units. The estimated ship date for this production run is May 7.
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I think Europe users will have to spend the 1000€ because they can, but while in US style market, they want to push their product. I was looking for this Elex eagerly, but I have dropped they idea of getting it
You're probably right - but we can't get this exact product, whit out going through third-party :/ Anyways more money to, because my hunger for some new gear doesn't disappear because of Massdrop/Focal's setup :)
This update is for members who joined the drop in December or February:

Good news! Your Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones have arrived at the warehouse and we are planning on sending them out a bit early. We estimate that the headphones will ship by the end of next week (April 20).
If you need to change your delivery address please contact community support through your transactions page ( by Sunday, April 15 at 5pm PT.
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Just for December/ February. The April drop is due to ship May 22 - just one more month!
Any updates on the march drop? Any possibility of an early shipment?
My pair dropped off 40 minutes ago by USPS, two days earlier than the FedEx forecasted delivery day. Kudos, Massdrop and FedEX. FWIW I still prefer UPS, then USPS .

Listening to my first track. The Elex sounds amazing. Very dynamic presentation of rock guitar and drums.

Initial impressions (from literally only 5 songs):
Product packaging is very luxerious. The retail box will serve very nicely for long term storage .
Really nice build, with very atractive esthetics. The photos on Massdrop do not convey how attractive they are.
The cables seem well made, but I can see upgrades for aftermarket cables some time in too distant future.
On my head, they are hefty feeling., but are well balanced, not noticing any pressure spots on top or on my ears.
The ear pads are really comfy. I wear glasses, I don't have or perceive pressure spots along the frame.
There is plenty of bass, but no muddiness into the mids. Plenty of treble, but no piercing spikes.
Vocals are very nice sounding. Neil Young sounds just right on this track.
I might p-off the Sennheiser fan boys, but this HP is deffo a step up from the 6xx (which I also have).
Stack is Win 10, Foobar, Gustard X12 DAC, Gustard H10 Amp.

Anticipating many long term listening sessions.

Edit: There is goodly amount of clamp. But not so much, that I would have to spread out the headphoine band for relief. No expectation for clamp related pain like some other HPs, (I'm ooking at you HD6xx)
MD you really need to do something about your shipping.........this is the worst!

4 days added to shipping for 7.3 miles this is not good!
More to follow...
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The HE-9 looks like a headphone amp, with the Hoover Dam as backup,, let me know if you hear any clipping;)
I like your analogy :) It's a headphone amp / pre-amp, I doubt it will clip since it supplies more than 10x the required power for a HD6XX at worst case impedance. It should also sound effortless regardless of load since it's a current drive amp (as opposed to voltage drive).
Shiipping label has been created, so I guess a few more days until Fed Ex actually has my package in hand. I'm probably still a couple of weeks away from giving them a listen.
i've ordered things from massdrop before and they arrive in about a week.
Would like to buy just the cables since I already have a pair of Elears. Can anyone help with how to make this suggestion?
Finally, they have shipped!
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i love hearing feedback on this headphone xD, can you say anything else about them?
Any amp suggestions on amp election? I am not a fan of tube amp, so I am looking for a solid state amp with low output impedance? I want to try H20 amp, but the description is so vague.
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Consider the LCX when it goes up for another drop. It's a fantastic SS amp.
02-Odac, all you'll ever need