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Mettler Thread Set

Mettler Thread Set

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Soft, Colorful & Lustrous Thread

Featuring a soft hand and a slight sheen, these Mettler thread sets are great for quilting, decorative stitching, embroidery projects, and more. Available in Egyptian cotton or polyester, both sets come with 28 spools, each containing 164 yards of thread. The Silk-Finish thread has gone through a mercerization process to increase the breaking resistance, while the Metrosene set is shrink resistant and won’t fade with time. 

Note: This drop is for one set of 28 spools. At checkout, choose the Silk-Finish thread set or the Metrosene thread set. 


Mettler Silk-Finish Thread Set

  • Material: Egyptian cotton
  • Mercerized 
  • Iron resistant
  • Length per spool: 164 yds (150 m)

Mettler Metrosene Thread Set

  • Material: Polyester 
  • Shrink resistant
  • Colorfast 
  • Length per spool: 164 yds (150 m)


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