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Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set

Max Universal Translucent Keycap Set

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Don't buy these. The surface texture wore out in a matter of months.
What's so different between these and the keys on G910 ORION SPARK or KM780 RGB? I'm don't understand
They need to make a clear, front printed version.
I've got the black translucent front-printed set. You can very easily see the codes imprinted on the inside of the keycaps which is pretty disappointing. Also I've found the shafts to fit pretty loosely on the stems, the spacebar comes loose when I hit too far on either end of it.
I also have the black translucent front-printed set from an earlier drop. Look better without lightning, With light on you won't see the printed characters very well.

They wear off quite a bit after a while (shining effect) and they feel relatively light (it's acryl and not ABS AFAIK).
EXTREMELY disappointed with this keycap set. After installing them on my RGB keyboard, you can see inverted/mirrored letters and numbers that have been printed on the inside of the keys for some reason when the light is shining through the tops of the keycaps. Presumably they are the mold identifiers or some such, but they are simply ugly and irritating.

Anyone know of a better set of translucents that have extra keys to fit a Corsair with the non-standard bottom row?
I saw the blank black and the blank clear. Are there black blanks completely opaque and the blank clears are the black tinted clears? Or is the black blank the tinted clears and the blank clears are merely just white/clear? Thanks
The black clear are black translucent and the blank clears are white translucent. They are not opaque. You can search for pictures on Max Keyboard's site.

Attached are black clears.
I am looking at the pictures on this drop. It sure seems like the top-printed caps have a much thicker wall than the non-printed or front-printed caps. That may be intentional, to get greater translucency on the non-printed and front-printed caps. Or I could be incorrect.

Regardless, can someone from Massdrop or someone who already owns them comment on this? Thanks.
I have a 40% percent keyboard, which has a 1.75u shift key, a 1.25u tab key and some other strange sizes like that. Would this keycap set fit that?

here is a picture of my layout:
Mine just shipped...thanks Massdrop! :)
how much longer until shipment?
Is this compatible with a K70 RGB from Corsair?
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I don't know what material this is made of, but the ones I had developed a shine fairly easily. No more durable than abs for those who are wondering.
Thanks for the heads up. I like a good shine, so this may work out for me. :)
How many U's is the Space bar?
Their website states:
"6.0x, 6.25x, 6.5x spacebar and compatible with 4 different types of spacebar mounting sizes"
More Info See:
Comes with 3 different sizes I believe.