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Massdrop x RAMA WORKS S01 Remedy Spinner

Massdrop x RAMA WORKS S01 Remedy Spinner

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Hey everyone,

Wanted to address the issues that are been surfaced by the many posts here in discussion.

We've been receiving reports of missing parts due to packaging and the bearing not performing up to expectations. We know this is a big letdown for those affected, and we urge you to reach out to support if affected. We’ll do everything we can to make it right.

We have already started working with our supplier to address these issues and I'll have a more in-depth update once I have all the information. While these issues ultimately affected a slice of participants, their experience is not representative of what you should expect from a Massdrop or RAMA WORKS product. For that, we apologize and urge you to reach out if affected.

The best way to do this is to go to the ‘transactions’ page ( and click ‘Contact Support’ on the RAMA WORKS transaction.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the drop and posted comments to update us regarding your experience with this drop. We appreciate you being a part of the community and making Massdrop better by reporting these issues.

10/6/17 EDIT:
Hi Everyone - we have an update on the replacement bearings for the spinners. They are starting to ship out from our warehouse, and you should be receiving an email with tracking information. If you do not get a tracking number by the end of next week (10/13), please reach out to our community support team.

Thank you everyone for your patience with this drop. We’re looking forward to you all receiving the new bearings!
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Just got my screws. Thanks for sending them!
Just wanted to say thanks and shout-out that yes, received additional screws and the new bearing is MUCH better/improvement. Indeed, it really SHOULD have been included originally, but appreciate the Massdrop "Remedy" to the RAMA Works S01 Remedy problems. ;-)
I got the bearing for the spinner, spins for much longer now... now my concern is the buttons, they don't fit quite snug to the bearing (this one and the previous bearing) and sort of annoys me it does not sit right into the bearing hole and such.
got my replacement bearing and screws and STILL this thing spins horribly...under 25 seconds on my best try...
i tried removing and reinstalling the bearing multiple times, this is the best i could manage. whoever designed this thing did a poor job with how the bearing fits. i wish i could get my money back...
The only thing I can think is that you are over tightening the screws and damaging the bearing.

I can get nearly 3 minutes on an average spin, probably more if I were to really crank it. I could always get over one minute with the previous bearings that weren't that great.
Can someone recommend an alternative spinner?
try the SMRT spinners, i got the Prometheus model and its really well made, spins like a dream and looks amazing.
Just got my replace bearing, glad massdrop tried to fix this (though the polish quality is quite poor).
did the new bearing solve the poor spinning? mine still spins like crap even with the new bearing.
for me, it sounds much better, it does make sound but not noise to me, like it.
I received my replacement bearing and screws, and also my replacement full spinner, including a second new bearing and new screws. The new bearing if so much better than the original: It should have been the original to begin with! Terrible QC on the first one.

I'm glad Massdrop sorted this out, but honestly, all of this should have been sorted for the original drop.
Anyone tried to cleaned the grease off the new bearing yet? Does it get louder but spins longer?
Just received my replacement bearing. Its MUCH better than the stock one. Bearing is a "freesport speedballs 608-rs" Its a little loud but I can get about 2:30 of spin time, which for reference is about 15sec longer than my Grimsmo spinner
I still haven't received the replacement screws and bearing...
I replaced the stock bearing with a 608 bearing from a German engineering company. Spin time is now great. The thumb caps do not fit properly though so is there any suggestion for a set of thumb caps to replace the Massdrop ones? I want them to fit snugly inside the bearing inner race and not rattle about like the Massdrop ones do.
I got my bearings and screws. The new bearing has a tougher outer shell and as such stands up to the grubs a tiny bit better, it runs smoother when installed but is still very loud. It's a closed bearing that says FREESPORT on made by twolions. I see some people got quiet versions so maybe i'll try to clean/adjust mine some more.

So all in all, not the greatest resolution. The extra 60 dollars I spent on fingercaps and a 3in1 kong adapter and a high quality bearing turn it into a better spinner though, but what can you do.
Got the new bearing.
Blows the old one away.
The spin is so quiet and long.
Now I need to put in a request for a new body since mine like many others had imperfections.
Thanks MassDrop for finally fixing the bearing.
Sad to see Rama go quiet since I sincerely appreciate his genius. And his caps are one of the best metal caps ever made if anyone ever wants one, buy them.
I am away on business trip and couldn't get the chance to try to new replacement bearing. So far the comments say its good! I can't wait to get back to try em out. Thanks MassDrop for making this right!

I bet someone is smacking their head like "damn we shouldve just went with this bearing in the first place...."
I've found that massdrop/vendor to be especially generous for sending out multiple shipments of spare screws and bearings. Thanks anyway despite I wouldn't ever need it.