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Matt3o Nerd DSA Keycap Set

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I'm having trouble translating one of the tengwar keys. Depending on the transliteration I use, it says "eykiad," or "eoxiad," or a couple of other options; I can't find a translation no matter how I spell it. Is anyone able to help?

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Aha! Thanks, that’s just what I needed.
Got my keys on Wednesday. Finally got to put them on today. I touch type Dvorak and can't read Elvish so I went with the Dvorak layout. (Normally I leave the keys in Qwerty or in the case of my SP grab bag I'll put on whatever fits.)

Is the Tenkeyless/Winkeyless/Ortho kits available in this drop? Or just the Ergo, numpad, and extras?
Does this include a 1.75u shift key?
FYI, Russian set arrived yesterday. Little disappointed with the actual color of the "white" keys. They are actually slightly off-white, enough so that the white space bars on my Barocco stand out rather than blend in. Definitely feel like the Massdrop pics are showing a true white rather than off-white. Not a big deal, just a little one.

The last drop of this item hasn't even shipped yet, is this what the order was delayed for?
Judging by the comments it got shipped 1 week ago
oh u right, they just got here
Any plans to make a true Cyrillic alphabet keycaps set? This one is Russian :( The Cyrillic alphabet was invented by Bulgarian monks for the use in the Bulgarian Empire in the 9th century - long before Russia become a country. The true Cyrillic keyboard alpha positioning is phonetic not this weird layout :(
This is a DSA set you should be able to arrange the layout in any way you want without worrying about profile
Does this have homing keys? Does the ortholinear set come with the base kit?
Just got my mono elven from last drop. It does have homing keys. They are concave. And I guess ortholinear does come with the base kit as I've got a few other space bar options
Is there anywhere that shows a more detailed picture of the extras? I can barely make out the Elven Extras.
Elvish ones should definitely have a green colorway. :(
Right who associates elves with purple...
Are these good for a Vortex Racer 3? They look like they should be, but want to confirm before I plunk down $70+...
Good in what regards? Compatibility? Aesthetically?
Sorry, meant can they be used on Racer3, so compatibility.
lol the attention to detail kills me. Why is the elvish "x" key on upside-down in all the pictures?
Because they only outfitted the keyboard once? Like do you think they take all the keys off and put them back on for each shot?
I see what you've done there and I can appreciate it.
is the ortho set included in "Base" ?
wait so does the base set automatically come with the keys for a 75% set? because I can't add that one on to my order. Help!
I would totally buy these if they came in a version without Russian or Elvish lol
Which vendor makes theses? Want to see if they released something in China already and how they were reviewed.
Thx for super fast response. Could this be the same place that makes keycaps for CORE and RACE3 keyboards? Those high quality.
So I'm in the drop but I didn't grab the Elven Ergodox. Is there any chance that someone got that set out there and wants to part with it (or some of the keys)? If so, please let me know! :)
Drop is live again
Yeah, somehow missed it. Damn. Maybe it opens again. Being slow on the draw over here...
I'm waiting on Russian and it hasn't shipped either. I honestly don't care what the cause of the delay is, it's just annoying that I get the delay email the night of the day it's "supposed" to ship. Massdrop can afford to have a fancy SF office but can't afford to have some interns making a few calls and queuing up some emails in advance...
FYI, just got shipping notice today.
Yup, same here! Pumped because I just tried to deck out a Race 3 and got hit unprepared for those damn 1.5u R1 keys and I think this set with the Extras is gonna be perfect!
@matt3o Can I ask what caused the delay? Was it quality issues that had to be remedied, or just logistics?
Delays? Who would have expected that from a group buy. LMAO you might as well just put it on the purchase page "there will be delays, our estimated ship date is never accurate."
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I got Elvish and mine shipped this morning. More likely they're just doing it in batches as quick as they can
I got the Elvish mono-legend with no child kit.
Needs Russian-Elvish dual legend
So bummed that I missed this ): hope it returns at some point...
Same. I am about to have to upgrade kb anyway so this would have been a great time for these. Oh well, I am sure it will come back. They sold over 230 sets and shortly after this drop ended there are already several requests for another “tour.” It’ll happen.
It's back :)
Isn't Elvish copyrighted by the Tolkien Estate, which makes this illegal to sell and buy?
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Seems like it is not in public domain. And the Tolkien Estate, the legal body which holds the copyright still exists. If the legal body exists, then the copyright would not lapse.
"In the United States, the shapes of typefaces are not copyrightable, though the shapes may be protected by design patent (although these are rarely applied for, the first US design patent ever awarded was for a typeface[1]). "
Are some more of the legends on the ergodox 1.5u keys going to be rotated for vertical orientation? Erdodox keyboards have 4 vertical 1.5u keys, there are only 2 1.5u vertically printed legends in the erdodox kit and I don't see any in the base kit.
Can there be a option to get dual alphas and single alphas without getting doubles of everything else?
Dammit. I need more mech keyboards so I can justify this purchase.
Also, since you are doing tolkein keysets, can we please get a set with cirth runes? Please and thank you. Will probably be buying just the alphas for this set, since the rest won't fit my planck
No ortho options? Very sad indeed.
there IS addon set with orthos, it has enough keys to cover something like plank with common alphas set
By Jove, you're right! Thanks for the heads up.
This is of course just my personal opinion, and I love the elvish set, but that magenta/purple has got to go.
Agreed. Way too gaudy for me. But I may buy the elvish set just have it.
I thought the same thing, as much as I want a set with elvish legends the colorway on this made me pass. I went with the dual legend Russian set.
Ironically, the Russian set doesn't ship to Russia. (Neither does anything else on Massdrop, though.)
Blame Trump and Merkel. :P