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Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X Gaming Headset

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*Stickied* ________________________ Is the PC37X open-back or closed-back?The PC37X is an open-back headset. This means that there is no physical structure that envelops the back of the drivers. In general, open-back headphones have a superior soundstage when compared with closed-back headphones. This is because a closed ear cup produces reflections in the sound. This means the perceived location of a sound is more precise, which is specifically important in gaming (think CS:GO).
What are the drivers in the PC37X? How is the sound quality? The Massdrop x Sennheiser PC37X uses the same drivers as the Sennheiser PC 373D. Regarding sound quality, the PC37X is very comparable (if not superior to) audiophile headphones in the same price point, and it sounds better than the vast majority of gaming headsets.
How is the mic quality? The PC37X has one of the best mics among headsets that we’ve tested. Most complaints for gaming headset mics are a result of either hardware issues (manufacturers using cheaper parts or making suboptimal design decisions) or software issues (manufacturers adding an on-board soundcard or proprietary software that performs poorly). On the hardware side, the PC37X contains a mic that is designed specifically by Sennheiser (which has extensive experience as a microphone developer and manufacturer) for high-volume, low-distance recording. On the software side, the PC37X has no signal processing and outputs straight into the mic jack on your motherboard or soundcard, therefore avoiding any potential issues.
Is the cable removable? Yes, the cable is removable and replaceable.
I plugged in the PC37X and the sound or mic doesn’t sound right/good? Most issues that users have experienced are due to problems with their computer hardware or software setups. Unfortunately, it can be hard to diagnose the specific reason or root cause. @acey for example has written a reply to help solve one user’s problems (*1). One thing to mention is that, it’s generally recommended to plug the headset directly into the sound card (as opposed to using front panel audio ports) in order to minimize interference.
Does the PC37X work for console gaming (PS4, Xbox One, etc.) or mobile or mac? Yes, however, you will need an adapter or a separate cable. The included cable ends in two jacks (headphone & microphone) whereas most consoles/phones have one port that takes a TRRS (4 pole) AHJ/CTIA standard 3.5mm jack.
If you want an adapter, something similar to this one (*2) should work. For Macs, something similar to this one (*3) should work.
If you want something more sleek, you can get a cable that plugs straight into the headset and ends with a TRRS jack. Something similar to this one (*4) would work.
Is there a limited amount of units available? Yes, for the second production run, we are limited to 600 units. We are currently working with Sennheiser to increase the limit.
Will this drop be available internationally? What will be the shipping price internationally? Yes, the drop will be available to all international countries that Massdrop ships to. International shipping will be around $15.

We will continue to add to the FAQ as more questions arise. *1: *2: *3: *4:
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I‘ll second @Cyrillus00 ‘s GSX 1000 recommendation. It’s specs are perfectly rated for the PC37X (It’s almost like... they were made for each other), it’s driverless software means there’s less that can go wonky or make setup complicated, sounds good with music, and I find it has the best surround DSP I’ve tried to date, other than the Smyth Realizer A16 (which costs over $4000).
I am also on my second Creative G5, but I just have the worst luck with this model, and the Katana is working better for me when I want some surround with my game consoles.
I have had a lot of fun with the Creative Sound Blaster E5. Its DSP virtual surround and supporting software are pretty amazing compared to Razer Synapse virtual surround and one other software virtual surround product I tried that has skipped my mind at this time. It is capable of being used on the go, supporting USB host connection to an Android or Apple phone, analog stereo 3.5mm aux cable, and if you are ok with the sound quality of wireless its Bluetooth AptX support is probably as good as it gets (I prefer it to the Noble bluetooth converter that I bought for my Noble 3 universal IEMs). It also supports optical input if you want to use it with a game system that outputs surround that way.
It is top-notch for PC gaming purposes, but it also makes a good showing for audiophiles. Reviewers claim that it performs better than the Fiio products in its class (I read reviews for days when trying to decide on a portable DAC/Amp to use with my Sennheiser One and HD 650). You can probably easily find something better in a desktop stack/unit if you throw another $150 at it, but I don't think you could find many portable competitors without a couple hundred extra in your wallet.
The Sound Blaster G5 was exciting to me when I first saw it, but it appears to be very sub-par in comparison reviews with its elder sibling.
I don't have the luxury of having been able to AB-compare the E5 to other DAC/Amp combos, so I am only really a heresay source having read many reviews for things in the $200-300 portable market from 2 years ago. Depending on your budget, whether you care about mobile use, and what new products are now available I could be wrong. It is also possible Google led me astray. If you can find a way of listening to it and/or other DAC/Amp products, your ears will be a much better judge than any of us (audio is so subjective that you might be happier with a product that other people bash in reviews).
In the end, though, I am happy with my purchase.
Is this headset going back in stock?
Is there any noticeable difference between this and the Game One?
