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Massdrop x The British Belt Co. Dress Belt

Massdrop x The British Belt Co. Dress Belt

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Cordovan. When are you adding cordovan? In the alternative, Ox Blood.
I bought two of these and love them. but I have since lost some weight and they are now too long. is there a way to shorten the belt? Thanks!
Ahoy Mate, you could take the belt to a reputable shoe shop & ask them to shorten the belt at the buckle end. this involves removing the buckle & shortening the leather. It will never be done like at our factory but might help. OR you can purchase new belts. Wish i had your problem of loosing weight :)
Hi, I see review for the current BBC calfskin appear to be his or miss - any thoughts?
If they had wing tips.. i’ld buy
Ox Blood!
Gray suit dude is on the 5th hole. Time for a smaller belt bro.
I paid $38 for this belt a few months ago. I was hoping to pick up a lightbrown model. I like my black belt, but $49.99 is not a value for this belt.
Ok, this is completely ridiculous. Every day this drop comes back with the same stock it used to have before the drop ended. This is not a drop anymore but just a regular sale. The belt quality is also complete garbage. Like lv1ushka stated, the belt creases like crazy. Not worth the $50 by a long shot. Quite disappointed with Massdrop on this one (Not with The British Belt though, their belts were always garbage. Just a shame it took me 3 belts to find that out) Here are pictures:


Last picture is for you to compare to how they came in the mail after I bought them. Some of you might think that the creases are there because of pressure I exert on the belt, and you are right, but not to that extent. Creases due to the buckle pressing on the leather is somewhat understandable, but not to the extent of reaching 2 holes further than where the buckle is (I buckle on the 3rd hole on the black belt, and 2nd hole on the tan). The belt looks very bad if you have good attention to details, which my girlfriend does, so I now need to spend even more money on replacements.
Made in England is much like Made in USA. Certain personalities mythologize it out of some misguided variety of ethnic pride - to their own detriment of course. As a general rule, where protectionism reigns, the consumer loses.
I wish I saw your post earlier. I am experiencing the same creasing and am disappointed by the quality of the belt
Any possibility for the belt to be in smaller sizes?
What is the warranty on this belt?
Seriously, quit messing around and offer cordovan, Massdrop!
I am a little disappointed in the quality as well. The leather is creasing just like in lv1ushka's pics and the buckle is poorly made. The inside of the buckle isn't smooth. It looks like the time that as a child I spray painted my bicycle with no prep done on the metal. To be fair no one but myself will ever notice the imperfections in the buckle. I was expecting more given that I was very happy with the quality of their less expensive Langham belt that I ordered on Massdrop.
I am very disappointed with this purchase. I got two belts in December and after one month of wear they have visible wrinkles and bends. I have 8 years old French leather belt that looks better than this belt after one month. Low quality, very frustrating. Pics attached.

