Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMssearch
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Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMs

Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX IEMs

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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for your interest in the Massdrop x MEE Audio Pinnacle PX! This has been an exciting project to work on with the folks at MEE. With many of our partners, we have to spend a great deal of time explaining the audiophile community. First that it exists, second what it cares about (general terms), and third what specifically our audiophile community wants out of a product (as determined from activity on Massdrop and direct input from select community members). With MEE, they understood all of that right off the bat. Mike Jones and his team were excellent to work with, and the product is better for it.

The Pinnacle PX is based on the Pinnacle P1 (

What is the same?

The sound signature is the same as the P1. All the discussions around the P1's sound on Massdrop are very positive so no changes needed there.

The shape of the earpieces. You can wear these up over the ear or straight down, just like the original P1.

The material of the earpieces. The earpieces are still a Zinc alloy, no changes there.

What's different?

The finish on the ear pieces. The earpieces of the PX are finished in a cerakote pvd coating. This is a robust coating that is scratch-resistant (we understand these won't always be in the case).

The cables are much more robust. The cable itself is a higher gauge, but the connectors have also been reinforced internally and externally for a longer life and sweat resistance (these will do great at the gym).

The price, these are $113.99 shipped to your door in the united states with affordable shipping to all our international destinations.

Thanks for your interest! I'll be offline most of the holiday weekend but I'll do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion : )
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I bought my PX last October, but it seems today right after 4 months of verycareful and casual use, my cable stopped functioning properly, it cuts from the jack every time the cable moves a bit. What should be the procedure to claim warranty as I contacted Massdrop but have not got any replies yet. Thank you.
Why can not you ship to Japan?
If possible we would like shipping to Japan also correspond!!!
These are very good sounding iems for the price, however they need a good source! Using my external sound card as an amp (phone headphone out into pc mic in, mic set to 'listen'), the bass became present and the sound became less congested. Straight out of my s7 without an amp, they sounded anemic in the bass and the mid/highs sounded a bit muddy (relatively of course). I will be purchasing a fiio x1ii for on the go listening.
Sorry to be a pain by asking another "how do they compare with" question, but does anyone out there own the PX as well as the Fiio F9 Pro? Some reviews I've seen that do a comparison between the F9 Pro and the Pinnacle P1 state that the sound is pretty similar, despite the F9's lower price - but is this really the case? I'm hoping someone can offer their opinion as I'm tempted to buy the PX but don't want something that sounds too similar to the F9 Pro, as I already have those...
First pair of IEMs arrived defective. Sound was imbalanced. Massdrop did not hesitate to send a replacement after I informed them of the issue. Lo and behold when the replacements came, they too suffered from imbalance sound. I managed to balance the sound by pairing the perfect drivers from each shipment with one another. Now, with both sides working perfectly, they sound absolutely beautiful. In my opinion, something needs to be done about QC. Getting two defective pairs of any product in a row signals to consumers that QC standards are subpar.
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After about a month of use, I'm sure it had to do with the IEMs. The current pair that I'm using sounds just as good as before. The first pair that I received had a massive sound imbalance to it. The left side was clear and sharp, bass was slightly lack luster but it was there. The right side was wonky, bass was completely flat. Imagine watching a YouTube video with one side of your headphones being louder and clearer than the other side. Even now when I pair the two defective ones together, they sound completely distant as if the music is playing from a mile away compared to my shures and my working set. In conclusion I think these IEMs are actually really solid, they are pretty comfortable both physically and in Audio. However, as you said, I can see why some people may not dig these IEMs.
That's fair! I'll get a pair soon so I'll see how they are and if mine have any issues.
Anyone know where to get replacement filters for the PX?
Durable coating? Looking at the reviews, the marketing doth protest too much methinks.
After some time it kind of looks like there are tiny bubbles of air under the coating, you try to scratch it with your nail and you realize that at that place the coating was no longer attached to the housing, it was just, like, hanging there, but it comes off easily like some kind of plastic film. However, at other places, where it is still attached, it holds good. For now.
Mine are certainly showing that paint peeling issue. They are good IEMs otherwise, but the paint issue is rather strange.
I received my Pinnacle PX via a Mee Audio Blue Box. Since I can't write up my review in the review section of this drop I posted it at the following link.

TL/DR: I like and recommend them.
Just read your review on the PX, very good write up.
I passed on this purchase as I was waiting for the MEE X planar / moving coil iEM. When I received I shall do a quick review on them.
Well done on your PX purchase.
does this work from an iPhone 5s ?

if if you need an amp , what would be suitable?
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Yes. I really like the PX. I've been listening to them all weekend. I'm surprised how much I like them.

My iPad Pro drives them well enough for listening when working. Pixel 2 with dongle doesn't get enough volume.

They are comfortable and provide good passive noise isolation.

I have a portable amp I can use them with at the office or when I'm not moving around to much. I'm probably going to pickup the Bluetooth cable and see how that works for use with the Pixel 2.
Thanks again
Really great IEMs, sound is clear and the low end is well balanced.

Although I am having an issue with my cable. There seems to be a connection problem at the 3.5mm jack. Now to have full sound I have to hold a slight pressure to the side on the 3.5mm jack. I have tested it with my G6, IPhone SE, desktop and laptop just to be sure that the problem wasn't on the devices side.
Hopefully I can get a replacement cable under the warranty quickly.

Still a great product!
Has the QC on these improved at all? Or the durability of the coating?
Well, mine are still in excellent shape.. But they are not my daily headset. My only issue is the connection in the 3.5 jack, so the fault is in the cable.. Not a big problem since you can just change it