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MAXKEY SA F-22 Keycap Set

MAXKEY SA F-22 Keycap Set

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Can anyone tell me which PCB is on the images? I wan't something like this (65%; compact but with arrows cluster)
Help! My set was sent back to the shipper as DHL wasn't able to send to my home address on the right time!
My set just arrived. They're on a Tada68 with tactile greys.
This is the happiest I've ever been because of a keyboard.
Would love this in DSA profile!
Why don't you like SA? Too difficult to type on, or you just don't find it aesthetically pleasing?
I've had SA sets like Carbon, but that profile feels like typing on skyscrapers. Way too tall and unstable.
Caps came in! (geez Massdrop why the GIGANTIC box for that teeny weeny one inside though??) Colours are good, and it seems from the earlier sets of Maxkey caps they seem to have different problems now. As people stated before, the '1' key has a much thicker font than the rest of the row (which are too thin anyway) Love the box and trays it came in though! The 'B' key font is too small too, along with a lot of inconsistencies along the board. Which I honestly never noticed on their earlier runs.
Alot of issues are there still, and I don't think i'll buy from Maxkey anymore for a couple of years again, to see if anything has improved over that time.
(Yes I know that is a 1U cap down there, I'm aware of that.)
Agree. I just got mine, and the overall rough feel as well as the defects others have pointed out are all there. Maxkey sets, while good value, the quality is variable. I now have 4 Maxkey sets and compared to SP SA keys (e.g. 1965, Godspeed) in my collection, there is little doubt SP keys look and feel much better. Neither company is perfect, but Maxkey needs to improve. I think the extra cost/wait time associated with SP SA keycaps are still better value than Maxkey (at least compared to what they currently produce)
What is the Keyboard which is shown in the image ?
Will RGB lighting shine through these caps or will they just provide backlighting?
Sorry, these are opaque.
So this is just a keycap drop right? Sorry but newb here. Does this fit specific keyboards then? Or specific key types? Love the color and F22 theme but don't know anything on how or on which keyboard I would use this... :(

Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks
Yeah it's just the keycaps, it has all the caps necessary to cover a full size keyboard (keyboard with a number pad) with. Consequently, it can also be used with with any keyboard smaller than full size. These caps only fit on mechanical keyboards though because it has a cherry stem. Basically if you have any ol average mechanical keyboard, it'll fit.
Thank you :)
perfect gift for your favorite chair force keyboard commander, highly recommended!
I have received mine today. I have to say I like it very much! -- The colors are beautiful and exactly what I want; the quality of those keycaps are great! I would like to thank the designer and massdrop for delivering this excellent product.

Just two small things: I noticed that the stroke of number "1" is significantly thicker than the other numbers. Is it just me?

Besides, there are scratches on my enter --ouch!

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When did you originally order it??
Late 2017. I forgot the exact time.
Does this set offer a 2u shift?
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Dude most GMK sets don't either. 2u shift is suffering

Source - someone who has to deal with this too.