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Massdrop x HIFIMAN Edition XX Headphones

Massdrop x HIFIMAN Edition XX Headphones

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

The Massdrop x HIFIMAN Edition XX Headphones will be our fifth collaboration with HIFIMAN and the most advanced. The lineage of these headphones should be apparent to fans of HIFIMAN as they use the same ear cup shape as the flagship headphones HE-1000 and Edition X.  Never one to rest, Dr. Fang Bian has continued to iterate on planar magnetic drivers for years now, pushing the boundaries of magnets and membranes. The new drivers have a thickness of only 1 or 2 microns resulting in improved clarity and resolution. What’s 1-2 micron thickness? Below is a 6 micron carbon strand set against a 100 micron human hair:
After the success of the HE-4XX we wondered what the next step up should be. The next headphone needed to be a flagship in terms of performance while maintaining the established value inherent in our Collaborations. Here are some of the features we are most excited about:
Drivers New Neo Super Nano Driver (NsD) with a thickness of only 1 or 2 microns resulting in improved clarity and resolution.  This is an 80% thinner diaphragm compared to previous designs. For example a human hair is around 50 microns thick. New symmetric magnet structure is more efficient to manufacture. Easy to Drive Uniquely low impedance of 20 ohms which allows the headphones to be driven without a dedicated amp.  Get excellent sound from a laptop or portable listening device. Better Cable New cable with more robust all metal connectors to the cup and an all-metal high quality plug. Proven Comfort Uses the same headband as the HE4XX. Same ear pads as Edition X V2:  hybrid with fabric and synthetic leather. Value HIFIMAN flagship drivers at a more accessible price point. Sound As you can see in the comparison graph, Edition XX tuning follows in the footsteps of the HIFIMAN Edition X V2.  What makes the sound special is the balanced and extended tonality (bass/mids/treble/air) PLUS resolution of the room details and space between sounds. Solid Black Line = Massdrop x HIFIMAN Edition XX
Dashed blue line = HIFIMAN Edition X V2
Dotted red line = HIFIMAN Edition X
Dr. Fang Bian and HIFIMAN are known to the community for innovation, performance, and great value. Our collaboration with HIFIMAN exemplifies each of these virtues and we’re more than proud to make this headphone available to our members and the audiophile community for the first time today!
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Good job my man, that rig you heard must have felt spooky! Yeah, before I owning my Edition X's, I didn't have any inkling as to how Hifiman voiced their headphones (especially the upper end). But when I heard the Edition X's, I too, was blown away! Not what I was expecting and so pure and dare I say....beautiful! Good luck on the drop mate, I think Hifiman and MD will deliver a stunner here!
What makes you say Anandas will be better?
I'd gladly give any of yall my Modded pair of M1060's now in exchange for a pair of these in 6 months XD.
Just wish that I had not missed out on this drop. Ah well... Such is life!
**I wonder how many likes this will get** Will they throw in a balanced cable for the grand unveiling of this never before seen supposedly spectacular headphone???
Hope everyone is doing well! I’m in the Massdrop x HIFIMAN Edition XX drop. I’ve been invited to ask questions to Dr. Fang Bian. I notice not everyone has the funds, or are skeptical of the performance from the XX. This results to those missing out on the perk [submit questions to founder]. Which question would you like me to ask Dr. Fang Bian? Questions with most likes, will be added to my list of questions. Please be respectful. Thank you!

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Thanks Man! I would ask him were these fall in their product line, and what they should be compared against in it. I would also ask what drivers these headphones are using. Are they new? Or just a tuned ananda driver?
@theanghv Questions submitted. If anyone has other questions or feedback, let me know.

