MDG Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Setsearch

MDG Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

MDG Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Set

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The shipping kills it for me, that and the fact that I can't get a few extra d6 without buying the entire set again.
21.50$ for shipping? That's almost as much as the damn dice cost. I'll be passing on this one if the shipping stays this high.
Are these fair-shaped and weighted?
Kraken Dice has these dice for$29.95 and they come with a free leather dice bag. Shipping is around $3 on them. They also always have Buy 3 Sets Get 1 Free. I purchased 4 sets for under $90 with the coupon code they had on there site.
I also purchased from them on Etsy in the past
I got silver and copper colored ones. They better be metal!!
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dice out of mercury? do they make liquid dice now?
I think that's what the guys at McMurdo Station use in the winter.
Omg can't wait. I don't even play table top gamez anymore. My brother said that we should try dnd again and i was like oh hell yeah, I'm getting some baller ass dice. Omg can't wait!
Which color did y'all ballerz get?? I went with the silver.
"...gun metal copper, gun metal gold, or gun metal silver..."

Um... Someone really doesn't seem to get the concept of gunmetal. It is either a type of bronze used to make cannon (which these dice are not), or a shade of gray (which these dice are not). I was looking forward to it being either one of those possibilities.
anyone know how well these roll?
I've been using my copper set from this drop for the last few weeks in my D&D campaign.

They're weighty and very satisfying to roll - I'd just make sure you have a surface that won't easily be marred, as I've already dented my DM's table (albeit lightly) with my D20.
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