Massdrop x Livingspeedbump GMK Mint Dolch Keycapssearch

Massdrop x Livingspeedbump GMK Mint Dolch Keycaps

Massdrop x Livingspeedbump GMK Mint Dolch Keycaps


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Hey everyone, I have some good news to share: we worked with GMK are going to be able to make this set happen for the community at the listed price!

We’ll be producing the set even if MOQ is not hit on the kits. Because of this change, we’ll be extending this drop until 10:00PM PT on 1/31 to let people who weren’t sure this would be made participate.

Thanks to everyone that really wanted to make this happen!
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My very first keycap set, woohoo!
You won't regret it. GMK makes some of the best caps around.
Hey Everyone!

I hope you like the set! I'd definitely like to thank Zambumon right out of the gate for the renders and really helping me out with this one! Everything I tend to make in this community is with others, I surely don't make awesome stuff on my own!

I wanted to do a twist on a classic, and Dolch is surely a classic. Simple sets are definitely something I really enjoy using, and my past few sets have been very simple. For those of you that don't know the Dolch set is actually based on the keyboard for a Dolch PAC. Not only were the keycaps amazing, the 1800 style layout also makes them still quite relevant and sought after today by collectors!
I have always loved Dolch just because it seems to go well with any keyboard, and looks good on any layout. The GMK Colors in the base set are all standard (3A, CC, N9, 3C) so mixing and matching with other set should be quite easy!
For the mod pack, I wanted something that would not only look well with the base, but also look great on many other sets. Unlike a traditional "mod" pack, that generally was just CTRL, ALT, SHIFT keys, I included the Enter and ESC keys as well, as I generally like just the Enter/ESC combo for flair.

I have tried to keep the kit relatively simple to keep the cost down as much as I can, but provide the best coverage possible as well!

Again, thanks everyone for the positive feedback, if you have any questions, big or small, feel free to ask!
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My apologies - I've made a mistake there.

The MOQ is 250 and the drop price at 250 is $139.99.

Hope this clears it up!
Uniqey C70
Are there any extra Extras Kits? Anyone wanna sell theirs?
Anyone wanna sell their Extras Kit to me?
Is it July already? No :(
Given how GMK has been pumping out sets lately, I'm anticipating this shipping before too long.
History at drop end:
With so many polls with way more popular GMK sets waiting to happen and the HUGE amount of request in previous GMK sets people have been begging to run...why do you make this drop? No insult to the makers who put work into this but as you can see it is not even that popular(and that is facts as we can see by the numbers and struggles to hit MOQ)
I wouldn't say it's not popular. You can see that 126 people joined. For a very nice set of plastic, that's still quite a lot of people, especially considering there are many Dolch variants out there. Yes, it wasn't the high number purchased of GMK Laser, but that set had an insane amount of hype. The main problem of this set was no interest check period to build the hype. People were already hyped up for different projects on other sites and set their money aside from that. Bring into play the super high number of amazing projects happening since November (that I know of) and the super awesome projects going on now and ones that will start very soon plus the damage holiday shopping has done for most people and you've got yourself a bunch of non-hyped people with no money in their wallet.

MD's decision to launch this is likely due to working with LSB before and establishing a partnership. I do with they would partner with the guy who came up with Red Samurai but it makes sense to work with someone you've worked with before from MD's PoV. The worst decision, imo, was to launch this out of the blue.
Funny how the gurentee that the set would run is what helped sell it. Still didn't hit MOQ but 50 orders on the last day of a drop after a bombshell like that isn't anything to sneeze at.
would this fit Zealio Switches? Building first keyboard and would like these caps to be my first set.
History with 9 hours to go:
My understanding of how Massdrop's spreadsheet would look if it showed this drop's latest revisions (although it would be nice to see latest order quantities):
Edit - confirmation this is correct:
Prices -
First price order quantity = 1 (no MOQ) -
$139 just for key caps? Yeah, that's gonna be a no for me dawg.
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do they increase your typing speed by x50?
btw im just kidding I know this enthusiast-level stuff
They give your fingers mini-orgasms.