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Just FYI, I ordered a cable from directly. The cable came and is pretty, but isn't exactly what I ordered and doesn't even work (USB-C cable). I've sent them an email each week for the last month with no reply. So at this point, I'm out $40+. Buyer beware.
Uh oh, I also ordered a usb-c cable from them. Got me scared now lol.
please make USB-c soon!
Just got mine today! (well it came in a few days ago but I was out of town)
The quality is great! Like others have said, the techflex outer coating adds to the aesthetic. My phone camera doesn't do it justice, but I can confirm the photos on the main drop page are 100% accurate to the product you'll recieve.

Now to wait for the other parts of the laser drop and the actual caps...
No USB-C? :-(
MechCables now has USB-C 2.0 available through their order form :]

Can it NOT be pink ?? More colors?? XD
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It seems like all of their coils are coated in the same rubber material as the heat shrink :/
i dont think so... but maybe double check since i dont know for sure.. from what I saw you have to add the coil option onto the cable you are interested. don't click the "coated coil" option on the front page since it will give you a coated coil (obviously). I would still check with someone who works there but when I saw the option to add coils to your cable it didn't mention anything about it being coated.
Why is shipping so expensive for international??? One item costs $12.75 and two for $21.25??? How heavy can the cables be??? This is the only thing that is stopping me from buying...
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I have no influence on the shipping price MD charges but I can say that USPS recently increased the rates substantially (> 2x) for international shipments of non-documents. $12.75 is less than what it costs me to ship a cable internationally through Paypal now :(
oh wow, that's crazy!
Ack, really waiting for Mechcables to be able to do USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to lightning!
MechCables now has USB-C 2.0 and lightning available through their order form :]
Only for the first connector! Neither of the cables I described are a thing I can create with that order form :(
(I may have spent entirely too long on that form trying to figure this out)
Mine just arrived, it took about a week to ship to New Zealand. I got the normal one with a coil added. It's fantastic quality. The photos don't quite show it, but the blue section is a cyan with the purple 'net' material over the top like the pink does, which makes it more true to the laser renders and stuff we have at the moment, as well as really cool looking. 10/10 would recommend, assuming it fits your budget.
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I ordered this in early November, in the first run.
That makes sense, thanks!
would be great for a USB B end and also 24AWG or less.
The jumbo variant uses 24 AWG power/ground wires.