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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your interest in the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX! This has been an exciting project to work on with the folks at MEE. With many of our partners, we have to spend a great deal of time explaining the audiophile community. First that it exists, second what it cares about (general terms), and third what specifically our audiophile community wants out of a product (as determined from activity on Massdrop and direct input from select community members). With MEE, they understood all of that right off the bat. Mike Jones and his team were excellent to work with, and the product is better for it.

The Pinnacle PX is based on the Pinnacle P1 (

What is the same?

The sound signature is the same as the P1. All the discussions around the P1's sound on Massdrop are very positive so no changes needed there.

The shape of the earpieces. You can wear these up over the ear or straight down, just like the original P1.

The material of the earpieces. The earpieces are still a Zinc alloy, no changes there.

What's different?

The finish on the ear pieces. The earpieces of the PX are finished in a cerakote pvd coating. This is a robust coating that is scratch-resistant (we understand these won't always be in the case).

The cables are much more robust. The cable itself is a higher gauge, but the connectors have also been reinforced internally and externally for a longer life and sweat resistance (these will do great at the gym).

The price, these are $113.99 shipped to your door in the united states with affordable shipping to all our international destinations.

Thanks for your interest! I'll be offline most of the holiday weekend but I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion : )
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Will could you or Cee_Tee share how they compare with the EDC3? I find the PX really good PRAT and details but the mids/violin strings are a little too thin. Cheers :)
Why can not you ship to Japan?
If possible we would like shipping to Japan also correspond!!!
Hey guys I was wondering do you think the Aune X1S would pair well with these?
No optional cable this time? Included cable is just a trash. I threw it away after first try and bought a good one. It should be cheaper sold without the cable or at least to give an option of good cable.
What are the Custom Charges for Shipping to India.
I've been using the comply tips for 2 weeks and I just switched to the double flange. It sounds so much better. The comply were killing the subtleties of the sounds I was hearing. I feel like there's been a very noticible difference in sound quality. The highs and mids just got brought back to life. Even the bass sounds better!

I think because these are heavy the foam was being bent a little and killing the sound or maybe I was using the wrong size of the comply tips. Regardless these double flange tips made a big difference. What's everyones thoughts on this?

TLDR: try different tips they really make a difference.
One of the headphone is defective after six months of use. Doesn't produce sound like the other side at all, even after swapping cables and adapter to the other side. Is anyone else having this issue?
Jumping in to say I've used the PX for many months now and have been quite happy with the sound. They do great when with a powerful source (V20, DAPs). While analytical I haven't found them too harsh with lower-quality recordings.

Funnily for a DD the bass extension is not the best out there, but the air and realism of things like a kick drum is hard for most BAs to compare unless you are moving much higher up the price range. If you look at the FR the mids have slightly different emphasis so while some find it unnatural I still find it ok, but noted that violins can sound a little thin from the Mee. There is just a slight sibilant/metallic edge to certain instruments but I have been pleased with the tonality. Soundstage is great for this IEM and now that I've gotten used to it, gives me problems when comparing with other IEMs with narrower staging. PRAT is also great, the PX does not shy away from pieces with more fine details and doesn't come up short against BAs. Definitely a fun DD to keep.

Build quality isn't too bad, my only gripe is the finish which doesn't bond well with the metal. Got rid of almost all of it so it doesn't look patchy. I had an intermittent connection near the L-plug but Massdrop was quick to send a new cable. Other than that initial fluke I actually am pretty impressed with the sturdiness and feel of the MMCX cable, and may use them on other IEMs if needed.

Great product and amazing value for the PX compared to P1 prices for virtually the same product. Disclaimer - I subscribe to the notion that cables rarely make a difference unless it changes resistance significantly and the earphone specs suggest sensitivity to that change - e.g. very conductive cables for very low impedance multi-BAs. The P1 cable may look nice but I think forgoing that cable for a much better price is worth it.
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2 ways, hard metal file/ruler, or nail polish.
I used a mix of both and fingernail scratching where it was loose. Highly discourage nail polish until the end as it is gooey and hard to keep clean. Just don't be stupid like me - leave the full Mee logo intact - trust me it is hard to remove so only the "M" is left. I have a random raw metal splotch there.

If you scroll further down you will see some experts even sanded/polished for a nicer look and one even electroplated the PX to a cool shade if you are interested :)

Great review I agree with your points on the sound so much. The bass is pretty sad really but the clarity and sound stage is excellent. I also found something off with the mids and couldn't really put my finger on it.
I'm looking for a good set of IEMs for primarily stage performance (bassist / vocals) rather than stationary listening. Would these be a good choice for true IEM (in ear monitor; I wish people would stop using that term for headphones) use? I'm obviously not going to be running a DAC for onstage use. I have a high end wireless IEM system, but want to replace the actual IEMs.
For anyone ordering from the UK and want to know what the custom charges are, it's roughly £21.41 ($29.96). £8.00 of which is a Royal Mail handling charge. It makes the total price I paid around $147.55. (Converted: £86.05 + £21.41 = £107.46)
Double flange tip or single sounds better?
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Well I mean its different for everyone but I like the sound from the double better I think I get a better seal.
Yea I get what you mean. Love the Comply too, just a hassle getting in & out especially when I’m travelling with a compani most of the time. Good hearing that double flange is good since I love those tips. Waiting to get my iems soon, can’t wait!
Will it work with Fiio K1 or need a bigger amp to work?
You don't really need an amp for these.
These definitely benefit from an amp, I can tell you that from experience. On a phone, I can easily max their volume and they're still.not very loud or dynamic. Out of my amp, they sound substantially better and take on the quality you would expect.
I loved my p1 when I had them. Sold them after I got my Noble X.

I would grab a pair of these, if there weren't so many complaints about quality issues.

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