how are they on the low end?
If these were $200 cheaper, I would have gone all in ;) hopefully they'll be even better on the next drop.
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They were 900 on amazon yesterday. Soulsisk released a video.
I saw his video but when I looked to try and find them at that price I couldn't.
with around 150 items sold, they would work under pressure for next 6 months: need to produce no more than 1 set a day :)
I think I would miss out on this one for now, I have auditioned the edition x V2 and loved it. While the response curve looked rather similar, still I wonder how it would sound when auditioned. 🤔 Time will tell perhaps, but I would definitely be looking forward to read what everyone's writing when it comes out... 👍
I decided to wait as well. For 600 bucks, I gotta know what they sound like, and while I like the headband on the he4xx, it is still cheap. If you're going to give us that headband, fine, but knock off another 150 at least!
GUYS, you have a ton of us that want to want to buy these headphones, but we've all been burned before and don't want to buy into the hype and end up with junk that is worse than the original. Give us something to work with. Review dates, golden ear guarantee, whatever it takes. Give us a reason to trust you and you'll see WAY more than 125 units sell.
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It’s not an argument, I was simply advising of the facts and you basically just said everything I have been saying all along. Hence, why these units are worth their price. The only issue is they are comparing these the Edition X’s and X2’s and I don’t think they’ll be quite as good. We shall see.
I was paraphrasing you. With time we will learn more. I feel what we will eventually see, isn’t so much if the XX will be inferior or superior to the Ananda, X or X V2. I think we will get a different, but similar sound, and it will just fall under preference.
has anyone done a review of these yet,
what about warranty? is it 1y or more? how will it work?
Read the listing. It says clearly 1 year.
sorry missed that. they often put it into headline.
For ciber monday it should be 499dolar
What is "ciber" monday ?
Who's the old white guy that shills for your company at CanJam ? I kept asking about a music player on the table, and he kept saying "its my wife's"... Shills ?
Too bad these didn't drop 100 for back friday...
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6xx=hd650 hd600 is it’s own thing. Hd58x is apparently the hd660 with some foam backing and paper on the back of the driver, but it’s the same driver.
Sorry, I misread your comment. Thought you wrote 650 for some reason. Did they arrive yet?
I wonder if it will really take 6 months to assemble less than 150 units.
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Haha, too much. +1, thank you for the chuckle, kind sir.
I guess one of the main issues is that in 3 months before the arrival of these units there will be another announcement: Massdrop Hifiman Edition XX V2. 123 sold till now speaks a little about how this model of waiting months and months for a product, just funding its development is something that customers might not really want.
One day I'll have saved up enough extra cash to get either this or the Elex. I'm certainly digging the low impedance of these headphones.
I really don't like this headband (i had an HE-500), it's possible to swap this for the 400i/560/edition x , or sundara headband ?
Idunno... I own HE500s and they are good except for some frequencies a bit distorted for my taste, and noticeable on some recordings. Eyeing some cans with lower distortion. Was thinking MrSpeakers Aeon. But now this option. Hmmm which way to go...
Disappointed with the look of the headphone band on these .. the look cheap I'm afraid to say .. I've bought Sennheiser and Focal engineered Massdrop headphones and satisfied with them for the $ .. We in Canada have to pay at least 25% more due to the exchange.. To that end more premium looking design and bang for the buck plz .. the rest of the headphone appear to deliver however ... ;)
I'm not sure if I should join this drop just to get into the Q&A with Fang - to talk about Hifiman's ridiculous quality control and customer service. I just bought a silver RE2000 IEM from their official US store and the stock cable is defective. The customer service ask me to send the cable back without providing shipping label, and ask me "Please declare the value at less than US$20. Any customs duty applied be required to be covered by you if you declare it as US$20 or more." I have no idea why shipping within US has something to do with customs duty. Buying directly from Hifiman makes me feel like I'm buying from grey market. I'll be more than satisfied if Hifiman's QC and build quality can be as good as 50% of some other brands. I had he400i with pads broken in one year (changed pads and sold), Ananda with no sound from one side (ended up with returning) and I'm still worrying about the plastic yokes of my Edition X to break anytime. The only thing I got without noticeable flaws is the he4xx from massdrop. Maybe I can only buy from MD, if I need some basic QC and customer service. I have to admit that I use Edition X more than HD800, Elear, T1 ii or LCD-2, because it's just too easy to drive. Hifiman's tech is magic to me, but the build and QC...