Thanks for sharing!
When can I buy black - 38 belt? I wanted to buy that one, but it is sold out...
What color is nevada mocha?
I have the same question.
Based on the description, it says walnut is the light brown, so I’d assume nevada mocha is the darker brown.
Where is size 44 in brown and walnut???
Why does size 44 seem to be only available in black? I need the other colors.
It's nice to see that MD monitors it's blogs........NOT!!!
Any ideas if the belts will be restocked? Been waiting to get a black one in my size.
I hope so. I got mine in black and it‘s absolutely gorgeous, but I screwed up and ordered a size down (pants size not belt size) I’m really hoping they restock since I want to replace it. And maybe order a couple more...
My black/nickel belt arrived today in New Zealand, 10 days after it shipped. There were no customs duties or taxes, although it looks like the package might have been opened and checked at the border (understandable - I mean, who ships a solitary belt from halfway across the world?!)
I haven't worn it yet, other than checking the fit (which is close enough), but my initial impressions are that it looks very nice, isn't too stiff, and is really great value by my standards. I'll be coming back for more in the near future (walnut next) if the thing doesn't fall apart on me.
I odered a black one, it was shipped on Jan. 7 and FedEx website shows that it won't be delivered till Jan. 26. Very disappointed for the speed of shipping.
The nubuck side stained my wool pants... And I can't seem to get it off...
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Hi Adam, no problem. Got my handy brush to carefully get rid of the stain:
Still love the belt though... Couldn't part ways with it. So much so that I bought the tan one, but it arrived with some slight defect, not visible to the unsuspecting eye I guess(notice the black ring hole).
Hi Bendi, Please note, the hand painted hole colour is black on purpose. The designer choose to go with black rather then a match. And this has been the standard on the other drops too. Cheers Adam
This is a good belt if you are in the states. I live in Canada and was hit with a $25 fee when I went to pick the package up from the post office. This is in addition to the already high shipping charges to Canada. The shipping and other charges almost doubled the cost of the belt. I will never buy anything from massdrop again. If they had told me these fees would be charged I could have made an informed decision.
The belt is of good quality so nothing to complain about that. Buy it if you live in the states.
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I guess they did not know and they now have a contract with them. Hopefully the buyers will take notice of the complaining and they'll stick to Ascendia which has superb performance!
Thanks again. I really appreciate it my Canadian brother
I got mine in black today and I’m very happy with it, though time will tell if the buckle problem someone described will present itself. Assuming it’s fine, I’d gladly buy a second one in oxblood/burgundy if that option were to be added in future.
I've ordered a couple of these in prior drops, and they quality/price ratio is great. I will add another comment here in favor of a burgundy/oxblood color for a future drop. That would be an instant buy for me. Thanks Massdrop and British Belt Co.!
I second the favor of burgundy/oxblood color. Instant buy for me too.
Just received my belt today, ordered the Walnut Brown colour.
First impressions, the colour wasn't as light brown as I hoped. It's definitely a bit darker which isn't a deal breaker for me. Construction looks solid especially around the buckle, which is secured and doesn't feel flimsy at all. Will see how it goes after a few months of wear and tear.
Size wise, I'm a 30/32 waist after Christmas stuffing so it fits just nice. I'm using the 3rd buckle as shown in the pictures when wearing it.
Overall, pretty satisfied for the price. Usually, I would pay $70 AUSD for a decent quality belt.

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When I said not as light brown, I meant in a actual shade of brown. As previous comments said, it's not full brown. Mine does look a bit mixed when compared to my shoes which is unfortunate. I definitely would've preferred it to be more matching to my tan leather shoes.
I've received mine, and it's way more pale than yours... difficulty matching my shoes now...
I echo H-VA, we need some oxblood options once in awhile
Oxblood, oxblood, oxblood!
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Ill be waiting for a oxblood brown 🤗
Adam, what's the outcome?
How much is the COACH men's belt? which is better?
Dear Qiuqiu, I believe all new Coach belts are now manufactured in China. They did at one time manufacture in Italy & USA. Cheers ! Adam
Is anyone having issues with their buckle scuffing? I've worn mine for one week and it is RIDDLED in scuffs from very normal wear, and worse still the abraded spots show a white undercoat that makes it appear as though it were painted plastic. Very strange! The leather and stitching is quite nice.
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If you are colliding the buckle with something painted white, the white paint could be scuffing off onto the buckle? The pictures don't even look like you have acuffed through the nickel plating, it is just that you have nicked the silver finish to have a rough bit to it instead of the normal polished finish.
Have you tried scratching at the scuffs with a fingernail?
Just received my walnut belt and yes, the color itself is very dull and muted with more green tones. That said, I conditioned it with leather conditioner, and the holes got all black and is not going away. Any idea what caused this and how to fix?
I've conditioned many leather products before and this is the first time this has happened. Is it the grade of the leather that it can't be conditioned? If so, is there a way to fix? If not, this will probably be my first and last order from Massdrop as the quality is quite disappointing given the price.
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Hey Rajesh, used Allen Edmonds walnut polish. Didn’t recover the black spots, I think those are permanently dyed now as Zenifyx mentioned it’s probably the dye they used to color the holes instead of sealing them. Not sure what to do with this belt now given how it looks with the black holes....
It looks pretty bad that this happens imo. Rather indicative of a poor choice of dye - they should have either used the same color of the belt or chosen one that would not be water-soluble. Have you contacted them?