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Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones

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Hi everyone,

With the positive community response around the Elex, we’ve been able to work with Focal to add more units to the end of the initial production. We will likely be able to open up a couple of limited quantity drops over the next few months.

The first of these runs will launch tomorrow (Mar. 6), with 125 units. The estimated ship date for this production run is May 7.
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I think Europe users will have to spend the 1000€ because they can, but while in US style market, they want to push their product. I was looking for this Elex eagerly, but I have dropped they idea of getting it
You're probably right - but we can't get this exact product, whit out going through third-party :/ Anyways more money to, because my hunger for some new gear doesn't disappear because of Massdrop/Focal's setup :)
This update is for members who joined the drop in March:

Updated 5/7: As of this morning 90% of the headphones have shipped, and we expect all units to ship by the end of today.
We have an update on the status of your Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones. The headphones are currently in transit to our warehouse from France, and once they arrive they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. We wanted to give everyone a heads up that the timeline will be tight, and we’ll be cutting it close for all units to ship on May 7.
We’re still aiming to start shipping the headphones on May 7, and we’re working with the warehouse to prioritize this. However, we expect the shipment to span over a few days.
We apologize for this slight delay, and we’ll provide an update next week with the current shipping status.
That sucks. Hoping you guys sort it out and dispatch it as previously expected.
Any chance we get a elex earpad drop for elear owners that might like to pad roll?
I think this is the very reason why clear/elex earpads aren't officially sold by Focal.
They don't want people converting their Elears ;)
Just received my 2nd replacement... its still cracking or popping on my fav theme song from Game of Thrones or even Havana by Camila, Angel by Massive Attack even at the moderate volume using iDSD BL. Going for one last replacement before the refund.

Feeling Jealous at others who dont have this issue :(
So I picked up an Elex secondhand and (speaking as someone who detested the Elear) have been thoroughly impressed in the time I’ve spent with it thus far.

This is an excellent headphone. And while it is not without a few weak points, I think it might actually be a worthy successor to the Sennheiser HD 6X0.

Speaking as someone who — preposterously enough — owns the 580, 600, 650 (originally stock but lately modded) and has largely tailored their listening rig around that family of headphones, this is not faint praise.

Well done to Massdrop x Focal!
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Well, although I've always used headphones, it's only been in the last year or so that I've used them with a critical ear & I still consider myself a novice to the higher end of the market especially when it comes to amplification. What I feel that I am hearing with the Elex is, for lack of a better word, the "floor" of the CTH. At this point I am hesitant to ascribe anything negative to the Elex. They have smoothed out a bit as they've burned in. I would say that they are clear & quick. They are not kind to bad recordings. They most certainly let you know what's going on in a recording, almost to a fault........

Yes, they can sound forward but in this era of v-shaped response curves, I am not totally convinced that they are not accurate. I have a B&O H7 that I haven't listened to in several months. My memory is telling me that their sound is very reminiscent of the Elex but with the mids dialed back a bit. I'm going to have to pull them out & do a compare.
I'm one of those other folks that enjoys the Elex + CTH pairing as well. I am using an iFi iDSD BL as my DAC so that could have something to do with the added synergy as well. Truthfully, it's my favorite pairing thus far. There's something so rich, musical, and dynamic with the Elex I don't get from my 6XX, 4XX, NightOwls, etc. They really encompass what I love about listening to my loudspeakers but just in a headphone form factor. And honestly, ever since I got them, I find a hard time going back to the likes of the dark 6XX and NightOwls.
Hi I’m new to the high end headphone world. Just received my Elex. I only have iPhone to try, can I just buy an adaptor to change the jack to 3.5mm? Any other recommendation would be appreciated
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Thank you indeed , looks very good quality
I am currently using these:

Price is cheap & quality is excellent. You don't need anything more.
After a week of listening to the Elex I can say that they are amazing for the price! I had the chance to listen to the Clear for some time and I actually prefer the Elex over the Clear.

Soundstage was strange to say the least, vocals were intimate but instruments were pretty distant which surprisingly didn't bother me at all. The background was sort of brought forward and small details in certain songs were now so much clearer than before. Bass was tight and had plenty of body, it wasn't like Audeze planar bass but one of the best bass I've heard from dynamic drivers. Comfort was good despite being quite weighty. Pads were soft and deep enough for any ears out there.

I have compared them with the DT1990(B-Pads) and it made me felt like the Beyers were substantially brighter right after switching and more fatiguing. Imaging on the Elex was precise and slightly better than the DT1990. Built quality was on par with the Beyers although the headband does creek a little but nothing serious.

Overall subjective wise, I can definitely consider the Elex as an upgrade from the DT1990 and a sidegrade from the Clear.
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I didn't compare the Clear with the Elex side by side but from memory I'd say the Clear was a tad bit smoother. I couldn't really tell a difference on bass extension imo despite what the graph showed.
Thanks for the response, if the Clear ends up sub-$1000 I may make a change down the road. I'm thoroughly enjoying my Elex at the moment.
how are these for gaming?
They're not the best for gaming.
Late reply but I find these great for gaming. While others think you need some huge soundstage, the somewhat narrow soundstage of the Elex is filled with so much information. They have very good imaging and separation so it's very easy to pinpoint exact sounds and locations. The amount of dynamics between soft and loud sounds makes this even easier. I am using these out of an AV receiver but use them with Battlefield, Far Cry, God of War, Forza, etc. with great success. For the shooters, they work well for placing footsteps and have surprisingly good height when planes and helicopters are whizzing by overhead. Just my .02 cents.