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Merrow Helmsman Sewing Table

Merrow Helmsman Sewing Table

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I just missed this drop - darn. I have one Helmsman table already and need another. I ordered mine direct from Merrow ... but with the 4" caster upgrade. With the larger casters, it on carpet almost as well as a hardwood floor. I'll be mounting a MUCH larger machine on the next Helmsman (16" freearm, 125 pound head, and with a speed reducer underneath besides). Remember, you can always add a flip-up on the side (or sides, I suppose). The table depth is standard.
I'm thinking that this drop would do better if there was a general sewing community instead of quilting... this would be perfect for a serger and coverstitch! It's too small for a quilting setup.
I agree completely on sewing vs quilting.
it is going to be perfect for my cover stitch serger.
I don't think the photos for this drop do the table justice!
I do have a Merrow machine, but besides installing a machine and motor I can imagine this with a cutting mat, laptop or typewriter on top. I love that the height can be adjusted for sitting or standing.
I've been looking for something like this forever. I wish the tabletop were a little larger -enough to support my extension table since I cannot drop my domestic machine into the top. I'd also love the option of drop leaf(ves) or attachable top extension(s). I'm still considering this since I haven't found anything else close to this.
Hi All!

Great news! Merrow really wants to work with the Quilting community and has been able to offer a lower price that we are able to pass on to you! Thank you Merrow!!!!
Looking at Merrow's site I get the impression this table is only for Merrow machines? If so... not sure how well this drop is going to do for you, I doubt many home sewers have a Merrow. Hope no one orders this thinking they will get something for a domestic machine.
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How stable is it? The construction looks very sturdy, but I wonder about the wheels.

Also, could you tell me more about the treadle? I assume with a domestic machine you just place the foot pedal on it?
The wheels are locking rolling casters and are both durable and convenient-- this table rolls well but also will stay put when the wheels are locked. I've actually joked about trading my desk for solid top Helmsman table because I think it would be awesome to wheel my computer around the office. The tables really are incredibly maneuverable and convenient. As for the treadle, it can easily be removed to make way for a domestic machine pedal. The pedal can either be mounted to the crossbar or the user can place it on the floor, totally up to the user's preference.
Hey, is there any way we can get a good view of the top of the table?

Also, is the cutout meant for only Merrow machines, or can it be used for personal sewing machines, such as a Husqvarna Viking Diamond?
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Thank's, that helps a lot!
Hi @Nyahkano,
Romille's response below is correct in that you can't drop in a sewing machine. You can still use the top with cutouts but if you think you'd want to do other crafting on the table then the top without cutouts would be best. Hope that helps!
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