Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphonessearch
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Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones

Massdrop x HiFiMAN HE-350 Audiophile Headphones

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I thought these headphone is gonna be easy to run. it's quiet AF, why?
Would these be as good or better than the HE4XX?
No. These are dynamic driver headphones selling for cheaper. I own both and I prefer the 4XX tbh, but these are easier to drive from a phone.

However, there seem to be less breakage issues associated with the 4XX's headstrap design.

I mean, better with regards to headphones is always really subjective. Having spent a considerable amount of time with the 350's, I can say I prefer the 4XX's for just about every reason. But that doesn't mean they're bad headphones. So, make of that what you will.
I can't believe they are still selling these with the plastic yokes.
If you have problems with the yokes (ear-cup supports) breaking, like I did, and don't want an entire replacement headphone, contact HiFiMan directly: for prompt and helpful service that should, in all likelihood, fix the problem.

OR, for a more proactive option:

(You can always ask if HiFiMan will replace your yokes with the upgraded ones after they break as well. You never know)
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The new headband came in today. I compared it to my HE400I headband and it seems legit they've sent the new and improved type of headband. The screws on the yoke clip however are a bitch to come off for the he350 label swap. I gave up switching the clip and went with the blank ones that came with it.
I did the same.
I got my headphones today afternoon. Cool looks and comfy to wear but the sad part is sound is coming only from one can not from another. I figured that problem is with aux cable. One side is not working.

What could be the resolution from Massdrop?
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thank you so much.. I contact support team and they responded like more tickets in queue. Probably take some time to take action on my ticket
Just so you know, I'm not from Massdrop, though I would recommend potentially also checking in with Hifiman directly:
I really do like how they sound, but the build quality is the same as a $5 pair from CVS. The plastic holding the cups likes to bend when you turn your head, and they break in half after only a few weeks. Massdrop were awesome and sent me 2nd pair, and these are broken after only 1 week. The same thing happened with my friend's pair too.
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You're awesome :)
NP my dude. I feel like I got really lucky with contacting support, as they upgraded me. I didn't want to tell people they would definitely have the same happen to them, because who knows, but I had it happen, and it definitely seems to be stronger. Good luck!
Selling mine, because I bought the senns 6XX here in Massdrop and I no longer need the Hifimans. Barely used, very good condition.
I'm selling mine, like new, only used 2-3 times. Turns out I don't like Open Design headphones
LOL... thought these were planar. Should have figured "no way" for the price. Enjoy looking like Princess Leia for some cheap dynamic drivers.
Not really too happy with the quality, After 2 weeks of use they broke on the left side which keep the headphones together, sent a ticket and no reply all day...
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thanks mate. keen to hear more.
I just updated the comment with the finished results.
After just 2 weeks, this. Massdrop support was fast, like hours after submitting the ticket fast. So a new pair is on the way, and these are on their way back. If the new pair suffers the same, then I will regret this purchase, or, maybe make some custom pieces.
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Damn, what a shame.

Well I'm also in on the he-4xx those are metal I believe so they should hold up.
Same, I emailed support again. if I can get a refund for these, I might take that over a 3rd pair. If they'd even do that.