Mechcables Godspeed Custom-Sleeved USB Cablesearch

Mechcables Godspeed Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

Mechcables Godspeed Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

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So, what's the quality on these?
Would've joined this in fraction of a heartbeat if this was also offered in USB-C... Shame.
So is this more durable than the last or the same?
Estimated ship date is Aug 20, 2018 PT......3 months wait for a cable then no.
Dang. I wish there was a colorway available to match the Godspeed Ares keycaps.
Oh my god! cable at 20+$ūüė≥
How about adding c? PLEASE???
lol no usb C
another one for usb-c. its omission is criminal.
Seriously, USB-C!!!
I think it's time we get some USB-C cables with awesome custom sleeves.
welp.. all of these 'it doesnt work' posts make me want to skip this drop!

thanks for the warning!
Hello, not sure if anyone will ever see this, but.

Any one might know why my cables do not work with a CM masterkeys Pro S? The keyboards works, but when i use this cable it doesnt recognise it. :( The one that came with it does work. Already tried different ports. Thanks
And, like several other people are mentioning here, my cable is now dead. Mine literally hasn't left my desk at work since it arrived, so this is not movement breaking it--it just stopped working. This is really disappointing since I really loved the look and feel of this cable.
Mine is so pretty and I love it! This drop has inspired me to start building my own cables. I foresee hot pink cables in my future!
Made any yet?
Can you make them and include C ???? PLEASE!
Coiling starts today :)
Any chance there will be another drop for this cable in the near future?