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Mechcables Nautilus Custom Sleeved USB Cable

Mechcables Nautilus Custom Sleeved USB Cable

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USB C 2.0 to USB A option is now added! :)
Really want to jump on this, but I want the normal size cable in full midnight blue, like the jumbo cable.. Why isn't that an option? It would fit perfectly with the Danger Zone keyset.
Just ordered the cable. It is going to be pain in the ass to find nautilus set. Only one dude at mechmarket has it with novelties and spacebars for a reasonable price...
Does anyone know if the non-jumbo version would fit ( with some coercion, if needed, as long as it's not damaging) into the routing channel on a wasd code? I don't have it here but IIRC, even in the center slot it needs to pass through a small channel, so if it doesn't fit it wouldn't lay flat...

Also, I assume all bets are off for a coil + routing ?
If only the Godspeed cable would drop again too...
Need help
Can i find out what would 3 cables of 7 feet of length usb to microusb
Simple cables . can i be wrong that total will be app 70
Knowing the abuse these cables sill endure price seems huge . i prchased cables at15+ that were supposed to last till end of times with connectors stronger that could withstand bazookas and yet they went dodos way
So the extra thickness of the jumbo... Is it a result of extra shielding, extra thick copper conductor or neither?
USB-C's omission is boderline criminal.
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It is available now :)
Why is it you don't run the normal cable (not the jumbo) in a full midnight blue? It is the only thing missing here. I need it to match my Danger Zone and having turquoise wouldn't match at all.
Anyone looking to trade their 5 or 7ft cable, didn't realize 3ft is much too short for me. The exact specs of my cable:

  • Color Option: Standard Turquoise and Midnight Blue
  • Length Option: 3ft
  • Connector Option: Mini-B to USB A
  • Optional Coil: No Coil
I just received a flawless cable with the same colors and USB-C from
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Well I needed usb-C and so do others on here.
Not the drama type.
no drama just ad... plus heres how others got usb-c from mechcables already...
Any chance of adding a TRRS option for Ergo users?
No matter how good a cable is, my wife and I can always somehow manage to bend the USB connector on it (by dropping the phone while charging mostly). How sturdy are these, especially the small end connecting to the device? Thanks
These are intended for keyboards, so I'm not sure I'd trust them to hold up to the heavy use of charging a phone.
mine didn't even hold up to the use of connecting a keyboard to a desktop for a month
USB-C please!
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Well that's a shame.
I submitted an order yesterday and he sent me an invoice this morning. Maybe your emails have been getting lost.