Mechcables Laser Custom-Sleeved USB Cablesearch

Mechcables Laser Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

Mechcables Laser Custom-Sleeved USB Cable

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I received my two cables! they are very pretty and they look great on my ergodox, but I am facing issues with the cables supporting my ergodox infinity

for both of my mechcables usb c cables, they connect my ergodox just fine to my pc, but neither of them support daisy chaining my keyboard together. Only half of my keyboard is usable with these cables : ( I am 1 mechcable and an amazon cable now to type this
I don't think these cables are fully usb-c compliant : (
I am having the same issue, my keyboard isn't detecting the connection here :(
Any updates on shipping?
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I also pinged customer service—soon after I got a notice that 9/4 is the new estimated ship date.
Got the update that my cable has shipped with 9/4 being the estimated arrival.
So I ordered one of these but in Type-C, at the time I had two type C boards, but I already sold both, I won't be able to use the cable, so if anyone is either interested in trading cables, or just buying it straight up feel free to hit me up on reddit, u/tyson522. Specs on the cable I ordered are below.

  • Colorway Option: Dual Color (Hot Pink, Turquoise) w/ Dark Purple Techflex
  • Length Option: 3ft
  • Optional Coil: No, thanks.
  • Connector Option: USB C 2.0 to USB A (+$2.00)
Is there any update on this? Shipments should start in a week or two, right?
Psyched to get this cable and see what it looks like. I just received my ZapCables Laser (not ordered on Massdrop) and that thing is a sexy beast. The heat shrink wrap is the perfect hue of blue to match NovelKeys x MiTo's Laser Desk/Mouse Mat. The neon pink sleeving glows under blue light and is pretty lit without any light. Zap is more expensive and I can attest to its high quality so the price is acceptable.

(Photo: I am keeping the shrink wrap on my coils and the cable in a plastic sleeve until the Laser ALT arrives. You also don't need to see my ugly keeb.)

should have bought one more spare cable
Zapcables! I ordered this Mechables Laser cable AND
Looks good, i'm buying this in hopes that the GMK laser keycap set will drop in the future again for my WASD V2.
If not it's still a beautiful cable.
these would look sick with the MiTo mechanical keyboard

Could I be able to use it to charge my phone?
to carry less on the go.
Massdrop lazer keyboard is USB C?
Man, Massdrop is really going all in on the ALT Mito Keeb. Can't wait to see what they do for DEL
What is the DEL? Massdrop's 40%?
Laser Alt is the best Keeb massdrop ever produced.
Only for Laser!