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Hello Friends,
Every holiday season, we approach our partners and ask if they’d like to do anything special for the Massdrop community. Usually this means more drops for more desirable products at lower prices.
This year, we had a great conversation with our long standing partners at Harman (JBL, AKG, etc) with some exciting results. Through their generosity in the form of a reduced cost, we are able to a new drop on the Massdrop x JBL LSR30X of $179.99 shipped to your door in the continental united states.
The only downside is that we can only offer this on existing units. Future units will have to be sold at the original drop price of $279.99. So once these sell out, the new units go back to $279.99 because JBL can’t give us this lower cost into perpetuity.
Understanding this negatively impacts those who have purchased most recently, Massdrop is refunding the $100 difference to all those who have purchased the LSR30X on or after November 1st 2017. If you purchased the LSR 30X on or after November 1 (in the last 47 days), you’ll receive a $100 partial refund in the days ahead.
Thanks for your interest in this product, and thanks to our partners at Harman for making this holiday surprise possible!
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Is there a limit on how many unit is left? I want to buy another pair but just not at the moment.
I have one (micro fiber cloth) and I do that (whenever I touch them)--and I dust them off on a fairly regular basis too. But once you get them set up, you won't accumulate many additional finger prints. Truthfully, I didn't think I would like that gloss finish, but it kind of grows on you and I don't mind it at all now (sort of a nice break from the Walnut and Cherry finishes of the past). Best part, however, it the sound!
My eye fuckin pain
Anyone know where to buy the rubber isolation feet included here?
I would like to have the same rubber feet on other speakers. This is the right height
Will the XLR inputs work unbalanced? Looking to hook the speakers up to my TV via optical to a dac, then RCA to 3pin XLR

TV optical -> DAC -> RCA -> 3pin XLR (unbalanced).

WIll pin 2 and 3 be used for signal/ground instead of R+/R- or L+/L- if it were balanced?
I bought XLR to RCA cables from Monoprice and they work flawlessly.
Have anyone noticed that the cable coming with the speaker's left/right sides are reversed? Normally the red should be the right side but it carries the left side channel.
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Yeah, noticed it yesterday too. Weird, but it's just a colour-coding issue.
yes this got me fucked up for a while
Loving them so far!! just need to get some foam to put them on and angle them up. Maybe pick up the sub later down the road...*hint**hint* Massdrop......

They remind me of my HD800 for sound quality...but they just put the image right in front and to the side just like magic... I can close my eyes and pinpoint exactly where the singer/drummer/guitar/bass/ are it is awesome!
Did you get any coil wine from the PC?
No, not that I can tell, and I don't think these would cause coil whine.
Do the speakers come in TWO packages? One including the speakers, and one including the hosa cables?
One box with everything.
This is a late comment, maybe helpful to someone if they come back again (if not, sorry if you were sitting on the fence about them). These little speakers are awesome sounding, I use them in a small stage setup (computer desk), the imaging is very nice, vocals, instruments quite nice. I haven't tried to fill a room with them, but from the alcove where the desk is, the sound rings out across my house. I have not compared them to other smallish bookcase speakers. No, they aren't bass killers, but sitting in front of them with a decent sound source (in my case, usually a mac with youtube streaming), they sound great. So much so, i usually forego the fine headphones i've gotten via MD, instead, keeping the sound coming from these. At 180 they were an outstanding value, ended up buying a pair for each of my sons. Presto, amps, speakers, ready for today's tiny sources. Oh, and they look great in the shiny black paint. One of the boxes was a little beat when they came in, MD support said they'd help if there was any issue with them. So far, so good! Thanks Massdrop, this was a great deal!
When plugging the Massdrop x JBL LSR30X in a pre-amp do you leave the volume of the speakers to highest and control it via the pre-amp? What would be the proper way to adjust the volume in such scenario? What should be left at a certain level (what level) and what should be controlled?
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Oh, so from zero to a hundred on the pre-amp will be from zero to as high I've set the volume on the LSRs?
Thank you! This makes sense.
Personally I would put the pre-amp at 50% and consider that regular listening spot, and turn up the volume on the speakers until its at a comfortable listening level. Then if the music is too quiet or you just want it louder you have that extra 50% left to play with.
So I just got mine today (whole day earlier than expected!) My two coworkers who have audio engineering degrees helped me set them up sorta to give them a test and see how they sound. These, being my first foray into more professional sounding speaker tech, sound PHENOMENAL. I do plan to get the accompanying 10 inch sub from JBL later down the road but as is we love them. Thank you Massdrop.