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Maya Road Fabric Tape

Maya Road Fabric Tape

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Which Craft?

Craft supplies haven’t changed too much since your grandmother started scrapbooking, but just because the stock at Michael’s hasn’t been updated doesn’t mean you shouldn’t upgrade your own supply. Bringing a wealth of DIY experience and a fresh take on aesthetics to the craft aisle, Maya Road’s line of multi-colored Fabric Tape spices up home projects with vibrant flourishes.

Maya Road Fabric Tape

Unified Fabric

Fabric tape, also known as fusile web, can be used to join two pieces of fabric together without adding a stitch to your project. Perfect for those unaccustomed to sewing or anyone seeking a seamless joint, simply iron your fabric, apply the tape, and run the iron once more to join both sides in a secure and stylish connection.

Maya Road Fabric Tape

Check the Tape

Blending in with your pre-existing ensemble while adding a light sparkle, the six colored tapes are speckled with candy dots to offset the fabric ever so slightly. Easy to apply, resilient against regular use, and with enough chromatic variety to work on any project, Maya Road Fabric Tape saves you from substandard crafting and makes your world just a bit brighter. This drop includes all six colors.

Maya Road Fabric Tape


  • All colors come with white candy dots
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Licorice Black
  • Cherry Red
  • Clementine Orange
  • Lime Green
  • Lemon Yellow


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