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Massdrop x Laconico Keen Spear-Point Folding Knife

Massdrop x Laconico Keen Spear-Point Folding Knife

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This knife is a great slicer apples to cardboard boxes. So after some use I have yet to examine the edge of the knife. I am wondering what is the factory edge angle? The bevel is not very high viewed with the eye. Does anyone know more regarding the primary and seondary bevel angles or if it's convex? Also the thickness behind the edge?
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Another member had asked this recently under the Buc drop discussion and found that WE grinds each side to around 25-30* per side.
Mine arrived, at 0.016" - 0.018" thick behind the edge.
Shipping rates outside US?
Aww, no more purple plain. 😢 I was hoping to pick one up next week.
I really like the Keen, but this side of Christmas I can't do it. I wonder if they will bring one out in Blue next year?
Any chance more of the plain grey versions will become available? Love that colour & design.
Just ordered, excited AF!
1002 Sold! (As of November 28th, 2018 5:45 PM Central Time U.S.A.) 1,263 Sold! (As of December 12th, 2018 9:15 PM Central Time U.S.A. )
I’m in love😍
Awsome knife, fit and finish are perfect , blade centering his perfect , The Blade detent perfect , and the flipping action and drop shuttyness is a 10. This knife looks and feels like it should cost twice as much So get one while you can or get 2.

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Yes it shipped from within the U.S. and it took about 5 days from ordering.
I agree. Probably my favorite knife so far from massdrop. smooth ! easy open, easy close. Great slicer !
Is this shipping from the US?
Wow, this one sure is approaching 1000 units fast! We were just at 500, not that many days ago. Well done! This one will need to come back yet again, for sure. The Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Crux, Falcon, and Buc, collectively. Have Sold 8,914 units. Could this Massdrop x Laconico Keen catch that number? I think it will get close. Let's all check back here again, next year at this time. To crunch the numbers, and see just how it turns out.
I got two, one works fine but another one has a super strong detent and is very hard to open. May I know what can I do about it? Read some reviews about no lubrications in the pivot discs. That shouldn’t be the problem though? Please kindly advice.
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No problem. If you do submit a support ticket will you post the outcome if you have the time. Hope everything works out looks like an awesome knife and from the majority of the reviews most really like it. For me it's really aggravating to get an knife that doesn't perform.
This video may help:
This knife would be the perfect EDC but for two things:
  1. The current fetish for titanium handles. I dislike any smooth metal handle. They get very slick when wet with water, perspiration, etc., and it's very easy to lose control of the blade. If this knife had thin, textured G10 scales over a liner lock it would be perfect.
  2. The current fetish for frame locks. I wrote a rather long entry recently in the Ongoing "Tactical" (I wince every time I hear that word) Knives Discussion as to why I would not choose a frame lock for any knife I might have to deploy with some urgency.
Among the MassDrop collaborations, I think the Ferrum Forge Gent is the closest to a perfect EDC, but that's just my opinion.
doesn't point number 2 kinda contradict point number 1? 'traction' is a part of 'tactical'. Rare the occurance will be if I have a $140 folding knife in my hand during wet conditions in which i was truly concerned about losing my grip to complete a must-do task.
There's no contradiction. Frame locks, by definition, have at least one side of the handle / grip exposed frame material. What prevents manufacturers from milling in checkering at about 26 - 28 LPI in this day of 6 axis CNC mills is beyond me - except that the majority of "stuff" (I'm being kind) out there is to be admired and not USED. I don't put a dollar value on any of my working tools. I probably won't have my top-of-the-line, bazillion dollar unobtanium tools with me when I really need them. I carry an old, original Cold Steel Zytel Ti-Light with an AUS 8 blade (original price, if I remember, was about $37.00) and expect it to do the job just as well as my more recent purchases that were well over $200.00 each. I test each and every blade I buy by carrying it EDC for about 6 months then it goes into one of two places:
  1. (The majority) into the "give it to a friend and watch him / her Ohhh and Ahhh over it". I don't need or want it - it doesn't work FOR ME.
  2. The nightstand drawer with all the rest of my EDC.
Life is very simple when you divide stuff into one of two categories: 1. "Stuff" that works FOR ME, and 2. "Stuff" that doesn't work FOR ME. There's no contradiction, just clarity of purpose.
I'd really like one of these, but the Massdrop logo in bold evidence on such a clean nice is a no-go. Massdrop is a great name for a site, but not something to put on a classy-looking object.
I agree. Massdrop is horrible with this.
PZ026 is looking fine! Beautiful knife and my new favorite. Centering v slightly favors the presentation side, but action is perfect!

