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Massdrop x Input Club K-Type Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x Input Club K-Type Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey Everyone,

Happy to report that the K-Types have arrived at our warehouse, and are now being packed up for shipment! Tracking numbers should start appearing in the next few days, and we expect all units to leave our warehouse by November 10.

We’re super excited to share our months of work with everyone, and want to thank you all for being with us every step of the way.

I’ve also created a talk post to help you set up your K-Type. Please check out and let us know if you have any questions.

We hope you are as pleased with the keyboard as we are!
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Thanks! Just bought it and will try it out when I get them :)

I missed this drop because I was on my honeymoon. Any idea if this will happen again in the future?

Thank you for your time!
Should the Halo True switches have Kailh branding on them?
Anyone interested in buying my K-Type with Halo Clears? It's basically brand new as I didn't like the switches. Please email if you're interested.
Hello, do you still have this board? Just saw your post but it was posted 4 weeks ago. Let me know.
anyone got some nice animations for the keyboard? I am finding using the software really difficult and unintuitive
The usb c connection is shorting out intermittently on the keyboard, have to be wiggled around. Somebody mentioned use a different cable, ordering a new cable. Only one connector seems to work. Both usb c ports give it power, only the left port sends signal. Halo clears, 300+hours.
Be wary of this product. It has shoddy USB-C connections. Mine lasted two days of use then would randomly disconnect.
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I posted about this last week! Mine disconnects and reconnects immediately, but only the second layer of keys works... like I can lower the brightness and use my other custom macros, but I can't type or play games until I restart my computer. I'll try keeping the LEDs off, though they've always been on the lowest setting when this happened (and I'm pretty sure it happened when they were off once or twice, because they went back to normal brightness upon reconnect).
Seems using a USB-C to USB-C cable instead of the one provided has fixed my issue.
What is the best way to clean the white keys?
Howdy folks!

I'm wondering if there is anyone here who has a K-type and is wanting to get rid of it. I would love to buy your used keyboard, even if it no longer works! Just respond to this post and we'll find a way of negotiating a transaction.

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No problem!
I got the Kaihua Speed Copper.
Very nice. I spilled an orange soda in my K-type and ruined a bunch of the Halo True switches that I had chosen for it. I ended up grabbing a set each of the Speed Copper, Gold, and Bronze (or "Thick Gold"?) to play with. I've been using the golds because I really like that Cherry MX Blue style click, but the Bronze also click really nice. I'm keeping the Coppers on hand in case I ever decide I need something a bit quieter.
I'm selling my halo clears switches and keycaps that came with this keyboard. I'm in Ottawa Canada.
Anybody interested please reply me.
Hey GTeee, I'm interested!
Is it still available? We can discuss further at /u/ComplexityBenz on reddit, or let me know if you want other channels.
Yes still available. sent you the message
After couple months of use a switch on the W key already broke. It lost most f it's tactility and feels much lighter. How can I replace it?
Simply use the included Switch/Keycap Puller tools, and remove the offending switch. Replacement is a bit harder... I'd contact MD's support as they are currently the only ones manufacturing the Halo Switches. If it WASN'T either of the Halo Variations, should have any and all of the Kailh/Kaihua variants in stock.

Alternatively, you can also pick up something different and replace select other keys, like the whole WASD cluster to have a different feel for games. Either way, GL.