The whole list of things that I'm asked to do for this return:
In your package, please include:
1. The item without any accessories such as the box, case or ear tips.
2. A copy of your receipt or order conformation.
3. A note stating you need a replacement; clearly specifying the following: your name, phone number, email address, address the replacement should be sent to and the issue with the product.
4. Your RMA# is xxxxxxxxxxx, please write the RMA# outside the box and in your note.
5. Please declare the value at less than US$20. Any customs duty applied be required to be covered by you if you declare it as US$20 or more.
Please email us your tracking information once posted. We will arrange the replacement upon receiving your packaged item.
They ask me to write an essay to replace a defective cable. Amazing!
HIFIMAN is just a money hungry pig pig company. I'm pretty sure the HD6XX will be much satisfying.
Would be nice to get a balanced cable included for the price. I would also suggest a price guarantee that if they drop 100 bucks or something after the first drop, then you get your money back. I'm a little gun shy to pull the trigger on these because the Focals (Elex) dropped by 100...
This headphone needs to have a real leather headband, and have better sensitivity (SPL) and a lower price. In my books currently it's worth $299, nothing more. HiFiMAN headphones are all way overpriced anyway. Look at the HiFiMAN Shangri-la - $50,000😵😰
Whats wrong in Shangrila pricing, its a direct competitor to Senneheiser Orpheus at 55 000$
How does the Edition XX compare with the Sundara's
Basically no one has heard the XX, ask again in 6 months. ;)
I have heard the X V2 vs similar Focal Elears etc. and the X v2 really is amazing, Not sure how these stack up against the X v2, though on paper it looks good. I already have Audeze LCD2's etc. which are a different sound at least to me. Having met and known Dr. Fang Bian for years you just have to love the guy and all the hard work he puts in!
Hilarious that a "perk" for joining the drop is a Q&A with Fang.
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It is a positive thing. But you are PAYING them to "listen" to your feedback. Scrooge is fair in his criticism regarding this being a "perk." If Fang actually listens to customers Hifiman QC wouldnt be an internet meme. Broken yokes on the 400s, dead drivers on the Sundaras, revisions after revisions of a model. I love my 4XX but lets not paint a picture of beautiful rainbows and clouds when it comes to HIFIMAN. The verdict is still out.
Wrong. You are PAYING them for HEADPHONES. You are getting an extra perk that you should be thankful for getting in the first place. Bet you'll never get a Q&A with Michael when you buy a pair of Jordans. It is simply not expected. So for someone to criticize when it is offered, which is completely out of the norm, is absolutely a dick move. Don't @ me.
Is there an ETA or timeline on a review / reviews, or whether or not you will be sending out reviewer copies?
I’ve owned the HiFiMan HE500 and HE400, both were excellent sounding but I could never get used to the original headband as both had the pressure point at the top of my head so I couldn’t wear them very long. I joined the drop for the HFM XX but I will get a price from HFM for the real original headband that these were designed with, if it’s north of $50 bucks I’m out. The pleather pads will Also need to be replaced for sure. I’ve bought both Sennheiser offerings for the HD6XX and HD59X because they didn’t cut corners on the quality of the components ( headband,pads and cables). I don’t need a pretty box to justify my purchase either, just sound and comfort. I’ll also check the used market as you might get great sound with these but NO WAY these will be comfortable and if you’ve owned HFM headphones with this headband you know what I’m talking about.
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I agree. They are obviously doing something along the lines of using the last I their old parts stock (read: headbands) and creating a set that fits right at the $600 price point. I’d bet these will be an upgrade from the Sundara but a downgrade from the Ananda/Edition X. For the sound, I’d also bet they will be well worth $600 and will rival the Elex.
ive never tried any hifiman headphones other than the 4xx, which has the same band as the edition XX. I dont have an issue with the headband, comfort wise its fine. it doesnt seem like its going to break easily. ive never tried the higher end headband, but this one is completely functional. I have the monoprice m1060, which has a similar band style to the edition x and i think theyre both equally fine, other than that the suspended band looks cooler.
I love what MD does with their collabs, and I'm sure this proves how shallow I am, but... ... man, these things are ugly.