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Hey Everyone,

It’s come to our attention that there is an error with the row profiles on the icon mods kit. The manufacturer is already working on a replacement and we expect the new kits to arrive in about 2 weeks.

Our community support team will be reaching out to those who are affected, so look out for an email today with more information.
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lol, the person you bought them from. Massdrop would have no way to verify your purchase.
Think logicaly. There is no direct relationship between you and Massdrop in this regard. So yes they will not send you any replacements because they did not sold that item to you. In that case you should talk to person you bought the item from.
Finally got mine (technically I received it months ago but I live abroad so I only got my hands on them today). Ordered base + int kit. Unfortunately one key was missing, the INT kit "7" key with / and {. I code a lot so it is pretty important to me.

What do I do now? Do I lodge a complaint with Massdrop? Is it something that can be fixed without involving them? This is my first drop ever so I am not sure about how to go about it.
I contacted MD since I realized this discussion is pretty much dead, let's see what they respond. The keycaps are awesome - beautiful and with a very nice tactile feel. Great work.
Closure: MD will send me a new, complete int kit, will probably arrive in a couple of weeks. Great customer service so far.
On ducky
Yuri on 96 keyboard.

Is there any way for me to get Novelty kit?
I bought Icon modi, spacebars, glorious, and at the time I got my Yuri,realized that forgot to buy novelty kit :(
Just received my set a couple of days ago with this small imperfection, believe it's the orange plastic moulding sticking out from the cap. Contacted the support and they mentioned there's no replacement part available as this is ordered in bulk only. Not that serious with this small cometic issue, but it makes me worry with my next incoming GMK Nautilus order (e.g. missing keys, broken stems etc).

I received my mod icons fix kit just now. The CapsLk and 1.75u right Shift are now in correct profile.

Thanks! As an upside I now have a CapsLk and RShift for some really exotic key layout. :D
I bought the Ergodox kit and sold my Ergodox before the kit arrived. PM me on Reddit if you are interested in buying it.

Just received email for shipping notification regarding Icon Mod Kit Fix. Thank you MD and GMK.
My kit was shipped (to South Korea) on Oct 16th, but it's stuck forever in the transit facility in DEFRAA, DE. Is it normal? Is the German transit facility super-busy right now?
mine was stuck there forever then got updated that It couldn't be shipped to me :/ they returned it to sender on the next update on the tracking #. I had to contact customer service to get them to send me a replacement.
Gosh... I'll have to contact the customer support too. Thanks for the reply
Блядь! Totally missed the boat on this beauty. Any plans to eventually offer another run of base + cyrillic caps?
Maybe in a year or two
Quick question:. Does the base kit contain all of the keycaps / sizes necessary to cover a Pok3r RGB? Thanks!
Yes it does.