I got three of these delivered yesterday, and all are perfect! Fit, finish, action, lock-bar engagement percentage, sharpness, and thickness behind the edge. I couldn't be happier. Well done Massdrop, Mr. Laconico, and WE.
I was excited to see a knife listed with a left-hand specific version. I just received the knife and I am disappointed. The knife is NOT designed for left handers, it just has the clip installed on the opposite side so it can be carried in the left pocket. The frame lock is still designed for right-handers, so it is know on the opposite side of the knife from the clip, just like what you would get with any reversable clip knife. It does seem like a nice knife otherwise, but I feel deceived thinking I was getting a left-hand knife not just a knife with the clip reversed.
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The only collaboration knife they've produced so far with a true lefty version (lock and clip) is the Thresher. Although the Perpetua has a true ambidextrous lock and clip. Neither drop is currently up, but I'm sure it they will have some for sale once the initial drop ships as they usually do for collabs. Links below if you want to check them out. The Thresher is a bit more aggressive looking design and the Perpetua is more utilitarian, but both are friendlier to lefties.
I didn’t notice it either. So when I received mine I was extreme disappointed. No show side at all
I just checked yesterday when the drop was ending and it said it had 15 hr left. Now it says it has 24 hr to go again. What's up with this Massdrop?
Its normal, the Drop goes for 24 hours, they ship the knives people ordered and then redo the Drop until all knives they made are gone (at least this is what i suspect)
I got mine a few weeks ago now and it’s one of my best purchases of 2018!! Incredibly smooth, rock solid lockup, fit and finish is top notch! Thank you Massdrop and Mr. Laconico for bringing this incredible knife to us knifenuts!!
I received mine today. I am almost speechless. I got one in the beautiful purple and I can’t quit looking at it. The blade opens with ease using the flipper and I have no problem releasing the lock with my thumb and shaking or closing it with little effort. The fit, finish and quality are immediately obvious. I can’t bring myself to put it down and I am extremely happy with this purchase.
These are, truly special!
Wish it was a true lefty, then I would order one.
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lol, same, I'm getting excited. Not a lefty, but I want to see how it feels with the stud.
I wish I saw this before I ordered. I just got mine thinking it was a true lefty because of it saying left-hand “version”, now after receiving it I realize they just reversed the clip.
Man if this had a clip point I’d snatch it up in a second!
I live in Australia and I've always wanted to buy a knife off Massdrop but I'm worried that customs is going to take it away and I'll just lose my 140 dollars. Is this something that is a genuine concern or should I be fine shipping it to Australia?
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Also, don’t forget to take exchange rate into consideration - these are $190aud
I’m in Australia too. As as long as the knife is not an automatic or a spring assisted folder, it’s legal to import.
Is the grey handle raw titanium or anodized a specific shade of grey?
Pete's impression:
Is this legal for me to walk and ride the bus with it in my pocket for protection? If it's legal?thanks, Ray
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A knife especially one like this is a tool above all else, not a weapon. Seldom would you use it for protection and it would not be good for protection. If you need a good self defense in a sketchy area, pepper spray will kick anyone on their ass long enough to get away.
dude look up your local laws
Hi everyone, We’re happy to announce that the Laconico Keen knives have arrived at our warehouse and are undergoing quality control checks. We’re on track to meet the October 26 estimated ship date and are excited for you to receive them soon!
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WE knives always reliable it seems.
I agree. I've heard a few reviewers kind of "jokingly" say We Knives is taking over the knife world!!😨😲😆 Now much like said reviewers I don't think it's quite that crazy. However they sure as hell have a lot of irons in the fire and that can be directly attributed to There Kicking Ass And Taking Names reputation. IMHO. 😎✌
Nice! #redrop Thank you, Massdrop, Ray Laconico, and WE. For making this re-drop possible. I missed the first one (my fault), and was going just a little bit crazy, for having done so.
These are dropping again and i still have another 1-2 weeks before my preorder hopefully arrives. Feels like i live on Mars. Guys from this drop will see theirs before me. Gripe off.
I did see this time, for the first time. A choice of shipping options. I'm excited that they have done this, and are listening. I popped for the extra $5.00 usd, to save at least 6 days worth of shipping time.
Thanks for spotting that. Another reason to have waited than preorder. Hopefully we’ll see this option more often
Why was this in the daily email if the drop is not active?
It's active now. Maybe you just needed to refresh the page?
I think it went active a little late...either that, or I smoked WAAAAY too much crack this morning. Probably the first one :D