MEE Audio M6 Pro Limited-Edition Blue IEMssearch

MEE Audio M6 Pro Limited-Edition Blue IEMs

MEE Audio M6 Pro Limited-Edition Blue IEMs

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These are the same price on Amazon

why would anyone buy these?
these arent the same as the ones you linked. The exact same model goes for $54 on amazon.
Exactly, I have been waiting to purchase a replacement pair (wanted another price drop), but then saw this and decided may as well get the two shipping from Amazon...
tl;dr don't buy for live monitoring if you can afford se215s

Bought these 2 years ago thinking they'd compare to my Shure se215s, but they definitely don't. They are small and fit well in my ear, but most of the buds come off fairly easily and thus I have lost most of them (completely my fault).
As I've used them for nearly 2 hours daily for most of the 2 years, the rubber over the cable over-the-ear has deteriorated on both cables supplied (it's cool they come with 2 cables) and the filter on the end of each earpiece has come off (the 215s have a filter in the buds themselves).
The cable also works on my phone screen whilst audio is going through the cable (which can be extremely annoying).
Over time it seems most of the bass has disappeared (which could be the ingress of wax into the drivers or my hearing loss lacking the low-end).
The right-angle jack is cool, though on both cables the rubber protecting the cable where it leaves the plastic houses has separated itself.
I'd only buy these if I needed some in-ears and couldn't get hold of any Shures or UEs
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undoubtedly they are a great value

yeah sorry if I didn't get that across
I actually think the 215s are too v-shaped. I prefer the sound of the M6 Pros.
And the shell of 215 is quite big, so for those who have small outer ears, the 215s can be painful to wear for long hours. I cannot wear them for more than 40 minutes. The M6 Pros are much more comfortable for me, I can wear them for hours without any discomfort.
Considering the price difference, I would say M6 Pro is a great buy.
I want what the professionals are using!
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That's what they say. Can any professionals pipe in?
The only pro I know is a session drummer I know pretty well and he only uses UEs
These are absolutely flat sounding, but quality is crisp and clear. As a basshead I'm not impressed, but others will be. Unfortunately only worked for 4 months till the right earpiece stopped working.
I have had these for almost two years, and they are absolutely superb. they sound wonderful, and have a great fit. the only downside isn't even with the headphones themselves, it's with the Comply tips. don't get me wrong, they work great, but they don't last as long as they should. only a couple months for me.
Yeah the comply tips didn't last long for me either.
Comply themselves literally say that you should replace tips every 3-5 months.
The M6 Pro are superb IEM's for the price, and sound best when used with Comply foam tips.

Don't expect to be blown away by these I've listened to them and they sound alright but there is not enough low end for me and I listen to acoustic music.
Meh, not much of a saving. $45 and 2 days shipping on Amazon, and super easy return if you get a dud. Massdrop use to be a place where you get GOOD group discount. Now it just seem like a marketplace for vendors to make an extra buck off the audiophile community.
These or the NuForce EDC?
NuForce EDC IEM are going to be waaaaay better then these, these look like the Kineira BD005, not bad, but won't last for long. The NuForce, on the other hand is a whole different story, first of, NuForce is Optmo and they are (IF I am not wrong) designed in Japan, I have two of the NuForce as how much I loved the first pair I got. If you do go with a pair of NuForce, a portable amp would be a good idea, something like the nx1s.
I bought some of these awhile back and they are a great buy for $39.99. If the supplied Comply Foam tips do not fit (Mediums) get the correct size. They use the "200" size Comply Foam tips (I have isolation tips on my pair) and are worth the purchase also.
I bought the regular white version from Amazon, and they are pretty solid IEMs for the price if you're looking for more balanced and neutral sound without excessive boomy bass. Keep in mind that they can be somewhat sibilant with some records. The sound isolation is very good, especially with double-flanged eartips. Definitely a good buy for $40.