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Hey Everyone! Good news. We’re excited to announce that the Massdrop x K Bares Miami Dolch DSA Keycap Sets have arrived at the warehouse, and we’re planning on sending them out a bit early. They are currently undergoing a quality check, and we expect them to start shipping out next week!
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It probably won't be available retail ever, it might get re-dropped though. I suggest you check out to see if you can find someone trying to sell their set.
I think all the inventory got cleared out during the last two Re-caps so unless it gets a round 2 /r/mechmarket is the only option.
What is the DSA color code for the light grey used in this set??
Damn I missed this. Please run this again.
if anyone wants to sell hit me up.
I've got to let go off the following sets:
1) Base Kit;
2) 60% Modifiers Kit ;
3) TKL Modifiers;
4) Tsangan Kit;
5) 7u Bars;
6) Bonus Kit;
7) Miami Accent Kit .
They have never been used. I'm asking for what I paid: $160 + postage. Send me a pm if interested?
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Try /r/mechmarket/. I'm sure you'll find it.
I was in the middle of posting there when i checked this thread lol, hopefully someone has them
Anybody willing to sell their bonus and vice accent kits? Offering good money for both!
any chance of this being offered again? it's so sweet
Anyone have a picture of this keyset on a Silver or White Case 87 keys?
Selling my whole set for $170. It includes Base, 60%, TKL, Vice Accent, Whitefox, Tsangan and 7u Spacebars.
Nice set! Look and feel is awesome and the DSA profile allows to swap keys wherever you want.
I have my brand new set listed on Ebay if anyone is interested.
Pretty happy with this set. Really regretting not getting the 60% mods though, would go well on the Tada..
Mechanical Keyboards
I received my kit last week and I am happy with how it looks and feels on my Novatouch with silver Norbauer case.
However, the Umlaut keys in the ISO-DE layout really stick out like a sore thumb because the legends are about 20 % larger than on all other keys. Maybe I will move them to a ANSI board in the future.
I received my kit last week, and got tired of waiting for my replacement XD64 plate.
So I mocked up my Alphas and 60% Modifiers on my TKL with DSA Granite to get an idea of what it would look like. Plugged in my MechCables Miami Dolch cable too. Beware the phone quality:
Anyone get duplicate 'R' keys? I got duplicate '9' keys but no 'R' key.
Mech kb noob here but i have to ask- is that a keyboard you built or just swapped keycaps? I'm trying to educate myself before I jump on a keycap drop. I have to have a full size keyboard...prefer w RGB or some kind of backlighting. Would these work on a Ducky shine 6? Already have a cherry mx brown 'gaming' kb but wanting to pick up something generic to customize like yours! TIA!
This is a WASD code keyboard This set will fit pretty much all keyboards. Areas you will want to watch for compatibility issues are the bottom row (The row with the space bar) and the enter key (ISO Standard or the other L shaped one)

A ducky Shine 6 is the exact same configuration as it has a standard bottom row (ALT, CTRL, and the other keys are the same size which is 1.25U) It would be a great choice to dress up with some custom caps. If you want an example on a non standard bottom row (CTRL and ALT are 1.5u and the Win key is 1U)