Massdrop x The British Belt Co. Dress Beltsearch
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Massdrop x The British Belt Co. Dress Belt

Massdrop x The British Belt Co. Dress Belt

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Cordovan. When are you adding cordovan? In the alternative, Ox Blood.
I bought two of these and love them. but I have since lost some weight and they are now too long. is there a way to shorten the belt? Thanks!
If they had wing tips.. i’ld buy
Ox Blood!
Gray suit dude is on the 5th hole. Time for a smaller belt bro.
I paid $38 for this belt a few months ago. I was hoping to pick up a lightbrown model. I like my black belt, but $49.99 is not a value for this belt.
Ok, this is completely ridiculous. Every day this drop comes back with the same stock it used to have before the drop ended.
This is not a drop anymore but just a regular sale.
The belt quality is also complete garbage.
Like lv1ushka stated, the belt creases like crazy. Not worth the $50 by a long shot. Quite disappointed with Massdrop on this one (Not with The British Belt though, their belts were always garbage. Just a shame it took me 3 belts to find that out)
Here are pictures:

Last picture is for you to compare to how they came in the mail after I bought them.
Some of you might think that the creases are there because of pressure I exert on the belt, and you are right, but not to that extent. Creases due to the buckle pressing on the leather is somewhat understandable, but not to the extent of reaching 2 holes further than where the buckle is (I buckle on the 3rd hole on the black belt, and 2nd hole on the tan). The belt looks very bad if you have good attention to details, which my girlfriend does, so I now need to spend even more money on replacements.
Made in England is much like Made in USA. Certain personalities mythologize it out of some misguided variety of ethnic pride - to their own detriment of course. As a general rule, where protectionism reigns, the consumer loses.
Any possibility for the belt to be in smaller sizes?
What is the warranty on this belt?
Seriously, quit messing around and offer cordovan, Massdrop!
I am a little disappointed in the quality as well. The leather is creasing just like in lv1ushka's pics and the buckle is poorly made. The inside of the buckle isn't smooth. It looks like the time that as a child I spray painted my bicycle with no prep done on the metal. To be fair no one but myself will ever notice the imperfections in the buckle. I was expecting more given that I was very happy with the quality of their less expensive Langham belt that I ordered on Massdrop.

I am very disappointed with this purchase. I got two belts in December and after one month of wear they have visible wrinkles and bends. I have 8 years old French leather belt that looks better than this belt after one month. Low quality, very frustrating. Pics attached.

Thanks for sharing!
When can I buy black - 38 belt? I wanted to buy that one, but it is sold out...
What color is nevada mocha?
I have the same question.
Based on the description, it says walnut is the light brown, so I’d assume nevada mocha is the darker brown.
Where is size 44 in brown and walnut???