MecArmy Waterproof EDC Storage Casesearch

MecArmy Waterproof EDC Storage Case

MecArmy Waterproof EDC Storage Case

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Do you know if IEMs (Massdrop Plus) will fit in these ? :)
Well, I’m in for the Gray one. Anyone have any suggestions for a soft liner so items don’t scratch the interior as they rattle around inside?

That’s why I was leaning towards the Xduoo canister because of its velvet lining. 🤔
Does anyone know if this is smell-proof? For herbs and spices, of course.
Did anyone get in on this last time? Has it held up? Quality? Worth the $20?
I currently use this Xduoo aluminum case for my high value IEMs -
I paid $25 on Penon Audio. It's slightly larger than this MecArmy case & the inside has a felt lining. It does weigh more though, 191 grams/6.7oz.
Nice size container for only $20, I’m in for a few.....
What does a titanium liner mean? There can’t be anything near real Ti that size for $20! Ti paint?
I guess they trying to say that the aluminum coating is Ti bonded, that’s my guess anyways....They make it sound as if the “liner” is some kind of tray/insert....trying to trick people again that don’t carefully read over the product description, like myself LOL. Only after looking at the Pics did I realize there was no such insert.....
Thank You again for showing the item “in hand”. That really helps to gauge the size of the product being featured. 👍🏼
Now what is the size of the hand?
hehehe =)
Ok, not perfect. But still, a step in the right direction. 😏
Now THIS is more like it. Remember all those people chirping about a $120 NON WATERPROOF "pill" case?


I don't understand how you can even make the argument that a tin like this is useful without being waterproof!

It's certainly a bit larger than the other one, but the intent stands. The whole point of a case like this is to protect things :p
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