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Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Phases de Lune Watch

Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Phases de Lune Watch

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

is possible that this deal come back ? how offen delas come back anyone know from expierence ?
Just received mine. Came out of Edison NJ which took a week to get to Chicago via Fed-Ex, usually it is only 2 days. Watch looks amazing and as others have posted it also was in a bag. Packaging is very nice. Strap is just ok, VERY stiff and almost has a cardboard feel to it. All in all initially happy with the purchase. See how it is when I actually wear it out. Thank you Massdrop!

To set the moonphase properly, your best bet is to look at when the most recent full moon was. In this case it was Monday, January 21st 2019 and the next is February 19th. First, set the moon itself to full. Next, adjust the month, set the date, and use the pusher to set the day. Then you just advance the hour hands to get to the current date, and the moonphase should be correct. Alternatively, you can just wait until February 19th and set the moonphase by itself to full on that date.
Good to know. Mine just arrived ysterday after several change of delivery date. Everything looks ok except warranty issue as you stated. Only other thing is manual does not have this movement instection as there is no moom phase correction button(ml 37) while this one is ml154(?) 7751 movement. Still figured it out somehow, lol.
Pretty disappointed, as this watch was specifically sold as a 2 year manufacturer warranty, and the warranty page is blank. There is no other documentation other than the massdrop warranty slip. The watch arrived ahead of schedule, undamaged, and it's running and flipping over date/month/day correctly. Outside of the manufacturer tags, there is nothing to indicate original vendor, and the box itself was shipped from Massdrop in NJ.
So does that mean this is not manufacturer warranty? where do we send this to if there is any faulty parts on the watch?
I emailed Massdrop support and asked them to look into it. They got back to me initially saying they stand behind everything, etc etc. after a few more emails, they gave me the information of the vendor and told me to fill it out myself. I’ll post that info later when I get home. As for warranty, I went to Maurice lecroix website and found their nearest AD to me. Should something go wrong, I’ll go there first and after that, to my local watchmaker.
Watch is sealed in plastic as I’ve seen in YouTube videos.

So it’s arrived. Warranty information in the booklet is blank.

Got my shipping notice! Does anyone know if signature will be required - delivery is by Fedex in the US
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Should hopefully be able to let you know tonight. On fedex truck for delivery, Not sure if signature will be required.
Thanks for the help 😀 hopefully you'll wearing your watch tonight!
anybody that knows the price from the last drop??
$1299 for this one ending January 2019
This is such a beautiful watch! The LC6078-SS001 quickly became one of if not my favorite watch! I wish I could join in! Really hope this drop comes again in not too long. What a great piece to own! I wonder how it is going to look on my skinny wrists. Biggest watch I own is 42mm/12mm that I use daily.
This is the first purchase I'm making on Massdrop. I've always wanted a triple calendar moonphase and you can't beat the price for a Valjoux 7751 with a 2 year manufacturer warranty. The only video I could find was from a Vietnamese man in Vietnamese, but you can find them by searching the product number LC6078 online to get a good look at them. From what I gather, I think the indices for the hour markers as well as the hands are actual rose gold (listed as 4N on manufacturer tag), can anyone confirm or deny?
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Looks like a 2 watch wolf winder is on drop now.
Heya, Thank you, I ordered a 6 winder earlier. :)
My brother has a Baume & Mercier with this movement and paid ~2.5x this price. A better watch? Probably not although it might be a more prestigious brand to some (not me).
Is anyone out there knowledgeable about this brand?
I own this piece (grey dial) and I absolutely love it!
will the band accommodate my 8.25” wrist?
This watch fits my 7" wrist perfectly with the strap pin on the 3rd hole. It should fit your manly 8.25" wrist no problem as there are 4 more holes left for further adjustment. Man it will look small on your wrist!

This watch has a ton of complications on it for the money. I can't think of another watch that has this many for the money. Should be reliable with the ETA 7751 movement. Sort of wish they had this in a sportier version with lumed hands but still it looks very nice as is.
I-don-likes-it so much--you likes it so much?
No, I don-likes-it so much neither. Guess between us, we gone-save 'bout twenty-six hundred bucks? I likes it more better, you? Very much better now!

Good price for this brand and movement, Valjoux 7751. It's a bit on the small side for me but a nice watch nonetheless.
Exactly my thoughts.
Is this model a true calendar watch which takes into account the days in the respective months?
Based on the movement, this is neither an annual or perpetual calendar wach.
Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated.
There are ton of these on Ebay in great vintage condition . I own DuBois et Fil version of this watch in 38mm case and it is awesome. I wish they were manual wind though to make the case thinner.
Nice watch.
I’m thinking really hard on this one I’ll probably pull the trigger I would think servicing might cost a bit
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I wish there were a way to find reliable affordable good watch repair folks near “wherever”.
I found mine via Google
I have owned several Maurice Lacroix timepieces over the years, and I have never been disappointed. This model with the 7751 looks to be an excellent deal, with the added bonus of coming with the manufacture's warranty. I am giving this one serious consideration.
I just joined the Drop!
Is this a true moonphase watch, not just a 24 hour daytime, night time thing?
Proper Moonphase. The 24 hours indicator is together with the second hand at 9 o’clock on the sub dial.
Okay, I own this watch and paid MUCH more than that. I'm offended :p
This is lowest price I have seen on an ETA 7751 caliber. It is at least $100 or $200 more on other sites
Other sites like Jomashop/Amazon are selling this watch for around the same price too.
It is $1,600 on Jomashop so $300 more. Jomashop only has the grey dial. $1,400 on Amazon, only in grey dial. So this price is better on MD.
Besides here you have a 2 year manufacture warranty not a jhomashop or assurion this is a beauty at a good price
Would be lovely to see more from the brand...
Me too, particularly their masterpiece skeleton models.