When will these drop again? I was planning on getting these as a gift for someone. I’ve hardly ever seen these not available for purchase
I would really love these to drop once more on Christmas Eve. I’d really love this hesdset. If it drops I’ll buy one of my friends a head set too and tell my other friends about these headphones
How many request till drop is available?
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Over 7k requests. Can we get this again in time for Christmas gifting?
Yeah I agree, I got a pair of these at the start of the year and I want to get another pair as a present for a friend!
Quick question; I've seen some reviews on here from people who've said that flipping the mic up to mute it over time could separate the mic from the actual headset and could also break the flip-to-mute feature, just wanted to know if this is true or if anyone else has experienced this, thanks.
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Yes it did give me some insight lol, thanks. I plan on pairing this (or the Game One if this doesn't have another drop before Christmas) with the Sound BlasterX G5 but that only adjusts the headphone volume. I'll do whatever it takes to fix any issues I may experience once I get this headset (or the Game One). One last question (promise this is the last one), how's the overall comfort with this headset? I was using the Sennheiser HD 598cs for a while and I started experienced some swelling behind my ear after a while (gross I know).
Riggz, I will tell you now. These are by far the most comfortable headphones i've used. They've never hurt my ears even after constantly using it for 12 hours straight. (gaming and video editing, i'm somewhat of a hermit, lol). The velvet cuffs are really soft - comfort is something you don't have to worry about.
my son has used for 10 months w his xbox and the microphone is no longer working. It will be over 12 months since they were bought as a gift. Wondering if there is a warranty that still applies and where to get them fixed whether there is or not
As per the drop page there is a two year manufacturer's warranty. contact Sennheiser customer support to see what options may be available to you.
What cable do i need to order for a replacement for the mic? My dog just chewed through mine, and I am way to upset to do real research... Please help me...
Was it the cable that was damaged or the mic itself? You can order a replacement cable here: It's says it's for a different headset but it's the same cord cable they use for it, the same replacement I got for myself too.
I want to know 3 things before I but today:
  1. I live in Israel and most of the times I order something it takes 3 weeks to arrive. I want to know how long it will take the product to arrive and if it arrives to my home or to the closest post office
  2. Is there any warranty? Worldwide?
  3. Any good USB adapters?
  1. The product ships when the drop ends, the drop date should be visible on the main page.
  2. Answer is written on the main page as well.
  3. This headset doesn't feature a discrete soundcard, and you'll find no "usb-adapter" for it, unless you invest in a dac or amp driven off a usb.
How do these compare to the Sennheiser Gaming headset Headphone (PC 363D)? It sounds like this one has removable cable (which is a plus) and doesn't have the usb sound card which was used for 7.1 surround (could be a plus or minus, not sure). Anyone have any feedback? I ordered a PC363D on amazon and it came broken, right can does not work and the usb sound card was scuffed and broken too. I am sending it back and getting a refund but I may end up going with this one now because of the removable cable. Much easier to fix a broken cable when its removable.
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Got them yesterday, best ~$100 headphones I've ever owned. Great sound. Open back is nice for sound stage but if you're in a noisy environment get ready to hear it. Otherwise these are perfect. Very happy with the purchase.
Oh yeah, total eargasm.
The plugs for the microphone and audio inputs are separated! In game zero they have 2 cables (one with built in cable).

Are these just a repackaged Game One? Are the technical specifications the same? I saw the Game One priced via Amazon for $109 today. They include the extra cable for use with a mobile device or game console. Not sure what to purchase. I can live with the red color accent on the Game One if that's the only difference.
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Are the drivers better or comparable? I just want to get the best quality if each headset is priced relatively the same.
From what I gather, this headset is better than the Game One. I have the PC37x and I love it, I can't say i've ever used the game ones however.
What cheap DAC can I pair with these for ps4 and pc usage?
Don't need a DAC, just plug them into the motherboard for best sound quality for pc, but for playstation, you'll need an adapter for the cord since mic and sound is split into 2 plugs, or you can get a replacement cable witch terminates into one plug.
Just had a quick question, will the audio coming out of the ear cups get picked up by the mic due to the open back design?
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Well. I don't own any gaming headset. I don't even have a regular headset either. I never had one. So, I was looking for a gaming headset on youtube. I found a video something like "My New favorite Gaming Headeset." The review seem good and I decided to purchase it. The video might be 2 or 6 months old. However, I watched it 4 days ago. Though it wasn't nice of Massdrop to trick me like that. Telling me to register in order to see the price, and when I did register, it's not in the stock.
Ahh, yeah that's probably the issue. Finding videos about the PC37x can be problematic due to the drops being time sensitive, unless it was a recent video. I can understand your fustration with having to sign up to massdrop to view the prices, that's unfair to you. However, if you do want to purchase these headphones you would've needed to sign up in any case. A silver lining to this now is that you can request for the drop to come back and get notified via email when it drops again. I could even let you now if you'd like.
