Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headsetsearch
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Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

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Is the PC37X open-back or closed-back?The PC37X is an open-back headset.
This means that there is no physical structure that envelops the back of the drivers. In general, open-back headphones have a superior soundstage when compared with closed-back headphones. This is because a closed ear cup produces reflections in the sound. This means the perceived location of a sound is more precise, which is specifically important in gaming (think CS:GO).

What are the drivers in the PC37X? How is the sound quality?
The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X uses the same drivers as the Sennheiser PC 373D.
Regarding sound quality, the PC37X is very comparable (if not superior to) audiophile headphones in the same price point, and it sounds better than the vast majority of gaming headsets.

How is the mic quality?
The PC37X has one of the best mics among headsets that we’ve tested. Most complaints for gaming headset mics are a result of either hardware issues (manufacturers using cheaper parts or making suboptimal design decisions) or software issues (manufacturers adding an on-board soundcard or proprietary software that performs poorly). On the hardware side, the PC37X contains a mic that is designed specifically by Sennheiser (which has extensive experience as a microphone developer and manufacturer) for high-volume, low-distance recording. On the software side, the PC37X has no signal processing and outputs straight into the mic jack on your motherboard or soundcard, therefore avoiding any potential issues.

Is the cable removable?
Yes, the cable is removable and replaceable.

I plugged in the PC37X and the sound or mic doesn’t sound right/good?
Most issues that users have experienced are due to problems with their computer hardware or software setups. Unfortunately, it can be hard to diagnose the specific reason or root cause. @acey for example has written a reply to help solve one user’s problems (*1).
One thing to mention is that, it’s generally recommended to plug the headset directly into the sound card (as opposed to using front panel audio ports) in order to minimize interference.

Does the PC37X work for console gaming (PS4, Xbox One, etc.) or mobile or mac?
Yes, however, you will need an adapter or a separate cable. The included cable ends in two jacks (headphone & microphone) whereas most consoles/phones have one port that takes a TRRS (4 pole) AHJ/CTIA standard 3.5mm jack.

If you want an adapter, something similar to this one (*2) should work. For Macs, something similar to this one (*3) should work.

If you want something more sleek, you can get a cable that plugs straight into the headset and ends with a TRRS jack. Something similar to this one (*4) would work.

Is there a limited amount of units available?
Yes, for the second production run, we are limited to 600 units. We are currently working with Sennheiser to increase the limit.

Will this drop be available internationally? What will be the shipping price internationally?
Yes, the drop will be available to all international countries that Massdrop ships to. International shipping will be around $15.

We will continue to add to the FAQ as more questions arise.
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So I’m still trying to figure what’s the difference between these and the Game One? I have the Game One and trying to decide on getting these as a back up.

Fyi I bought their GSX 1000 DAC to pair and it’s freaking awesome!
I think the difference is down to color, and maybe included accessories. I think this Massdrop edition is quite a value.

I hear you on the GSX 1000! A very convincing binaural “surround” result, with low reverb it often makes me double check its actually playing through my headphones and not my speakers. I wish they made a version for game consoles.
Can I know the exact size for the earcup?
which one its better:373D,GAME ONE OR PC37X?
They are good, good mic for its price, but if u live in another country than america, i would reccomend Sennheisers game one, cause shipping will make it cost more than the game one. But im happy with it. Have a small head if that helps.
how long will it take to ship to CT, stamford USA
i, i use a pc37x gaming headset, but after around 2 months of use, i found that the headset i was once loving, was becoming my worst nightmare, first, around 4 days ago, when it was fully plugged in (like usual) the sound started to become muffled, and i couldn't hear voices. I found a work around however (tugging my cord a little bit out fixed it) but, now, sometimes, audio gets completely cut out, and i have to reinstall and restart my computer everytime it does this, and this is common, im now using apple earbuds which are terrible, and desperately looking for a fix, any help? (and no, i did not spill water or anything that i know of on the cord/headset)
I have a pair of audio technica ad700x that started doing this And it was the cord that went bad.
Can these be driven with my motherboard's built-in Audio Boost 3 sound-card? I plan on getting the GSX 1000 sometime in the future but I want to enjoy these as soon as they arrive.
does anyone know how comfortable these are with glasses? and how much the import fees would be for the uk?
Are the ear pads removable or are they glued on?
They can be removed. Cleaning them is super easy to :)
How does this headset feel with earrings and glasses? I have been struggling to find an over-ear headset that doesn't hurt my earrings/glasses after a few hours.
Hi! I have couple of questions about this headset if anyone can help me.

Based on some reviews and pictures it seems like PC37X's ear pads has a little bit smaller holes for ears than most of the Sennheiser's over ear-headphones have. I have "average/medium" (adult) sized ears. Will this headset's ear pads put pressure on my ears if I'm wearing them long periods of time? Is it recommended to replace those ear pads with some other pads that has bigger holes for ears or does it change the sound too much? I need headphones/headset mainly for gaming/music/movies.

Also how this headset handle Rock/Metal music? I need something that doesn't have too much bass but still has that "punch" that you need for bass guitar and double bass and good details for other instruments, I know that these are maybe tuned little bit more for gaming, still wondering...

I would really appreciate if someone could answer before the next drop ends. Thanks!
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Thanks for the reply! Can you tell how bad is the heat build up on ears with stock pads? If you used them long enough before swapping to leather ones of course. My ears usually sweat alot especially with ATH-M50x's but those are also clamping very badly.

Now if someone knows how this headset fits my musical preferences, I'm almost all set.
The heat build up is a lot worse with the leather ones but it doesn't make me sweat too much. I upgraded from astro10's and lots of other cheap budget headsets and the stock ear pads keep some heat in but not too much. I can't personally tell you that these are the best because I haven't tested out any other headphones at this price range. I've mostly tested in the $30-$60 range but overall these seem the best I've tested so far.
I have recently bought this headset and has worked great up until today... For some reason my microphone isn't being detected through my PC. Under Recording, it says the microphone is "not plugged in", and I made sure it was. I don't know if its the headset or a windows update or etc. If anyone has had this problem, please let me know how you fixed it!
Go into the bios and next to the %headphone/data/44081% and change the 3rd pitch in value from 0 to 7 then change all the other values to -3. If this Doesn't work then raise %micdata% in the sapped. Or replace your cable
Audio through my computer (YouTube videos, games) gets sparsely picked up and played through my headset into, for example, Discord when I have voice activity. This wasn't an issue with the Sennheiser PC363D that I had prior to the PC37X, and it's pretty annoying--any ideas?
I am also having this issue! Sounds through my computer are sound either super compressed or very faint and distorted. I tested them using both my onboard audio and a usb sound card and it still does the same thing.