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Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set

Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set

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Translucent Keys

Default’s fine and dandy, but to increase the performance and boost the beauty of your computer set-up, it might be time to invest in some higher grade keycaps. Giving you the complete kit to upgrade the keycaps yourself, the Max Keyboard Cherry MX Shine-through Keycap Set puts the power at your fingertips and upgrades your system’s style with a simple pull and switch.

Note: At checkout you will have a choice of blank black, blank clear, black front printed (+ $2), and black top printed (+ $2) keycap sets. Quantities vary based on model.

Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set


The keys themselves are made of high quality poly carbonate, smooth to the touch and easy to trigger. The translucent keys look great on their own, but the black smoke finish is built for backlights, diffusing the tiny bulbs into a space age glow perfect for gaming or plain old looking good. Concaved for maximum utility, these caps will match your system needs, no matter your preference.

Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set


Fitting all Cherry MX switches and coming with a complete set of keys for the US/UK 87/104 ANSI and 88/105 ISO layouts, the Max Keyboard Universal Keycap Set also includes a ten-key number pad and an easy-to-use plastic keycap puller. Built for extended use and stylish to boot, bring your keyboard up to its maximum potential and never look back from black.

Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set
Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set
Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set


  • Max Keyboards
  • Fits Cherry MX switches
  • Designed for backlit/non-backlit mechanical keyboards
  • Stealth laser etched print (Front or Top) or Blank (Specify in Options)
  • Complete Cherry MX replacement keycap set for US/UK 87/104 ANSI and 88/105 ISO layouts
  • 99% fitment on all major brand name mechanical keyboards


  • Plastic key puller


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Estimated ship date is Dec 28, 2017 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.