Mechcables Carbon Custom-Sleeved USB Cablesearch

Mechcables Carbon Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

Mechcables Carbon Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

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HEY! So people got this like 40weeks ago, however I still haven't gotten mine? How do I get in touch with the shipper?
Those are from the last version of this drop.
Hi! When is this product shipping? :)
for the USB-C crowd, lets just order direct. :)
If someone figures out exact options, I'd definitely get it here or participate in some group buy. Unless we can just tell that guy to look at the pics and copy it.
I think its the same guy, but in his order form you can ask for a particular theme and he'll put it together. I emailed him awhile back with some questions but haven't placed an order. Good thing I didn't because now I'm in need of a USB-C for my future kb.
These look fantastic, but don't fit my kb. Are we ever gonna see a Dolch colorset?
Can this be a typo? According to the description it said 12" Coil, cross referencing the vendor's site, he charges $7 for coil. Could it be +$7.00 for 12" Coil?
It is because it factors in the extra (5ft) cable length needed for the coil. It would be the same on the order form once the extra length is added
ahh okay.. got it.. thanks for your reply
Why is there no option for the connector color? I want a grey one, not orange.
When will we start getting options for USB C, is there a limitation i'm unaware of? And yes I know most boards out in the wild are still micro.
Yea lot of boards out there are still Micro for sure. New Ducky keyboards are USB-C though. Ducky's my jam.
Something seems off here. The description says you have the option of 9ft in length, but it's not available as an option. You have the option for a 7" coil but the examples show a 12" coil.
Why... hate c type??
why not just go buy the usb c cable from zapcables or other vendors that sell usb c rather than complaining about this drop?
Don't look at it as complaining. If you are a brand/reseller/manufacturer you should be grateful for prospective customers comments voicing what they want rather than being quiet and walking away.
Oh here we go...
"OMG why no USB-C? FailDrop."

So for the uninitiated, these are custom, hand made cables. Meaning an individual puts them together by hand. USB 3.0 Type-C is a 22-24 pin connector that requires a PCB and controller to interface with a standard 7-lead USB 3.0 cable. The reason you're still going to see keyboards using USB Mini and similar connectors is not only because USB 3.0 isn't a necessary for these devices, but also because it amounts to a 4 pin connector with a 4/5-lead cable.

Until manufacturers come out with an affordable, ready made USB Type-C connector where an individual can just solder up the 7 wires, it isn't feasible for the Do-It-Yourself-er.
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Which would be nice... if it were 3.0 or lower. That 3.1 connector diagram is showing 17 contacts.
I know someone using those currently for their 2.0 over C cables with a resistor soldered. Having all the pads available means you can use them if you want to do 3.1 or ignore them and just use the ones for 2.0, like my dude does. Plus being one of the very few connectors available to use a proper metal shell instead of a plastic one most have.