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MEE Audio MMCX IEM Cables

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High-Quality Replacement Cables

These cables are inexpensive, high-quality replacements for your MEE Audio IEMs with removable cables—or any IEMS that use an MMCX connector. Measuring 4.3 feet long, each cable features four isolated conductors braided for strength and tangle resistance. Both the MMCX stereo audio cable and the MMCX headset cable with an inline remote and mic are new versions, with an upgraded cable sheath composition and improved resistance to sweat and oils from your skin. Looking for something more premium? The high-fidelity silver-plated cable uses 99.99-percent pure copper to ensure the richest detail retrieval and best overall performance with high-end audio systems. 

Note: At checkout, choose the MMCX stereo audio cable (base price), the MMCX headset cable with an inline remote and mic (+ $3), or the high-fidelity silver-plated OFC cable (+ $10).


These cables are compatible with MEE Audio’s Pinnacle P1 and P2, Shure, Westone, Ultimate Ears, and Onkyo products, and with many other headphones and earphones that use MMCX connectors. (Audiofly models are not compatible.) The mic-equipped cable is compatible with Apple, Android, Windows Phone, and other devices, allowing seamless control of phone calls and music playback. To check if your gear is compatible, see the compatibility guide below.

Compatibility Guide

Please note that this list is partial. Not all MMCX-compatible earphones have been tested, but they may be compatible if they utilize a standard MMCX connector.


  • MEE Audio
  • 4 braided isolated conductors
  • Length: 4.3 ft (1.3 m)


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