Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones

Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones

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Update to my last post. I opened up the casing and guess what I found? The tiny clip which acts as a click-lock cum terminal to hold the connector in place was lying free in the cup. Obviously, the connector pushed it in because it wasn’t fixed in securely enough.


See these images.

I have no idea what was holding it in place. I can see nothing there substantial enough to secure the clip against the force of the connector being pushed past it. I stuck it back with SuperGlue which is like trying to fix a amputation with band aid, but I had no choice. I’m sure it will fail the minute I push a connector into the socket.

The only choice is to remove the socket and replace it with a new one, and solder the wires back on. I don’t know if I can find a generic one that will fit. I am fed up to my back teeth with manufacturers being too clever for anyone’s good and using highly proprietary connectors, switches etc that only their devices carry and make the entire device useless if that item fails. If they want to make an impression, let them make a dependable product.

And Massdrop, time to pay heed to the worn out but still very relevant adage: “penny wise, pound foolish”.
Sparingly used HE350. Right sided 2.5mm socket suddenly doesn’t grip the connector. When inserted into the right can, it simply slips out. Very disappointed. Not sure if any warranty covers this.
Massdrop needsto reflect. When you take a great product, whittle it down to barebones features and sell it for a very low price, you don’t call that a bargain or a mass purchase advantage.
This is an audiophile space. Where is the quality?
My HE 350s just broke in two from being placed upon my head. My cans lasted a few weeks. If you look carefully at the picture below, you can see where they snapped. Cheap plastic. Very disappointing. They sound great, but they are useless if they aren’t built well enough to taken off and on again
Anyone in Australia have a broken headband? Would love to purchase it off you. The spare parts will help repair my older Hifimans.
To Massdrop or Hifiman, consider building better quality yokes and either sending them out to the people who bought these headphones or charging us like 5-10 bucks for it. Because currently as you can see on all of these posts below, and my headphones, the yokes on the HE350 break way too easily.

Well I got mine in yesterday evening, and the yoke was broken at the pivit where it transitions to the headband. To say I was not happy would be an understatement. For $100, I expect better build quality. Sent in a complaint to Massdrop, and got an email saying it was being sent to a "specialized team to better assist" me. Anyone know a good way to fix it while I wait for Massdrop to kick it into gear for once? Or, is there somewhere I can get "The Newly Enhanced Comfort Headband Headband for HE400i/HE560" for less then the $75 HiFiMAN is selling it for on their website?
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There's a metal core running through the yokes of the upgraded comfort strap. It's quite a bit better. Sent mine with a friend to Chicago and I've heard zero reports of them breaking. Also took them on Vacation with me for a week. They held up to the beach pretty darn well too.
Go for the different headband. That's exactly what I did, and they've held up beautifully.... Unfortunately that includes a few drops.....
I use Bayerdynamic DT770 Pros, are these worth getting?

Great headphones, until tonight. Never been dropped, handled with care at all times. I'm sitting watching youtube and all of a sudden, the right earpiece falls on my shoulder?! No snap noise, just plop as it drops on my arm. I look at it and it IS BROKE IN THE SAME PLACE ALL THE PHOTOS ARE SHOWING!


I could maybe understand if I banged these around or dropped them. I BABIED these things and they still fell apart. One hundred dollar headphones...but my old Logitech ones that have seen battles are still functional and they cost like 40 something. At this point I cannot recommend buying these. Now I get to go without while I see if I can get these replaced/repaired.

Update: hifiman replaced the yoke, so now we see if it works for a longer period.

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Email Hifiman directly.
I did, and updated the post. The replacement seems to be working well so far.
Just picked up a the he4xx man these are hard to driver harder than the den 6xx.

Any siggestions? Cause on my friends audio gd they sound amazing then on my dragonflyred they’re just eh.
If they make this bluetooth I'll DEFINITELY buy.
Looking forward to mine, and glad to know in advance to handle with care!

I'll be posting a detailed review after I receive mine. Also ordered a Schiit Fulla 2 DAC/amp to pair with them (and my other cans). Should be some good Schiit! :P
I concur
Canada Update: Package arrived (10 Days Total) – Hidden Charges & Shipping Explained! Canadian value listed as $130.87 (@1.3008 exchange rate) No Duty or Excise Taxes GST & PST = $6.54 + $9.16 = $15.70 Handing Fee = $9.98 – Canada Post shipping I assume????

Massdrop at Checkout charged: $ 99.99 for the cans. MassDrop at Checkout charged: $ 15.00 Shipping & Handling

U.S. Delivery Leg – MassDrop/DHL (NJ to NY - 6 Days – 32 km / 20 miles + or -) July 23rd - 5:45 pm: Leaves Secaucus, NJ / July 26th 12:30 am – Arrives New York, NY / July 29th -7:33 pm: DHL
delivers to Canada Customs Ville St-Laurent, QC.
Canadian Delivery Leg - Canada Post (QC to BC - 4 Days - 4,812 km / 2990 miles) July 31st - 8:58 am: Clears Canada Customs Ville St-Laurent, QC / July 31st 10:37 am – Processed Canada Post - 10:16 pm Departs Montreal, QC / Aug 1st – 8:35 am: Arrives for Processing Richmond, BC / July 2nd – 3:30 pm: Delivered Burnaby BC
Now I can only hope the build quality of these headphones is way better then the comments indicate.
I'll let you all know.
To those in Canada the price paid at checkout is not the final price. Expect hidden charges ($27) at the door in
Vancouver upon delivery. That's almost another 30% OF THE PURCHASE PRICE for an order I still have not received. You get Snail Mail to Canada.
Delivery is listed as "Express" yet it took 4 days to go 11 miles from NJ to NY. Then they hand it off to a 3rd party carrier with no notification or tracking link! What are you thinking?
Misleading pricing and delivery.
You need to do A LOT BETTER if your expecting any more of my business!
Not a happy camper...…