I just received my PC37X a while ago, I'm very satisfied with my purchase, but I've always wondered if I can wash the ear pads/cups I know they're removable from watching some reviews on YouTube however I don't know if it's okay to wash them after a long time of using them. Any suggestions?
Damp cloth if you're doing maintenance I think, velour cloth to get dust out.
just got mine in today and I cannot chat with anyone cause the mic sends out terrible feedback and no one can hear me
i have the same problem! hopefully they will provide a solution
yeah the mic is somewhat quiet for me, I've had to boost the volume of the mic pretty significantly.
Hi anybody from Philippines is stuck with the shipment tracking event in germany for a couple of days now? I tried emailing massdrop and dhl also contacting our local dhl sadly its not helping me at all on where exactly my package is. :(
Would these be here by Christmas?
So I got these headphones without really knowing the full impact of what a open back headphone would be like. I have just one question, why would you ever make a pc gaming headset with an open back design? While I am wearing them, I can hear ambient noises like I'm not even wearing them. So when my video card gets going that's all I can hear. What sucks is all the reviews I have looked at made no mention of this issue. I suppose Ill have to look into modding them
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most people enjoy being able to hear what’s going on around them, as well as the superior spatial sound from open backs. this isn’t an issue, this is an advertised feature of these headphones.
It's quite clearly mentioned that they're open backed, and this design's strong point is a better soundstage, meaning that you'd be able to hear better where stuff are located, like all the people who play CS wants.
Hi fam, been checking the reviews out for these earphones and they look awesome so far. Hardward Canucks really got me interested in a pair of these for my gaming needs. Just a quick question; my ears have a horrible track record of ruining earbuds and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to get them replaced?
You can buy replacement pads from Sennheiser, they use the same pads as the gameONE headsets.
The shipping for this says I need to pay COD (Collect on Delivery) of $30.46 CAD. Why do I need to pay on-top of what I already had to pay for in this drop (as I had to shell out $200 CAD)?
It’s called import duty.
I am using a PCV 05 to connect this to my 2017 Dell XPS 15 laptop, but the microphone is not being picked up. Does anyone have any advice?
Probably because you are using the adapter. Does the laptop have an microphone jack at all? Try just plugging in the microphone and right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right and theclick trouble shooting and go into properties and click recording then press configure and set up the microphone.
I have a big ass head is this a big headset or a smaller one I have a artics 7 headset and it’s reallg uncomfortable to wear, if any of you can tell me please do.
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I too have a big ass head. These are good for up to 8 hours of comfort.
also worth mention have had a least a dozen different brands from logitech, turtle beach, razer, corsair. This are the most comfortable i have ever owned and the best sound as well with a cheap fulla schiitt dac/amp.
Hi, I have recently bought a pair of these and they worked great for the first couple days, but they are currently not working, whenever I attempt to use them, the audio goes through my computer's speakers, I have set the headphones to default in the sound card settings, but this hasn't helped. Has anyone had any similar problems or experiences, if so, did you find any good solutions? Thanks
So my Logitech G430s broke, all good got them for free only lasted a year.... Would you guys recommend these headsets for a casual gamer? I would use them for my PS4 (I have the adapter from my G430 so no worries) and PC gaming. I do not own one of those DAC things though, and honestly, I don't know what they do really. So if I get these headsets am I wasting their value if I don't purchase a proper DAC to go with it for PC gaming?
DAC stands for digital to analog converter. It just takes the digital audio stream and converts it to analog, so it can be amplified and played back. Every device has one built in, but they're usually pretty cheap. Cheap DACs measure surprisingly well, but small improvement can be had upgrading to a separate unit. An advantage of the separate DAC is it's much less likely to pick up electrical interference. What benefits many headphones more than a DAC is a good amplifier. That said, I own the GAME ONE headset, which is nearly identical to this, and they sound great just plugged into my PS4 controller. When I use them on PC I run them through a DAC/amplifier, and they definitely sound better, but I'd still recommend them for just plugging into a PS4 controller. If you really want to blast the volume, the PS4 controller might not have enough juice, but I thought they were loud enough. Of course, they only lasted 18 months, but that's another issue.
I have the g4me zeros. The 150 OHM version and they're more accurate positioning wise in games than my HE 400i or my DT 990's. They're the most accurate headphone for gaming I've ever used. Mine are high impedance so an amp is absolutely necessary. The Objective 02 is amazing entry into headphone amps and will add to your gaming experience. I dnt know how these react with a console loudness wise without an amp. So keep that in mind.
I've had a Game One headset for 18 months, which is closely related to this model. The quality hasn't been great - the right earpiece recently started cutting in and out. How is the quality on these? Have any long term owners had issues with the volume wheel or right earpiece?
I've had the headset for over a year now and my headset is still in perfect working condition (and I haven't been the best of owners for it).
Is there a different cable that I can get? I hate the stock braided cable
How long will it normally take to ship to Finland?