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Hey Everyone,

Happy to report that the K-Types have arrived at our warehouse, and are now being packed up for shipment! Tracking numbers should start appearing in the next few days, and we expect all units to leave our warehouse by November 10.

We’re super excited to share our months of work with everyone, and want to thank you all for being with us every step of the way.

I’ve also created a talk post to help you set up your K-Type. Please check out and let us know if you have any questions.

We hope you are as pleased with the keyboard as we are!
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Thanks! Just bought it and will try it out when I get them :)

I missed this drop because I was on my honeymoon. Any idea if this will happen again in the future?

Thank you for your time!
I'm selling my halo clears switches and keycaps that came with this keyboard. I'm in Ottawa Canada.
Anybody interested please reply me.
Hey GTeee, I'm interested!
Is it still available? We can discuss further at /u/ComplexityBenz on reddit, or let me know if you want other channels.
Its been a while without any response, are these still in production? Is there any future drops planned?
After couple months of use a switch on the W key already broke. It lost most f it's tactility and feels much lighter. How can I replace it?
I'm interested in buying, preferably with Halo Clears. Email me at with offers!
I received my k-type in November and I have been using it as my daily keyboard every day since I got it. Yesterday I had an issue where 7 keys suddenly failed and will not register key presses. My other keyboards work just fine, and Im not sure if it is something I have done accidentally to disable them, if it is a mechanical issue, or if it is a bug with the software. Has anyone had this happen to them and did anyone find a solution? Thanks.
Lights are cool and everyone should have some.
Thank you Massdrop. The K-type is my daily driver now. And this is truly an amazing keyboard!
Would anybody be interested in a trade for a WhiteFox (TrueFox layout) with 65g Zealios? I've got the switches and sliders hit with thick grease and it's significantly improved the disappointing hollow clack and rattle the thing had when I first received it.
If someone wants to sell Halo Clears/Trues switches let me know :)
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hey man would you like to talk about the keyboard? The other guy did not reply anymore. tell me your reddit or email if so.
Sure, my email is
I really want to buy one of these! If anyone is thinking of selling, please email me at with an offer!
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Thanks! Replied
I want to sell mine. Halo trues.
Swapped the keycaps with the DSA granite, and the results are stunning on the K-type!
Really happy that I purchased the K-type.
Wow that's awesome, where did you get these keycaps?
I bought them from, the granite DSA set.