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Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones

Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones

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Hi everyone,

With the positive community response around the Elex, we’ve been able to work with Focal to add more units to the end of the initial production. We will likely be able to open up a couple of limited quantity drops over the next few months.

The first of these runs will launch tomorrow (Mar. 6), with 125 units. The estimated ship date for this production run is May 7.
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I think Europe users will have to spend the 1000€ because they can, but while in US style market, they want to push their product. I was looking for this Elex eagerly, but I have dropped they idea of getting it
You're probably right - but we can't get this exact product, whit out going through third-party :/ Anyways more money to, because my hunger for some new gear doesn't disappear because of Massdrop/Focal's setup :)
This update is for members who joined the drop in March:

Updated 5/7: As of this morning 90% of the headphones have shipped, and we expect all units to ship by the end of today.
We have an update on the status of your Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones. The headphones are currently in transit to our warehouse from France, and once they arrive they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. We wanted to give everyone a heads up that the timeline will be tight, and we’ll be cutting it close for all units to ship on May 7.
We’re still aiming to start shipping the headphones on May 7, and we’re working with the warehouse to prioritize this. However, we expect the shipment to span over a few days.
We apologize for this slight delay, and we’ll provide an update next week with the current shipping status.
That sucks. Hoping you guys sort it out and dispatch it as previously expected.
If anyone is wanting to sell their pair let me know.
Received my Elex two days ago and the right side was DOA. Contacted support right away, still haven't received any response. Needless to say I am very disappointed on both counts.
Wow I just got mine an hr ago and I'm blown away coming from a daily planar headphone user. Quick overall impression: For dynamic headphones the bass on these headphones are perfectly balanced and detailed mid, highs. I'm using the cavalli liquid carbon X and there's no need to use the gain button at volume 11 o clock its already blowing me away. The voice is so detailed that it sounds like a real person speaking in my ear. Build in these headphones screams quality and hopefully it will last me forever.

When I put on gain button at 11 o clock with my m1060s it would sound like the elex but volume is a bit loud with harder unbalanced bass. I currently own he4xx, m1060 and these focals elex come up on top. Glad I didn't buy the hd6xx and saved up for the focals. I will end up giving up my fostex ph for sure.
I wasn't happy until I changed to silver cables. Now I am happy!
Got mine yesterday. So far I am loving these a great deal. Having said that, I will wait a bit until I post final impressions and a review until I feel I am not being swayed by any form of "honeymoon" effect. In the mean time if you have any questions let me know and if you just got yours, happy listening!
I wish these headphones had some silver accents rather than being all black, I think it would make it look a lot more elegant and extravagant.
Got the Elex. I have the Clear and Elear and wanted to try the Elex. Reasoning: I think this is a good package, two cables of better quality compared to the stock Elear, and earpads similar to the Clear.
Sound-wise, the Clear are more accurate with tonal balance, and detail, but the Elex are dynamic and fun. I have not had a chance to do a detailed comparison to the Elear with the same pads, but on a first impression, I can't tell much difference between the Elex and the Elear with the borrowed Elex pads.
My experience thus for with these headphones..

Best purchase I have made. They are amazing. Bass is tight and well suited for all genres including hiphop, and electronic music. Mids are supple. Treble is good however, there is a little bit of a bright feature when vocalist make a "s" sound at the end of words, but this only happens sometimes. Bass clipping only happens at unhealthy volumes for listen so it's a non-issue.

Please when this drops again, please buy these headphones. WOW
Just received mine from the latest drop (great job Massdrop for the very early shipping). Loving them already, can't wait till they fully break in.
Headphones already shipped. This has to be a new record for massdrop!
Mine are shipping today! They weren't supposed to ship till the 8th! I can't wait!
If you had to choose between the Elex cans and the Fostex Ebonies, which one would you choose? Comparisons with the other Forstex phones would also be appreciated.
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Thanks. That's very informative and helpful.
As someone that owns both, the Elex is the superior headphone. While I do enjoy the Ebonies, they lack in every regard to the Elex except for bass impact. And even though the Ebonies technically extend further into the sub-bass region, their bass still sounds "one note" to my ears. The Elex lacks the impact but it better faithfully renders the low-end (and everything else in general). However, if you prefer a smoother experience, the Ebonies would be a safe bet. They don't share the same sound as the Mahogany and Purplehearts as they are a much more mild v-shaped headphone. They are the most "neutral" of the bunch. Still, compared to the Elex, they are a step behind in technicalities and speed. They do sound good and are more fun when you're not in the mood to pick apart the music and just listen to some tunes. I use the Ebonies while at my desk at work and the Elex at home. Genre will also have a lot to do with what you prefer as well since the Ebonies do very well with more modern music: pop, RnB, HipHop, some rock, etc. due to their tuning and bass presence.
Damn! Just missed the drop. This drop seems to have been on and off for the last few months. Does anyone know what the gap between drops was for the last few drops?
Between 1-2 months sometimes shorter