Massdrop x The British Belt Co Harness Leather Beltsearch
In Stock:This product is ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days.

Massdrop x The British Belt Co Harness Leather Belt

Massdrop x The British Belt Co Harness Leather Belt

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Will there be anymore stock in the black version?
I've bought a couple of these and they are nice belts. A note on sizing, they are exact, if you buy a measurement, that will be the last hole in the belt, so if you want a little flexibility, you might want to go a couple of inches large.
Anyone looking to sell their black belt size 32?
Please change the thumbnail and header pics.

'Oh, look! a nice black full-grain leather belt at an unbelievable price that is " IN STOCK:This product is ready to ship in 2 to 3 business days."'

"Cool, let's buy this shit."


'Oh yeah, this is the belt I've tried to buy 5x before.'
Black is all out of stock. All-in on the next batch.
I would have bought one of these in a second; it's reasonably nice looking and really cheap for a leather belt.
But my size was already sold out when I got the email.
I can smell the bond
received mine and tried on it on for few days.

Great Quality. love the leather feel.

I've had this belt for about 6 months now, and wear it almost daily. Solid belt, and the leather is holding up well, but the stitching is already coming undone. With that said, does anybody know anything about the warranty on this belt? I've seen some products on massdrop have warranty info, but nothing here. Hoping I don't have to hand-stitch this to fix it, since it's getting really frayed already...
Received the belt last week, I find it to be nothing really special... in fact I just find it to be 'meh'.
The GAP sells a similar belt.
I actually bought the 'Levi's Premium Leather Icon Belt - Natural Light Brown' a much nicer belt at 1.6" width and nicely 'burnished' leather edges, unlike the The British Belt Co Harness Leather Belt which is un-burnished and only 1.38" in width.
Will have to re-sell it on eBay.
Bought a 36 in the natural leather, too small for me. Up for grabs if anyone wants it. I'll drop the price to $28 too
russellnadler at gmail
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Let me know when you send payment
Never mind. After reading other comments I am scared that it would not be what I want. Sorry to waste your time.
So glad I went for this belt. the price is very reasonable for a belt of this quality. I read comment after comment but ended a bit confused with sizing. Finally went two size up from my normal belt size, and i’m very happy with the fit. I’ve now bought two.
This is a good looking, well made belt. Great with Jeans, khaki, as well as summer shorts.
Received my belt last week but just opened the package today.

It's noticeably darker than what's pictured. Kind of disappointing. Anyone else have this issue with theirs? I've owned a vegetable-tanned leather belts in my lifetime, and there all considerably lighter than this belt which allowed them to age really well over time.
ditto :(
This. Dissapointing.
I wish they made larger sizes!
I ordered a 32 but received a 30 today> I hope they let me exchange it.
I ordered a 34, but it is way too small if anyone wants to buy it from me. Only tried on, and not worn.
Hey, still have the 34 you're willing to sell? What is your email?
Yes, I have it still. katharine.merrick at gmail dot com